Exam by the Lesbian Doctor...

Hearing the word `doctor' caused Angela's nipples to tighten and her pussy
to quiver. The last time she had entered into a conversation with a medical
professional about her sexuality the result had been thrilling, but it had
also left her with her current dilemma. Part of her mind was saying never
mind all that ask her if she'll lick your pussy.

"So how can I help?" the nurse prompted unable to keep her eyes from
straying to her patient's chest. From her vantage point there was no doubt
that the teacher's nipples were straining against the sheer material of her
bra, and presenting themselves against the silk of the blouse when ever
Angie moved.

"I, well, I've been... having sexual thoughts about other women." Angie
finally blurted it out with a sigh of relief.

"And the problem?" nurse Crawford inquired feeling her juices beginning to
bubble again.

"Well, I've never... I mean I'm married and I don't know... uh...does it
mean I'm, uh, oh, you know uh..."

"a lesbian?" Mary interjected.

"Yeah, I have these feelings and sometimes they're really strong, ya know?"
Mary almost chuckled at the poor woman's distress but she managed to hold
it in.

"It's quite normal to have these kinds of feelings, and NO that doesn't
make you a lesbian. I could go so far as to say that most women have these
feelings from time to time. Some women have them more strongly than others;
some women act on them and some don't. They're not all lesbians." Angela
felt the oppressive weight lifted off her once again.

"Oh God; oh Mary thank you so much." She said bringing her hand to her
chest above her breasts. "It's such a relief to hear you say that."

Annie took in the conversation but she could hardly believe her ears. When
her teacher had confessed to having sensual thoughts about other women,
Annie's hand had involuntarily reached for her crotch. `There's a chance I
could actually live out my fantasy' she mused. Her fingers deftly parted
her slick lips and began to make gentle little circles around her love
bud. With her other hand she slipped the shoulder straps of the sun dress
down exposing her tingling boobies. Her eye still fixed on tiny slit of an
opening in the bathroom door; she pinched and tugged the sensitive tips of
her breasts to full erection.

"The pity is, Angie that it is so perfectly normal and natural but most
women are ashamed of the feelings, so they fight them and try to totally
suppress them." As she said this Mary casually put her hand on Angela's
bare knee. `Mmmm no stockings or panty hose' Mary thought. Angela's knee
jerked in reflex from the contact of the soft warm hand. "You need to just
relax and accept what your body is telling you. Open yourself up to all of
the wonderful pleasure you've been afraid to let yourself experience." The
school nurse spoke almost hypnotically as she wheeled her desk chair
directly in front of the quivering teacher. Bringing her other hand to
Angie's other knee Mary began to apply gentle but persistent outward
pressure. Angela looked down at the hem of her skirt and saw the nurse's
hands slowly sliding up her thighs, pushing the bottom of the skirt with
them. The small warm fingers were moving very deliberately toward her apex
which had begun to tingle and was getting very hot.

Annie was breathing quite hard as she approached orgasm. She was afraid
she'd be over heard, but she just couldn't stop herself. It was kind of
disappointing that Mary was now blocking her view of Ms. Meyers but she was
able to hear enough of the conversation to be thinking that the view might
improve immeasurably very soon. She gave her plump, well stimulated mound a
little slap and a rocket of pure pleasure exploded in her head.

Angela put her head back and closed her eyes. A titanic struggle raged in
her head. Her conscience, forged by her puritanical up -bringing, nagged
`this is filthy and wrong; you must stop her right now'. Her conscious mind
argued: `nothing that feels this wonderful can be so wrong'. Meanwhile her
primitive brain screamed to thrust her pelvis toward the dainty hands that
were so arousingly caressing her inner thighs.

It was a fierce battle but
the conscious brain was winning out. She tightened her well developed
abdominal muscles to keep her hips from thrusting forward and let her mind
focus on the unbelievable sensations nurse Crawford's hands were
stimulating. There was a throbbing sensation deep inside. It was like...would you like to read the rest of this story? Go to Lulu Dot Com
and look up the title, "Dr. Peters"
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2 years ago
Great story. Loved it. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very nice love to see a woman recognize those sexual feelings woman or girls have for each other and to know its perfectly normal