interesting walk

true story just happened

i was out for a my usual morning walk. I had taken care to dress in the my short black and white dress. the one with the diamond heart on the front. i had on my sheer leggings over blue bikini panties.

shortly after talking with some of the others gurls in the area, i was approached by a black man saying he loved my slim build and long legs. we chatted a bit and i continued my walk with him pressing me to spend some time with him. he told me how big his cock was and asked if i would like to see it.

hell yes.. we found a quiet area and as he leaned back against the painted brick wall, he undid his trousers and took out a thick cut cock that was getting harder by the second. a couple of taxis and towncars drove by slowly so we cooled the display. we continued to walk and he said that he loved trannies and inquired if could he put his hand on my ass.

hell yes....he fondled my ass and moved his hand under my dress before sliding his strong fingers between my cheeks and along the back of the silky bikini panites, obviously horny and looking for more, he reached around to the front and up under the hem of my dress to squeeze my hardening cock. we walked slowly down the street as he continue to play with me in public. after a few minutes, he took my smaller hand in his large hand and rubbed my smooth palm with his rough one. i was getting hot, so i took his hand and put it back on my cock, making sure to get it under the waist band so it was skin to skin.

that was hot, but another car or two came by so he took his hand out of my panties and took my hand in his as we continued to walk down the sidewalk. the other gurls were watching...they were probably jealous. we found a quiet area and this time when he leaned back, i told him to take it out. at which point he undid his jeans, pulled his white briefs aside and lets his long black cock hang out. it took only a few squeezes and strokes from me before it started to fatten up.

i was nervous so at that point, i let go of the large pink head and suggested we move on. he was disappointed but was ok. he continue to press his insistence but went onto to say that his fetish was feet would i let him smell mine.

hell yes... we found another quiet area and i leaned back against the parking meter and he knelt on the sidewalk. he carefully took off my shoe then my sockette and began to smell my toes. he told me to order him to smell them. so i did...SMELL THEM NOW...he did....LICK THEM NOW....he did

he knelt on the sidewalk as cars and buses went while he had my toes in his mouth. i was getting hot so i played with my nipples a little which i find very exciting. he looked up from his fetish and could see my bulge showing under the raised hem of the black and white stretch dress.

he offered me $20 to suck my cock

hell no....there were so many people around that i had to say no.

at that point, i felt that perhaps things were getting out of know...on the downhill slide with eye glazing over, aching nipples, hardcock, short dress in public in the middle of the city with a black man kneeling in front of me and the toes of my right foot in his mouth and his hands under the leggings massaging my leg

had to tell him...funs over...i need to cool off and tell my hamster friends all about him

end of story...
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2 months ago
very good story to bad it was so public you know a gurl needs her privacy
10 months ago
i think with your talents we could forego the $20
10 months ago
Holding out a $20 for the same chance to suck you :-)
10 months ago
great lil story! lucky gurl!
10 months ago
very hot
10 months ago
i know it is unbelievable but i absolutely swear it is true...true...true.. ask the gurls at sutter and polk
10 months ago
is this true?