part 2 wife almost caught me with younger s*s

part 2

Flash fwd a few months of hooking up with my wife's younger s****r eating her pussy worshiping her tight perky ass 2-4 nights during the week after work while my wife is asl**p. Bottom line she controls are encounters and i am loving every moment about it. Thursday nite of last week i get the txt msg while i was in the living watching TV. It reads " bring your ass up to my room and give me a long pounding" so i ran up stairs washed up and entered her room that is right next to my wife's room.

When i entered the room she was spread out on her bed playing with her nipples and gliding her 2 fingers on her pussy which i noticed was swollen and wet. My cock was rock hard and poking out my boxers. She licked her lips and waved me over and focused on my cock with her eyes as i walked over her mouth opened up and took every inch of my cock in her mouth while she teased her pussy with her hand, and i played with her tits. It wasn't long till she ended up sitting on my face while we 69 and i was drowning in her pussy juice.

She made her way off riding my face and asked me if i had a condom? I said no and she said just make sure u pull out and DO NOT CUM IN ME ! i agreed and i inserted my cock in side that tight wet pussy , her eyes rolled back and we started to kiss while i kept pounding her hard. I guess it was all these months of craving of wanting to fuck and finally i went wild and started pounded her like it was my last day in earth. During the moment i guess you don't notice that you are get loud and it being 1am in a room next to my room that i share with my sl**ping wife she woke up and knocked on the door and we stopped and she asked if everything was OK. She answered back yes I'm here with my boyfriend she giggled from the door and said plz keep it down i have to work in a few hours and went back to sl**p. We both looked at each other and not knowing what to do or if she noticed i wasn't in bed or in the living room we decided to continue. It wasn't so long after she started to cum i guess she was so turned on that we almost got caught and covered her mouth with a pillow as i muffed the screams. I was also so tuned on and had a huge load coming up and i was about to pull out and she held me and said just cum inside me papi! 'SO i shot a huge thick load inside her and kissed her. After i pulled out and watched the thick load of cum drip out of her pussy we both cleaned up and walked out the door quietly so i wouldn't wake up my wife.

The next day i was off of work feeling guilty i took my wife out to dinner and during the dinner she asked me what time Marie(her s****r) boyfriend ended up leaving because she didn't see the car when she left at 5 am to work i was shocked and played it off and said that he left before 3 am when i was getting ready to go to bed. She then says wow did u know that they were having sex and it woke me up i was so turned on hearing them both i started to play with my self after i knocked on the door to keep it down. I was wtf and got hard i told her i was hard hearing this and she said i want you to fuck me tonight i huge smile on my face i said no problem babe.
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3 years ago
Awesome.. Nice to have 2 under the same roof....
3 years ago
Great story. Hot. Thanks
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Fucking Classic!
3 years ago
wow, thats hot ;)