my play time with my s****r inlaw and her panties

What can i say i been married for the last four years to my wife. In the last two years i been playing a cat & mouse game with my wife's younger s****r who also resides in are home. For the most part when i began dating my then gf now my wife her s****r was not my biggest fan. It may have been because i was not Filipino descent i was Mexican American so i assume that may have been the issue,but none the less i must have grown on her. Are in law relationship was very simple hi and bye for the most part i would say even for her residing in are home for the first few weeks. Moving on, my wife and i really don't spend much time together due to having different work schedulers. lets just say that i spend most of my nights watching porn and rubbing one out due to my wife sl**ping.

I would say that it wouldn't take long for me to say that my s****r in law was looking very very noticeable running around the house at night in her tight boy shorts and tight t shirts. watching Tv together yet are conversation were never to detailed we still spoke i bit more than before. Are rooms were next to each other so we would always walk up together and say are good nights.

One night while entering the bathroom i walked in her changing i quickly closed the door and shouted imm sorry , she shouted back its ok ...with a flirty voice , instantly i was hard and i walked away very quickly and she giggled she knew what she did. We met back in are place the living room where we would always spend are nights watching TV. She soon came down and as if nothing had happen. Just the sight of her and the thought of seeing her naked a few moments ago i again grew hard in my shorts and she noticed and would stare. i decided to turn in early and said goodnight and walked back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I received a text msg i didn't recognize the number it was yahoo msg it said " come back down in 5 min. My heart began to pound and my cock began throb as well. i decided to head down stairs i walked in slowly rock hard not knowing what to expect. On my side of the couch was a pair of her panties and a bottle of lotion, she was laid out with her ass in the air and the laptop in front of her. She starts to type and hits enter and I receive a 2nd txt msg " u can look you can touch" So i pull out my cock i started stroking my cock while smelling her panties i was still scared to be caught or going to far but my cock was out and either way you put it i was to far out to stop. i started to rub her ass and squeezing the tight perky ass she had and i buried my face in her ass while i was stroking my cock while grinding the fabric of her shorts with my tongue inside her ass and pussy. She buried her face in the pillow and she started to become wet. It wasn't long till i busted a huge load on her panties i stopped soon after and i got up laid the panties next to her face and said thank you.

The next night i was hoping that are encounter wouldn't be are last, so i waited for her downstairs but she never came down. Not soon after i received another yahoo msg and it said"upstairs in my room" i quickly made my way to her room and she must have heard me cause she was bent over on her bed her panties next to a bottle of lotion as before i entered the room slowly my heart was pounding even more it being so close to my wife's room. W/o touching her yet her pussy was worked up it was juicy and ready for me when i entered the room. i pulled down my shorts again ready to enter her sweet juicy pussy i pulled my her cheeks aside to insert my cock but she pushed back and whispered no no no sex so i pulled back and dropped on my knees and started worshiping her ass as if it was a prize. my cock was throbbing hard and i kept stroking she whispered u better not cum yet i laid back a bit cause i did not want to disappoint again. my face was breathing pussy juice sweat and i was in heaven. All i could think about was i wanted to be inside her so bad i pleaded with her but she wouldn't have it. she then dropped to her knees and took my hard throbbing cock inside her mouth i tried to hold out but i couldn't i busted my thick load inside her mouth i caught her off guard cause she started to cough and choke on my seed. She stood up and told me next time i need to cum on her panties. This became a off often adventure the funny part is that we never communicated about are nightly meeting they all came thru yahoo txt msg and it been going on for the last 2 yrs.[image][/image]

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1 month ago
Wow. So hot! Would LOVE to do that!
3 years ago
Nice beginning.
3 years ago
story is progressing well
3 years ago
i kno its horrible
3 years ago
nice grammar..
3 years ago
thanks everyone ...the pix posted on my profile page are of her i will post more when i arrive home
3 years ago
wish i got text mess like that,,great story ,,she will loosen up sometime,keep it up
3 years ago
sounds better than watching TV ;-)
3 years ago
Nice way to spend some time..