School Nurse is a Secret Lesbian

Magdalena cleared her throat a couple of times trying to figure out how to start.
"I have this uh, problem uh ... when I um ... like when I pee" the
cute little blonde was studying her own twisting hands as she spoke.
"What kind of problem?" Becky asked, already convinced that the
situation was beyond her scope.
"Well it kinda ... uh, like hurts ... uh sorta burns..." the p*****n
struggled to get the words out.

"There's a couple of things that it might be sweetie ... you need
to get your mom to make an appointment with your doctor to
have it checked out" nurse Sullivan counseled unhelpfully.
"Do you have any idea what might have caused it?" For
the nervous p*****n the question seemed to resonate around
the small office. This is exactly where she didn't want to go.
"Ugh ... ugh ... I don't know but couldn't you just ... you know
take a look ... and um see if it's anything uh, serious?" Rebecca
Sullivan was a 'died in the wool' lesbian. The cute little p*****n
girl sitting beside her desk was practically begging her to look
at her pussy.

Becky's head started to spin. Fooling around on
company time was very dangerous. 'She's not going to squeal'
the diminutive redhead rationalized 'she's asking me to do it.'
"I can take a look honey ... but even if I can figure out what it
is you'll probably still need to see a doctor to get it treated."
The school nurse almost cursed herself for being so honest.
'What are you tryin' to do Beck ... talk her out of it ... what's
wrong with you?' It wasn't an outcome that Meg wasn't aware
of. She knew the school nurse was a long shot but it was the
only face-saving option she had been able to come up with.
She really felt she had to see this through. 'If it doesn't work
I won't be any worse off' the senior student concluded, 'and
maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be something simple that ya can
treat with over the counter stuff.'

For the first time since she'd entered the office the girl with
the blonde curls raised her head and looked her caregiver in
the eye; "Please" the distressed youngster begged. 'OK
that's it!' Becky conceded 'I tried to talk her out of it ... but
if she's determined to have somebody check-out her cookie
she's come to the right place.' The school nurse could already
feel the tension building in her pelvis. She felt the round
gumball sized nipples rising on her tiny breasts. The puckering
areolas were tingling when she agreed. 'Might as well go all
the way' nurse Sullivan decided
"Take your dress off ... and ... your panties too of course" the
woman in the white medical coat instructed. Just speaking the
words sent a thrill to her tumescent clit. There was neither room
nor facility to observe standard modesty protocols even if Nurse
Sullivan had wanted to; and she didn't. She got an extra charge

out of the unveiling of the beautiful adolescent form as the light
dress ascended over the curly hair and off. Meg stood looking
confused and holding her dress in front of her until Becky took
it and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. The girl naturally
put her hands over her developing bust in a futile attempt at modesty.
Rebecca was just slightly ashamed of herself for making the
youngster strip completely. There was of course not reason the
dress needed to come off but that's where the 'all the way' part
came in.

"Now your underwear" the nurse prompted. The girl obediently
moved her hands from their chest shielding location and grasped
the sides of the white cotton briefs that were now her only attire.
Becky noticed with just a smidgeon of regret that the twelve year
old's boobs were already bigger than hers and probably able to nicely
fill an "A" cup. The firm little cones weren't big enough to jiggle at all

during the panty removal process, but miz Sullivan did observe that the
plump purplish caps atop the pert cones were steadily becoming less puffy
and the center had begun to stick out noticeably. This time the girl didn't hesitate;
she immediately extended her arm, handing her underpants to the nurse.
'I wonder if she's cold or turned on' Becky considered as she accepted the
last of the p*****n's clothing. The lesbian nurse certainly knew where her
own arousal meter was headed.

Taking her patient's elbow she guided the naked girl over to the examination
table. She helped her step on the rubber covered riser to get her butt high
enough to sit on the paper covered vinyl pad. Nurse Sullivan could feel her pussy practically percolating as the moment of truth approached. The little exam table in the couple years she had used it never required the use of the stirrups but had been stored in the compartment underneath. She got them out and slid them into
position in the brackets. She slid the stirrups into position and smiled to herself ;
she'd fantasized using these attachments ever since she'd become a school nurse, but never thought her fantasy would become reality. "I bet you've never really seen these before" Nurse Sullivan speculated looking into her patient's wide blue anxious eyes. The girl shook her head staring at the diabolical looking
contraptions. "What I'm gonna have you do is lay back for me, and then I'm
going to help you put your feet in these metal brackets; they're called stirrups.

That'll let me get really close to your..." Becky cleared her throat 'cause she
almost said pussy, " ... vulva so I can see what's going on down there.
The stirrups will help you keep your legs up so you can open up nice and
wide for me." Explaining the process had the effect of turning her arousal
thermostat to very near max.

Magdalena had been so worried about her condition and how she was going
to deal with it when she'd arrived at the nurse's office that there was no room
for her mind to actually play out what was going to happen. The breeze that collapsed the house of cards came when her health care provider had instructed her to get undressed. Giving out brief flashes of her panty clad pussy gave her a sexual charge. Here she was completely naked in front of this woman, who for all practical purposes was a stranger. There was no denying that she was getting horny. When miz Sullivan explained what she was going to do it was all Meg could do not to moan.
"OK sweetheart lie back for me now and just try to relax" the girl lowered herself onto the crunchy cold paper. Would you like to enjoy the rest of this wonderful erotic novel? Just find the title Magdalena on Lulu Dot Com
You are going to love what happens next....
67% (10/5)
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