Best craigslist Ad i responded to !

Let me first start with that this story is true. It took place yesterday in Rolling meadows IL (which is about 30 min away from Chicago IL) It happen to start when i responded on Sunday night to a CL ad for a stove and microwave which was priced ridiculously cheap so cheap that i figured one of two things that anyone who has responded to ads on CL would know that it may be a internet scam or to good to be true and its been picked up already as most deals fly fast.
Moving i get a phone call in the afternoon Monday while at work asking me if i can drive to see the items for sale, obviously i couldn't so the lady over the phone says she will be showing the items all week and i should schedule a time to arrive before work the next day. I happen to call before heading over and she picks up the phone short of breath and states that she is already showing the items to someone else and she doubts they will be taking them so to come over the next day (Wednesday)

Next day i make the 30 min drive from Chicago to her home which appears to be for sale. Like i said i didn't think anything about it i call her to to say i am outside she says " walk on in hon, the door is open" so i do and i walk in to a completely empty house from inside. While inside she yells that , im upstairs hon come on up" so i do. I walk in to the room to this amazon women who seems to be European in skin tight yoga pants and super tight t shirt. She seems to be in her early 40's in shape and a soccer mom type bent over laying sheets and blankets on the floor. She stands up and says im glad you arrived with a warm smile. She then tells me im sorry (my name) i don't have the items i posted on CL . i was wtf ? She then says "i would love for you only if you would like to fuck me right now" when i heard the words fuck me my cock insistently got rock hard she noticed and asked if anyone else was inside the house cause i thought this sounded like i would get robbed while being naked she said no hon i just love cock and my husband hasn't been fucking me in over 7 months. I nod my head in disbelief and lock the bedroom door.

I find my self standing looking at her tight body her face did not match the body of this women had she must have been 6'5 and im pushing 6'1 so she drops down to her knees and pulls my cock out and starts to give me a blow job while i raise her top to play with her breast ( c cup ) i then get real worked up cause this lady is a pro and i was so excited i pulled her up pulled her top off and started to suck on her pink nipples and slide my hand in to her tight yoga pants that i noticed were wet. I bent her over and peel her yoga pants off her round ass and notice her pussy lips juicy i am a ass man love when i women sits on my face. I then slide under her legs while she was bent over and went to town eating her pussy in back of my mind i know this wasn't the smartest thing to do but i was so in love with this women's tight body i didn't care. She went wild riding my face her thighs got tighter and tighter and her moaning got louder till i broke loose and jumped up gasping for air and she scrambled to her bag and pulled a hand full of condoms and unwrapped one and peeled one on my rock hard cock.

She bent over and the sight of that wide round ass my cock began to throb might have been the tight condom i had on. I made my self inside her wet pussy and began to fuck her. I started to dirty talk and ask her if this was what she was missing from her husband she yelled yes and started to get even more wet. few min past by where i started to notice my knees started to burn and i laid her on her back and got on top and started again. A few min of that i was dyin of thirst my have been all that salty pussy i ate and she noticed and rolled over so she could ride me. Let me say this lady must have been in heat cause she was working every inch of my cock inside her body. i was about to burst a huge load and she said no wait i need to cum again which wasn't aware she came before. She then goes ape shit while riding me hard and rubs her pussy like a maniac and lets out a scream that everyone must have heard! i then get so turned on that i cumm with huge load in the condom. She rolls off me and i just lay there in dis believe and she offers me a water bottle while we both get dressed she asked me how old are i say 27 she then says married ? i said yes cause i have my ring on she then says your a pig and demands for me to leave and never call her again!! i make my way down the stairs and leave as fast as i can i didn't know what that was about and i just peeled out the drive way.

best ad ever !!

85% (7/1)
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2 years ago
WOW!!!Im not far..I need a realtor like that!
3 years ago
i looked up the address where this took place in turns out she is the realtor selling the house lol
3 years ago
Ok, so SHE thinks you're a "pig" cause you're MARRIED and you just fucked her MARRIED pussy?