Hot Time at the Lake

It was a hot sunny day and we went to the lake. We boarded his boat, the sunny was shining and the air was hot. Later that day thing would get hot between us. I was sipping Serria Mist with orange vodka laying of my stomach. He laid next to me and started to rub my shoulders. This felt so good with the hot sun beating down on me. He slowly moved down my back rubbing and massaging his way, all the way down my legs. His fingers moved between my thighs and rub up against my most private area. I was getting chills with anticipation of what was to come next. I rolled over and he cupped and squeezed my breasts. I let him remove my bikini top. The sun on my breast and nipple was invigorating. I laid there waiting for his next move. He kissed my neck and ear, I felt a wetness overcome me. I was ready for him to take me right there and now. His mouth continued to kiss me and moved down my body. His lip caressed my nipples and along with his tongue. My nipples hardened with excitement as I know there was more to come. He kissed my stomach and I arched with pleasure. He moved my bikini bottoms aside and placed his mouth on at this point very hot wetness. He licked me and his tongue moved in and out of me, I could not stand it and wanted more. I grabbed him and felt his hardness. His bathing suit showed he was ready to take me. I removed his bathing suit along with my bikini bottoms. There we were in the middle of the lake naked and both ready for each other. He place himself into me and I was overcome with a great pleasure, the sun beating on us as he deeply enter me. I was so overtaken, it was total erotic pleasure. I rolled him over and was at the apex on my knees, taking over control of our pleasure. I seized him with my femaleness, riding him with all to bare. I moved to my feet with my arms behind me, I continue to consume him. He body harden and his manhood thicken and our bodies started a tremoring orgasm. I felt his warmth fill the inside of me and could feel my juices flow. We were both were so satisfy and but had to quickly put back on our clothes as another boat approached.
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3 years ago
so good but so short
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
What a great day afloat