"DP by two BBC Transsexuals"

I met Layla through a local phoenix dating ad,we first called each other a few times trying to get to know each other,Layla was a beautiful black transsexual,her picture on her ad caught my attention,her beauty and the thought that she was a tranny really had me wanting her so bad,I told her about my fantasy of being fucked by a tranny,I had this fantasy for years,she then said she would love to make my fantasy become a reality,she asked me if I ever been fucked before I said no but I have fingered my ass before,then she said bet you`re tight can you handle 10 1/2" of she-meat,I said idk but I would love to try it,then she said she had her roommate Pamela and asked if I would like to get fucked by two trannies,I thought about then said damn that would be a dream come true,then she said Pamela is very big and thick,I said how big is she,she said 13" of BBC she-meat,I went this hot sensation run through my body,especially in my ass.So we set up a date to meet,we decided on a Friday nite and into the weekend,a weekend of being fucked by two trannies a fantasy come true and I must confess I was looking forward to being fucked in the ass by two trannies with huge black cocks.Friday nite finally approached as I drove to their apartment,I was nervous as hell thinking can my tight virgin ass handle their cocks,when I reached their apartment I sat in my car wanting to just drive away,I was truly nervous but I was there all I needed was to get off of my car and go to their apartment,I thought to myself there`s no backing down now just go for it,as I got off of my car and started walking upstairs Layla called me and asked are you here yet,I said yes I`m walking upstairs right now she said good,when I got to their door I hesitated a moment then knocked on their door,Layla then answered the door,I was so surprised how beautiful she looked,she had a short dark blue dress on,no panties,high heels,her dress was very short I could see the tip of her she-meat hanging out,she asked me to come in,she could see how nervous I was grabbed me and kissed me ramming her tongue in my mouth,I got hard instantly,she looked at me and said relax baby this is gonna be real fun,she walked me into her bedroom where Pamela was waiting,Pamela just got out of the shower wearing only a towel around her body,she was beautiful as well,she put her heels on then dropped her towel,I was amazed how big and thick her she-meat was and she had big breasts as well,Layla took my hand and guided me to their bed then said drop to you`re knees sissy whore and take your clothes off,I took my clothes off and dropped to my knees fast,Layla pulled her dress up took her she-meat in her hand and said sissy whore is this what you want,I said yes,she walked over to me as I was on my knees slapped my face several times with her big black she-meat,then told me to open my mouth wide and shoved her she-meat down my throat,I gagged when she rammed it in my mouth,then she yelled suck on it you sissy man whore,I obeyed her and started sucking Layla`s cock,then I felt Pamela behind me licking my asshole,she rimmed my ass with her tongue,I was in heaven as I continued sucking Layla`s big she-meat,then I felt one of Pamela`s fingers go in my ass,she looked at Layla and said this man whore is really tight I can`t wait to open his tight ass up,this bitch is ours tonite,then I felt another finger go in my tight ass,Pamela then shoved a third finger in my ass,I squirmed as I kept sucking Layla`s she-meat,then Pamela shoved a forth finger in my ass and started fucking my tight ass with her fingers,it hurted a lil but Pamela just kept finger fucking my ass,then she grabbed my cock as she kept finger fucking me and started stroking my cock hard,I came so fast as I had four fingers in my ass and Layla`s she-meat in my mouth.Pamela then removed her fingers and grabbed my head and pulled me off of Layla`s she-meat and said to me lick your ass juice of off my fingers,she shoved her fingers in my mouth my ass tasted good,Pamela looked at Layla and said this man whore is ready to get fucked,then Layla grabbed me by the throat and said you sissy whore you ready for some she-meat,she slapped my face and said get on all fours you sissy slut,I got on my hands and knees,I felt Layla behind me and I felt her cock rubbing against my ass,then she rammed all 10 1/2" of shemeat deep in me,I let out a loud yell of pain as she drilled me hard with her big she-meat,she grabbed me by the hip held on tight and kept fucking me hard and deep,it hurted so bad but it felt good at the same time.Pamela then put her she-meat on my lips as Layla kept drilling my tight ass,I licked Pamela`s she-meat like a lollipop then swallowed half of it,it was too big and thick for my mouth as I choked on it,Layla out her hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth deep in Pamela`s she-meat as Layla continued fucking me hard,I was trying to deep throat Pamela`s she-meat but couldn`t,then Layla looked at Pamela and said this sissy man whore is ready for you now,i`ve opened him up for you,Layla pulled out,Pamela threw me on my back f***ed my legs wide open and shoved every 13" of she-meat in me,I screamed out loud as it hurted,she was not only big but thick as well,Pamela thrusted deep in my ass,I wrapped my legs around her tight wanting to feel every inch of her she-meat in me,she pounded my ass as I held a tight grip around her waist not wanting her she-meat to come out of me,Layla the put her she-meat in my mouth and I sucked it as Pamela kept fucking my ass felt good,Pamela opened me up,I no longer felt the pain just pure pleasure.Pamela pulled out and Layla layed on her back,I got on top of Layla and slide my as on her she-meat,I bounced up and down hard taking every inch of her,then she grabbed my hip and held me tight on her she-meat making me come to a complete stop,her she-meat was buried deep in my ass,I then felt Pamela ramming two fingers in my ass as Layla`s she-meat was still deep in me,Pamela shoved a third finger in me,I didn`t know what was going on at this time but having Layla`s she-meat deep in me and Pamela`s fingers in me at the same time in my ass felt good,then I heard Pamela say to Layla he`s loosened up already,Pamela removed her fingers from my ass,Layla pulled my head towards her and started kissing me as she slowly started fucking my ass,as i sat on top of her she-meat I slowly bounced on her cock,then I felt Pamela grab my hip and made me stop bouncing on Layla`s cock,I felt Pamela get behind me with Layla deep in me,then next thing I knew it I felt Pamela`s cock go in me as well,when I realized what was going on,they both had their cocks in me,Layla was deep in me and Pamela just started penetrating me,the pain was unbearable as my tight ass was being ripped in two,I screamed to Pamela pull out,she grabbed me by the throat and said fuck you man whore your ass belongs to as,she slid more inches to me as she choked me and then I felt Layla`s thrusting,she began fucking me and Pamela kept sliding more inches in me,I felt like I wanted to pass out as they both had their cocks deep in me and pounding my ass,the pain was unbearable,it hurted,they just kept pounding my ass,I couldn`t believe I have two tranny cock in me at the same time,I came once again as they both pounded my ass,then I felt their warm cum in me,they both stopped deep in me cumming in my ass,they pulled out at the same time and their cum just gushed out of my ass,they made me their man whore,their tranny cock man whore,their tranny cum bucket whore,I was theirs,my ass belonged to them and I loved it.That whole weekend they fucked abused my ass as they pleased,I now go their everynight to get fucked,I never imagine my ass can handle two she-meat in me but it did and damn I`m in heaven.
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2 months ago
Mmmm I have only managed 2 7 inchers in my ass. This sounds like heaven
11 months ago
hot story!
11 months ago
Very hot story, I would love to experience this.
11 months ago
love to see pics