The One Night Stand

I have seen plenty of fictional stories on here and this one is off the top of my head. please en joy.

I decided to hit the usual spot for where i pick up guys. The gym. As soon as i walked in i saw my prey. He was a new member and he was just my type. He was tall, he wore a light green polo shirt, he had great biceps and a healthy big belly, he had shorts that showed off great thighs. He had salt and pepper hair. his goatee accentuated those perfect lips. He had the look of a virgin who just discovered himself. From the look he was at least thirty to thirty five. I followed him into the sauna and saw a great amount of fur on his chest. When the others left I gave them the look and they locked the door behind them. The guy had a look of a combination of nervous and anxious. His gray eyes darted around the room. I moved over to him and ran my hand over his leg. "Uh... I'm not sure you should be doing that." He said in a sexy and deep voice.
I stroked higher and more inside his thigh. I reached up and nibbled on his ear and whispered " Just sit back and enjoy, Poppa bear." I felt his giant hairy balls and moved onto his thick 8inch cock. It felt big in my hands. I leaned down and licked and sucked his nuts. I moved on to his cock and saw it was as veiny as it was thick. It took all my skill just to get it down to the hilt. the pubes smelled salty and sweet. I could hear him moan.

"Oh.. god, you know how to suck. god you're good." he moaned.

as I finished lubing his great cock I asked "Whats your name?"

He said "James, James Bullock." his nipples were as hard as rock by then.

I said " I'm Nate, Nate Luce." i went and licked and nibble those perky nipples.

I moved back to lick all the pre cum off his red cockhead. He was moaning like a girl by then. I moved to position my asshole over his waiting cock. I slowly slid it in up to the hilt. It felt like he was about to split me in half. As i started bouncing, James gripped my hips and went to town on my ass. He leaned in and landed a great smooch on me. his tongue probed and writhed in my mouth licking the precum off my tongue. He started to tremble and he was moaning " I'm cumming... you're so good that I'm about to explode."

I Felt him as he let loose a river of cum in my ass. As I got off him i said " now show that ass. It's your turn to ride a cock." by that time my cock was soaked over with precum. His ass was so tight I knew he was a virgin, so i used my lubed up cock to penetrate his tight ass. I heard him moaning in a combination of pleasure and pain. Begging me to fuck him.

"Oh god. you're so big. don't stop. pound my ass hard." he moaned.

I had him wrapped around my cock. he was waiting for me to fill him with my seed. I felt my ball begin to clinch up. I was about to cum. I pulled out and stood over with my cock inches from his face. "open up poppa bear, I have a gift for you." he opened his mouth and took my throat for a ride. By far the best throat fuck ever. I spilled my seed down his throat and into his stomach. he took it all without gagging.

" Good Job Poppa Bear. here's my number in case you wanna have fun again." I winked as i knocked to be let out. later that night when i returned home from a party and an orgy I checked my messages. Well over 60 messages and only two of them were from my parents. The rest were from James. As it had turned out, My little session with him had turned him into a slut for my cum. I found out he had followed me to work and was stalking me. Well it turned out to be a great one night stand because I got a bear to call whenever i needed to empty my balls.

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1 year ago
Very hot! I'm jealous of that guy! hehe
2 years ago
nice job..
2 years ago