The Next Morning

I woke up first and was quite horny after last night. I stared massaging his back, then moved down to his manhood. He had a morning hardness and I wanted it, so I softly rubbed him and moved the covers to have a full view. I slid down the bed and took him into my mouth, I heard him moan with pleasure. He moved and I continued to suck his extreme hardness. I just loved how he tasted and felt in my mouth. I love how his body feels and I want to learn every inch of it. He woke up and smiled. We snuggled and kissed and once again our passions arose. I just love the feeling too much. He caress my breast and sucked my nipples, I was flowing wet and he knew it. We talked about the different ways we want to make love to each other. He showed me some but I love the position where he is behind me. He enter me and I lost my breath, the pleasure over took me. I was so into it as he rubbed my nipples and spanked my ass, I nearly cummed. I just can`t get enough of him. He was thrusting himself in and out of me with his hands on my hips. Pulling himself ever so deep into me with each thrust. This was so sexy and drove me crazy with intense passion until I could not take it anymore and screamed with a total body orgasm. My body clasped and I rolled over just in time for him to cum all over my breasts and face. I rubbed his cum over my nipples and tasted his cum on my fingers. I simply adore him. Eventually we both got up and I got dressed and said goodbye. It was wonderful.
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1 year ago
that's how to start a day
3 years ago
Great way to wake up.
3 years ago
loving this, would love to wake up this way everyday
4 years ago
great way to start the day