A great provider or so i thought part three

I looked down and i could see that homeless motherfucker convulsing...figured he just came inside my wifes pussy...he got off her, then i saw the gigantic fat cock fuckin homeless guy get down on his knees, crawled on my wife and guided his head towards her lussy lips...his hips moved foward, he penetrated... she just moaned...his second thrust? it penetrated deeper and she turned her head...she looked at me straight into my eyes...he thrusted again much deeper and her eyes just rolled back in agonizing pain and pleasure...she let out such a wonderful loud moan that she didnt care who heard... i realized we were through...so many years...i gave her everything...in the end? she only wanted cocks....we broke up shortly there after. i gave her everything, a beautiful furnished home with no bills, but she threw it all away for cocks...i saw her walking amongsts them homeless fuckers... she was pregnant...they slowly began dissappearing as she got fatter from pregnancy. then, she did too... never saw my short sexy wife again...that happened years ago. now? i live alone in my big beautiful house with no bills and drink my beers on weekends and masturbate myself to sl**p remembering her getting fucked wondering where is she now? at least, divorce was cheap
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3 years ago
should be one post but nice