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My boyfriend

ok so iam ow in a relaitionship. we will call this hunky bear "K" to keep his anonimity. so we met recently around october. he is a hunky egyptian bear with a full dark pelt, a rotund belly, a british accent and dark curly hair. he stole my heart as we talked. so we started going out. i am happy with this guy and he is open to alot sexually. his big sausage makes me gag every time i deepthroat and i love it. As we got more personal i started to fall for him. we are planning on living together when he returns from cairo.
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my overnight husband.

this is fiction.
on new years eve i was sitting in a bar waiting for the countdown. an hour from new years i got plastered like hell, when i woke up the next morning i was in a hotel and there was a dude next to me. we were both naked and i groaned as i put 2 and 2 together. when he woke up he said " morning handsome, i cant believe we went through that." i had no idea what he was saying, then i looked down and saw a wedding band on him. cautiously i checked my hands, there was an exact match on my right. he said i had asked him to marry me but i was so plastered i couldnt remember. suddenly ... Continue»
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[Story] The One Night Stand

I have seen plenty of fictional stories on here and this one is off the top of my head. please en joy.

I decided to hit the usual spot for where i pick up guys. The gym. As soon as i walked in i saw my prey. He was a new member and he was just my type. He was tall, he wore a light green polo shirt, he had great biceps and a healthy big belly, he had shorts that showed off great thighs. He had salt and pepper hair. his goatee accentuated those perfect lips. He had the look of a virgin who just discovered himself. From the look he was at least thirty to thirty five. I followed him into... Continue»
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my first time

When i found out i was gay my girllfriend had just dumped me. so i went for a drive to cool off. i drove down to indianapolis. i stopped in front of the turkish bath there and decided to go in. when i saw all the men i felt a little embarassed by my size. these were older men. around 45 to70. i decided to sit in a sauna. when three guys left i was dizzy from the heat. i started to get when i was approached by an older man. we started talking and i felt him rub the inside of my leg. then i felt my cock start to get hard. i tried to hide it but he smiled and started to stroke it. then he started... Continue»
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