A Day on the Lake

I met her weeks ago on the lake, she was there with some friends. We rafted up next to them and I notice she was looking a me. I smiled at her, but I felt she was undressing me with her eyes. We introduced ourselves to one another, she had dark skin and was from China. She had just moved to the United States from Hong Kong. We talked and got to know one each other, she said to me that she thought I was beautiful and she wanted to get to know me better. I enjoyed our conversation and as it progressed she said I was hot, I told her that she was too. We were both were drinking and hanging out when she told the guy who I always go to the lake with that she was going to steal me away. He smile at her and told her he would love to watch, she said why would you not join in? He just did not know what to say, so he laid down between us. She grab his butt and told him he would make good sandwich meat. He reply saying he would love to be the cream fill center. She leaned over and kissed me and then kiss him. We both were shocked but thrilled. As the day went on he needed to meet some other friends across the lake, so I told everyone we had to go but would be back. She asked if she could go to see more of the lake since this was her first time there. I said sure and with no apprehension, she climb aboard and off we went. She sat right next to me on the back seat and as we left the cove she kissed me again. I returned the kiss and our tongue started to explore each other mouths. She place her hand on my leg and caressed my inner thigh, excitement overwhelmed me and my heart was beating rapidly. I moved her hand toward my sweetness as to offering it to her, as she rubbed across it I became so wet. She knew it, I think she could feel my bathing suit growing wet, she lick her fingers that had been rubbing me and said I tasted lovely. I asked her if she would like a better taste and she said she would love to use her tongue to discover my wetness. I could not wait. He looked around and noticed we were enjoying one another and I asked him to find a private location. He went to a small clandestine cove and as he threw the anchor she wasted no time, she remove my bikini, both the top and bottoms. She spread my legs and place her head deep between them, I felt her tongue move up and down my soft lip and across my pleasure spot. She used her hands and touch my nipples sending total delight over me. I started to remove her top, look up at him gazing at us with a big smile and big bulge, he moved toward us and helped me unfasten her top. She turn around and sat between my legs and pulled down his bathing suit revealing his manhood. She took him into her mouth and engulfed his hardness. I rubbed her back and her breast as she showed him gratification. He exploded and she took in every last drop of his fluid. He told her that he wanted to one day soon be in that sandwich with us both, she assurance him that he would. She turn toward me and kissed me, I could taste him on her tongue. We all got dressed and went to get our other friends, after we did, we returned to where we were rafting with her friend. We invited her to come back to the lake with us in the near future.
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