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1 year ago
I see ur into sloth by ur profile
2 years ago
Your nothing but a punk!
2 years ago
Thanks for your comment on
Very good suggestion bearcat!
"College Grils Happiness"would have been a great title
unfortunately 2 late to change it now ^^
2 years ago
That may be why that's the only vid she appeared in.
2 years ago
and what about the future of the USA? Going into the next war anywhere in the world and loosing the war as always?
2 years ago
After reading other's comments, I'm blocking you before you even see my vids. You lose!
2 years ago
You are a troll, and the negative comments many others have left here prove it. Why continue to watch videos you don't like, let alone leave ignorant comments?

It really doesn't improve your pathetic life, it just exposes how ridiculous you are.

Go get a life.
2 years ago
Why the fuck did you even bother watching 3 of my videos if you were so disgusted? This is the second time you have made a rude remark. Stop being a loser and get a fucking life!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I think less then for the girl on top, because I'm sure the girls on the bottom are the ones who like it and the girls on top are bored:)
2 years ago
Who force you to watch the censored video? IGNORANT
2 years ago
JW's stories are fantastic!
Didn't know you could find them at Lulu
2 years ago
fuck off stupid...
2 years ago
hey man .. i think you got a little confused !!!

Yo should post this on your .. stories and not on my comments ... ok ?

In case you lost it .. i send it back to you .....

"OK I have this in white also if you'd prefer but let's just see how you
like the fit and feel for now." Irene said having regained some
composure. "If you'll just step down from the platform I'll show you the
best way to put this on. Melanie obediently stepped down maintaining her
shy cover up. "Lean forward from your waist and just let your arms hang
naturally from your shoulders." Irene marveled that in this position the
young woman's breasts should be sort of hanging down but they were so firm
there was virtually no change in the position of the girl's boobs from when
she had been standing straight up. Circling behind her customer her reached
around and slipped the girl's arms into the shoulder straps.

Bending with the girl as she centered each of the satin cups over the pert mounds the
position brought Irene's pelvis in firm contact with her young customer's
tight little butt and her hooters rested on the teenager's shoulder
blades. Melanie felt the heat of the shop owner's loins against her ass;
was she grinding? She was also enjoying the way the older woman's
substantial chest squished and molded against her back.

With the cups very accurately in place Irene fastened the back strap in its middle position. Irene gave a final light involuntary thrust against the
adolescent backside then backed away. "Stand up nice and straight. Let's
see how it looks." Melanie stood up as her host walked around her. "The fit
looks pretty good." Irene commented as she inserted her fingers under the
edges of the cups under the girl's arms. The feel of the soft tit flesh
against the back of her fingers made her pussy twitch. The shop owner
reluctantly withdrew her hands. "How does it feel?"

"It feels wonderful!" the teenager enthused.

"I also brought these" Irene said holding up the satin bikini panties. "I
thought you might want to see what the ensemble looks like." The teenager
quivered at the opportunity to display her bald pubes. Without responding
the girl slipped the button on the waistband of her shorts and pulled the
zipper down, her eyes fixed on her host's face. Irene's eyes were fixed on
her customer's crotch. Melanie wiggled her hips to peel the tight denim
over her cute little butt, then released her grip and the cut offs hit the
floor around her ankles. The crotch of the white cotton bikinis was
tattooed damply on her hairless vulva; every detail plainly visible. Irene
felt the surge in her chest and thought `Oh my God I'm going to have a
heart attack!' Her heart indeed was accelerating and her breathing was
getting out of control again but the sensations in her breasts and between
her legs over powered all other considerations.

"Should I leave my underwear on?" the girl asked coyly.

"Uh, no...no!' Irene responded much too forcefully. "I want you to really
see and feel how these fit." The shop owner managed to gasp. Melanie hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties still looking at her host's
face. The older woman's eyes had not strayed for a second from the center
of her young customer's pelvis. `Time to kick it up a notch' the girl

"I'm afraid I've gotten a little messy down there" the teenager
informed. Irene responded with an unintelligible sound. Slowly, very
slowly, the young woman peeled the white cotton over her ass and
hips. Irene's eyes watched the lacy waistband of the panties descending at
what seemed to be less than an inch a minute. The crotch clung to the young
vulva so that the girl's hands were actually well below her hip joint,
traveling down the outsides of her thighs before it began to reveal the
plump mound. Another involuntary noise escaped Irene's throat as the
pubescent crease came into view. Melanie paused her strip tease. "You
really want to see my little kitty, don't you Irene?" she taunted. Irene
moaned again. "Pardon?" said the young seductress.

"Yes!" the shop owner agreed but the word came out so breathy that it was
barely audible. Would you like to read more? Go to Lulu Dot Com and search for the title "Melanie's Obsession", you'll love it!

"Yes!" the shop owner agreed but the word came out so breathy that it was
barely audible. Would you like to read more? Go to Lulu Dot Com and search for the title "Melanie's Obsession", you'll love it!
2 years ago
ahaha everyone's tastes !!!!!
2 years ago
thanks for your comment
2 years ago
Thanks for your comment ?
3 years ago
3 years ago
like to be your friend. thanks.
4 years ago
May your wishes come true this coming year 2011. MERRY CHRISTMAS
4 years ago
wow good thing someone on this site shares the same racial value that I do. I thought everyone on xhamster was a nigger lover before i saw your comment.
4 years ago
4 years ago
would be very nice if you would upload a video
so I can understand,
what is your taste
5 years ago
Thanks for your comment. Greetings.
5 years ago
5 years ago
Hallo Sabinchen, stehst du auch auf so fastzinierende schwarze schänze??
mfg Main40
5 years ago
Hello from Europe to you and the people around the world. ☺
welcome to xHamster ♥
just porn, no bullshit
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