Bold Lesbian seduces her Young Teen Model

My seducer's hand was cupping my mons while her other hand,
connected to the arm that was around my neck, dropped down
onto my chest and began to squeeze my tingly boobie.

Her mouth
left my ear and closed on my gasping mouth. Her long tongue was
exploring the inside of my mouth while her hands were squeezing
their respective targets. My whole body was shaking from the waves
of pleasure that were washing over it. The hand between my legs was
providing blessed relief from the achy feeling and turning it into the
warm surges that enveloped me. When her fingers pressed on my center
it felt really squishy. Each time she pressed down with all of her fingers
she made a rotating motion. The crotch of my shorts was soaked and I
could catch the fragrance of my own arousal wafting up.

I almost screamed with disappointment when she took her hands away.
Carly swung around and was kneeling in front of me. It was the first time
I'd looked at her face since we sat down. Her hazel eyes sparkled with lust
as she gripped the bottom of my T shirt "Let's take this off honey" she
encouraged pulling it up above my bra.

In an uncharacteristically wanton
act I continued the removal, pulling my top up over my head and completely
off. The artist had a satisfied smile on her face as she reached behind me
and released the hooks of my simple cotton bra. We gazed into each other's
eyes as she rocked back on her haunches taking the undergarment with her.
"Oooo ... they're so big and beautiful" she admired closing her hands on my
girls and squeezing firmly. A new flood of pleasure spread out from my chest.
I could feel my sharp little nipples digging into her soft palms. I threw my
head back gasping and moaning while Carly continued to squeeze my tits.
Then she pushed them in from the outside and stoked my hard buttons with
her thumbs. Jolts of electricity banged into my cookie as she groaned
"Oh my God they're so hard, like little pebbles."
Deprived of the soothing massage the pressure had begun to build
up again. I thrust my hips up seeking relief and felt the artist's breasts
squish between my legs. I was suddenly overcome with the desire to
see them and feel them. Sitting forward I began to work the buttons
of her shirt. Carly's smile was even broader than before as she took
the opportunity to work on the button and zipper of my shorts.

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