Hot Night at the Club

It was a only the beginning of something wonderful, the week before we met on the lake, she was hot! She had tan smooth skin and a beautiful body, built, her lips were juicy and her tongue like candy. I had desirers for her and she was into me too. I dreamed of her all week and when we spoke on the phone together I played with my intimate spot thinking of her licking me. I reached the point of pure pleasure. We made plans to meet Thursday night at a club. I could not wait to see her again. Thursday night arrived and I was so excited, I dress to have her hunger for me, mini-skirt, tube-top (no bra), heals, and my hot black thongs underneath it all. I was hot! I entered the club around 11:00, walking around to find her but did not see her. I walked back toward to entrance and there she was. She smiled, walked up to me and gave me a kiss of passion. WOW! I knew then we would be together. We ordered some drinks and talked, she rubbed my leg and inner thigh. I was so hot and bother, I could feel my wetness build. We kissed some more and then a cocktail waitress came by with some jello shots, we bought one of each favor. She place some jello in her mouth and leaned over to share with me, from her mouth to mine our tongues entwined. I took some jello into my mouth and once again we shared, as we discover one another she moved her hand up my skirt and caress my wetness. I place my hand on her neck and pulled her toward me, moving my hand down her back. She wanted to dance so we proceed to the dance floor, holding each others hip and moving with the music together. This was so hot and I wanted more of her. We took a break from dancing to cool off and she walked off only to come back with some test tube of Pucker. She pulled down her top and expose one of her breast. She told me to get close, as she poured the Pucker down her breast and over her nipple my tongue was there to catch every drop. I licked and then sucked on her nipple, she then expose her other breast and we did it again. Her breast were beautiful and her nipples so hard after my tongue. We were both so horny and into each other. We went back to the dance floor and grind our bodies together. We were face to face, kissing and her hand moved up and down my body. She kissed my neck and worked her way down to my stomach, then her head went up my skirt and she kiss my sweet wetness. I felt her tongue taste my juices. I got behind her as we dance and felt up and down her hot sexy body, I just loved holding her hip as we moved. We kissed some more and then all of a sudden she pulled my tube top down, my breast pop out and she sucked on my nipples right there on the dance floor. This about put me over the edge, so fricken hot! I pulled up my top and she suggested we go to the bathroom so we did. One inside we entered a stall, she once again got busy on my nipples. Her hand pulled up my skirt and went under my thong rubbing my soggy lips. I pulled her top down and sucked on her beautiful nipples and unbutton her shorts. I moved my hand down her panties and caressed her wetness. I bent over toward her wetness pulling her shorts and panties down, finding she was tanned and hair free, my mouth immediately licked and tasted her. She tasted so sweet and I just wish we were somewhere else where I could spread her open and savoir every bit of her. She moaned and moved with pleasure, then said it was her turn. She moved my thong aside and devoured my feminess, I spread my legs placing my one foot on the toilet rim so she could focus on pleasing me. Her tongue darted in and out of me, her tongue then found my place of total ecstasy. I cummed for her and she knew it, I nearly lost my balance as she tasted my juicy morsel, sap flowed from me and drip down her face. She stood up and kissed me and I tasted myself on her. She told me she could not wait to get me alone at her place. I told her of my great satisfaction and how I am so ready to gratify her. I promised that this weekend I would and asked her to come out on the boat with me. She replied she would love to, she kissed me and told me I was so hot. I told her that she was too, she was that! We dressed and left the club going our own ways. I can only image what we will do next.
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3 years ago
I would love to go this club. Awesome story.
3 years ago
Now that something I would just love to see as I watch two hot sexy women