son wants back in moms pussy

I have written an read so many stories of taboo. For years the words and images of Mom being fucked silly by her baby boy have made my seaman boil, My x wife was my mom's mini me for 10 years and it was the next best thing to fucking a younger version of my own Mother. That was until my Father died 5 years ago leaving Moms all alone inside my c***dhood house. The old neighbor hood went to shit and I started spending more time with mom to look out for her. The more time away from the wife the less sex we had. The less sex we had the more time I spent away from her. A year after Dad died I moved back in with mom and filed for divorce.

I was in my old room again with mom down the hall, her bedroom door some 15 feet with the only bathroom separating us. With-in a month I had a go pro live feed set up to cover her bathing in the shower and a toilet paper cam which made me cum so hard I thought the paramedics would wake me with me in moms nylons with cum stains covering my exposed genitalia. It was mom who laid eyes on my the next morning telling me I was late for work. Not a word was said. A week later after reading Xhamster taboo stories of sons who said all it took to i****t mom was to have her find your porn and with in a min your cock would be exploding in her mouth. She was led to find books, DVD's and pictures of Mother and Son engaged in unspeakable acts. Not a word was ever said about my nasty behavior.

I tried a popular way on xhamster of how sons get inside moms pussy. Get caught jacking off as they come into your room for something like bringing you your folded laundry. My Mother did not say OH NO SON Let me show you how. She just dropped the clean clothes and called me a dirty and disgusting man. Next Morning she made me breakfast like nothing happened and we have never spoke of it again.

I tried sl**pwalking out of the bathroom, naked with cock in hand at 3 in the morning and turned right instead of left, opened her bedroom door and crawled into her oversized bed. I lifted her nighty exposing moms naked body and spooned her for close to 5 min with out moving a muscle. The first min I could not stop breathing hard, well panting, but was able to get my lungs and breath under control and was enjoying her heat. My cock was position at the top of her ass crack. I needed to be from 4 to 6 inches lower but did not dare move. About 3 min of pure heaven and hell passed as mom cued like a morning dove and lowered her ass smothering my rock hard cock, and wiggled her hips and pelvis allowing her black bushed pussy and the biggest penis of my life to smooch together genital to genital and generate heat. For about a min or a life time, I'm not sure, I felt my mothers hot snatch oooz some juice, the pussy lips were in direct contact with about 3 inches of cock when I felt twitch deep inside the head of my dick, the pre cum was erupting as I was speeding to the point of no return and since it was my dear old mother and i have wanted back inside her hot kunt since my nuts dropped, she was about to feel just how hot her sons cum juice is.

As I gave in and threw caution out moms bed room widow , I felt her hand squeeze my cock and balls as she turned to me and said "Honey your sl**pwalking and in the wrong room. The lights came on and I was not about to cum on mom's ass cheeks. I did not say a word, got up from her bed and began to stroke my cock as I walked. Bt the time I did 6 strides of my legs and 3 times as many strokers of my cock, I new how was going to fuck mom, the cock head did not twinge like it did next to moms puss, a convolution or a seizure is more like what was happening in my right fist as the near future revealed, that it was going to take outside help for me to cum inside my mother.

I made it to my bed and realized I was fist fucking my cock dry at a 5-1 pace. I would find a friend on xhamster to home invade my moms house and not find any jewels but finds my viagra and f***e me to fuck my mother. To make me cum in mommys mouth, stick my tongue up mommmys ass, he will make me act like baby and make me suck on mommys titties. He most centennially will open he as wide as possible with legs ties above her head and stretch her vaginal wall and slid me as far back inside her with out causing any long term dammage TBC

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8 months ago
Your right, motherfucking stories should be fit for english 101
8 months ago
I can speak english just fine mr critic, but it seams to me that you have a problem with how i wrote english in my story and your right, I was in a frenzy with mom just down the hall. I'll do better next time with a story of how I fucked your mom while you are forced to watch
8 months ago
you naughty boy
you know that mammy tskes the lead
8 months ago
...maybe proofread it next time. Over all 2 out of 5 but top points for concept. Big turn off when I can't understand what you're saying.