Son finds a way to finally mom

For his long as I can remember, the thought of my mother laying naked on her bed has turned me on. It has been decades of fantasies that has caused gallons of hot cum to spew in her name Not to mention on her panties in her stockings and bedsheets and all over her pillows. But a year ago i moved back to moms house when my father passed and the fantasies of moms naked body have been replaced

Visions of my mother's naked body has been entertaining me for decades but it wasn't until I moved back in with her a couple of years ago, that the visions proved to be not enough. I needed to lick her pussy, stick my tongue deep inside her asshole, shove my cock down her throat and cum deep inside her sweet pussy. Unfortunately, I know I can never find the words to tell her what's on my mind And years ago I realized 30 years ago that she was not the type of mother that I have read about that will jump on your cock if she catches you masturbating on her bed. Not my mom, she just slams the door and does not look at you for a week. Last year when she found my Videos and magazines that leaves nothing to the imagination of what makes my cock hard. every title of my porn that she found had the words fuck,mother,grandmother and or son in bold face type. In her old age she has not changed a bit, when she found my spank bank she merely said "you are a sick man and I am never cleaning your room again!" For the next week she avoided me, Having dinner in her room and going to bed early. I must've jacked off 20 times that week, imagining that I was walking down the hall with my cock in hand, Opening her bedroom door, walking through the darkness to her king size bed, pulling the covers back, Lifting up her nightly and planting my greased up cock deep inside her ass before she even woke up. I stood outside her door right after night coming all over the bedroom doors brass knobs chilling tripped and side you'll fashion skeleton key hole she ever woke .

That was last September almost a year ago. Not a word has been said about the pornography she found in my bedroom that day and I have not jacked off on her door since that week. Matter of fact the last time I masturbated, was on news years day 2014. As mom sipped her coffee watching Bob Eubanks talk about the upcoming parade, I was stroking my hard cock and undressing her in my mind. As I began to nut,I I promised myself that The next time I was going to feel myself coming was going to be inside my mother's mouth,pussy,ass or anywhere on her naked body.

By the end of February I was about to go crazy and had stockpiled enough RX to put Dear old mom out for entire night as I finally have my way with her. But the more I thought about it the more I know I needed to see her eyes bug out and I shove my cock up her ass injecting her with copious amounts of hot semen. But the more I thought of her lifeless body, the more I realize I needed her to know it was her son that was violating every orifice of her body. Just walking into her room and taking her was out of the question. a son is not supposed to want his mother let alone take his mother. I had to think of a better way to Have her pussy for my enjoyment.

Months went by as a I debated to take her as she snored or if you come out and tell her how much I wanted to fuck her but I did netherBut I made sure she saw my erection every morning as i got ready for work To no avail. When one night it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was a home invasion on the other side of town at targeted older woman. He announcers didn't leave much Or the imagination of what happened to the old girl. They use the term sexually assaulted for hours. I looked over at my mother and saw the somewhat panicked look in her eyes as she got up to deadbolt the door. I on the other hand began to get hard. Harder than I have been in months. I immediately knew How I was going to finally be able to ejaculate inside moms ass mouth and pussy. I just needed to find the intruders.

Flash forward to July 4, 2014 The plans are made And the date is set for two oversized minorities to break into our suburban household And tie my mother up blindfold and f***e me to lick her pussy, f***e me to stick my tongue up her asshole and f***e my hard cock down her mouth and pump her face until I Shoot years worth of hot semen. Stay tuned to see just how a horny son finally fuck is retired and mother with the help of two of his friends. Tbc

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4 months ago
Since she found your porn and knew what on your mind. I think Intruder and force sex won't works,
If the intruders fuck her first then that might works. :)
5 months ago
I can appreciate getting hard over your story and having to take care of that! Been there, done that ;-)
5 months ago
It's been a week since I wrote that story and never realized it wasn't proofread. My apologies. You see it was three in the morning my cock was so hard that I had to take care Of business. Part two will be Cumming soon.
5 months ago
Sounds promising! Now, gotta do something about my hard on...