A great provider or so i thought part two

If you took the dirt trail that cuts through the woods? it was bout a twenty minute walk to the corner grocery store. my midget wife took the trail wearing a miniskirt and white tanktop despite my warnings, cause she was mad at me...she made it to the store...only problem was at that store, underneath the highway? there were a bunch of homeless men always asking for money. she called me from her phone while in line buying my beers, told me that she felt she was being followed by them homeless sons of bitches. i told her to never mind them, just come straight home. she hung up. i just sat there and kept drinking, never minding the time until i finished my last beer...what the fuck? i thought...where is m@@@##? i gathered my half d***k self and began walking through the dirt trail that leads through the woods...kept walking till i walked upon her shoe...got scared and began looking around. then? i heared her moan, that deep beautiful moan she makes when we make love. i turned towards the sound and began walking through the woods... i could make out a group of men so i slowly crept in amongsts them. they stood in a circle. when i walked into the circle? i starred in disbelief. there was my short midget wife butt naked lying on the dirt with a homeless motherfucker pumping her pussy. another homeless motherfucker was standing over her head holding her ankles high in the air and shouting, give that cock to this midget bitch! i wanted to grad my wifes hand and pull her away, to rescue her...but i was also frozen...the scary thing? was the next homeless fucker. he was standing behind the man fucking my wife. standing with his pants down to his ankles stroking his dick getting it ready, i looked at it...easily, a ten inch fat monster with a head the size of a peach. i will never forget his words nor the sound of his voice when he turned and looked at me and said, if you want some of this midget pussy? you best get in line, friend...i turned and saw at least six other men waiting...looked down and saw the homele
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