The Cum Couch

My roommate Susan and I love to masturbate, and when we do, we often do it on the couch in our living room. This couch has seen more than its share of sex, between me and Susan either masturbating alone, or with each other, or with groups of our lesbian friends and even some of my boyfriends, like our neighbor Alex. This sofa has seen so many pussies and so much cum we now refer to it as “The Cum Couch.”

The Cum Couch sits in our living room facing the TV and the front door and it is perfect for sex. It’s a kind of floral print, an ivory, beige and gray pattern which doesn’t show stains. It’s big and cushiony and has really soft, fluffy arms and back. It’s very comfortable for any kind of activity, in any position.

Let me give you an example. I got home early from a job one afternoon last week and nobody was home. I was horny and bored so after taking off my clothes (which is the first thing Susan and I always do whenever we get home), I turned on some music videos, sat on the Cum Couch, and started playing with my pussy.

For some reason my pussy felt extra tingly to the touch that day, and I decided to get serious about an orgasm. I went to the bedroom and got Susan’s favorite rabbit vibe. I lubed it up and started pushing it in my pussy, slowly. It’s an extra wide one, and it stretched me a little when I pushed it in.

The vibe felt really good. It has little vibrating bunny ears that stimulate your clit, and the shaft moves as it vibrates in your pussy. It doesn’t take too long for that kind of double motion to get me off.

So I’m pumping it and rolling it around in my pussy. I’d been at it for like, ten minutes, legs spread wide, moaning with pleasure, the vibe merrily buzzing away on my clit, and… the front door opens! It’s Alex! The neighbor from upstairs! And he’s just walked into my apartment! He’s got a full-on view of me on the Cum Couch pounding a vibrator up my pussy. He’s just as surprised as me and mumbles something about “Heard you come home,” and “Just wanted to borrow...” something, something. I couldn’t quite make it out. He excused himself and started backing quickly out the door.

“You don’t have to go,” I shouted before he got the door shut. I knew he was shocked to see me naked and masturbating, but I also noticed his eyes had never left my crotch. I figured he might be interested in some afternoon fun.

“What?” he said, poking his head back inside the door.

I continued massaging my clit with the vibe and said, “What did you want to borrow?”

“A corkscrew,” Alex said. He finally took his eyes off my vibrating pussy and looked up at me.

“Sure,” I said. “But I’m almost done here. Wanna help me finish?”

Alex grinned because he knows how horny I always am. He stepped back into the apartment.”

“What would you like me to, uh, do?” Alex asked. He sounded a little coy.

I said it in my most innocent little girl voice, “You could either take over the vibe,” I suggested, “or find something nice to put in my ass.”

Alex closed the door and came over to the sofa. He took the vibe and started massaging it around in my pussy. For some reason, it always feels nicer when somebody else is moving it. I was loving it!

I was pretty sure Alex was growing in his pants. I watched his eyes taking in my naked body as his hand manipulated the vibrator. I was getting hotter and hotter, leaning my head back in ecstasy on the arm of the Cum Couch and moaning a little.

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything nice to put in your ass,” Alex apologized.

“How about…” I suggested between short breaths, “a finger”. I was really getting close.

Alex obliges and I feel his middle finger gently slide up my ass. The feeling is phenomenal! Between the vibe going round and round, and the little bunny ears sending crazy pleasure up my pussy, and Alex’s forefinger divinely stretching my asshole, I cum in an explosion.

After a half minute of writhing and moaning and cumming on the Cum Couch, I finally settled down. Alex is still kneeling there looking at me with a big smile. “Glad I could help!” he said.

Alex stood up and I saw the lump of an erect cock going down the leg of his pants. I felt so guilty for having an obviously amazing orgasm and forgetting all about him.

“Look! You’ve got wood” I said, pointing out the obvious.

“I know.”

“So…do ya, do ya wanna do something with it?”

Alex said despondently, “I’m going to have to I guess, since you’re all done. Want to watch?”

I felt so sorry for him. I was pretty sure I wasn’t completely fucked out and immediately decided to help. “Oh come on, I said comfortingly. “Stick it in.” I spread my legs.

Alex was out of his pants and into my pussy in a flash. His cock was hard and only just a little smaller than the vibe. I massaged my clit with two fingers while he banged away in my pussy because I knew from past experience that my masturbating while he fucked me made him crazy hot.

Sure enough, he came in a few minutes, a hard, wet, squirting orgasm that started with a couple shots in my pussy. Then he pulled his cock out of me and shot cum on my tits, my stomach and on the upholstery of the Cum Couch. Thank God for floral patterns.

He helped me clean up, then left, forgetting entirely about the cork screw he wanted to borrow. Funny, he came for a cork screw and ended up getting a cock screw! LOL.

I went back to the sofa and closed my eyes, listened to the videos, enjoyed my pussy still throbbing a little in orgasm afterglow. And then it happens again. The door opens! This time it’s Susan, arms full of grocery bags.

“Don’t you look comfortable,” she said. She kicked the door shut and walked straight into the kitchen.

“I’m all shagged out,” I said. “Alex came over and we had sex.”

“Was it good?” Susan asked. I heard cupboards and refrigerator doors opening and closing.

“Great!” I said. “I borrowed your bunny.”

“I thought you said you had sex?” Susan asked.

“We did. I let Alex fuck me after he masturbated me with bunny.”

Susan appeared back in the living room. She was stepping out of her jeans. Her top was already on the floor. In two steps, Susan was as naked as I was. I watched the little patch of hair between her legs walk to the Cum Couch and sit down. “That’s a switch,” she said. “I always thought the guy came first.”

Susan reached over and slipped a finger up my pussy. “Feels like he left a little something behind.”

“Sorry,“ I said apologetically. I don’t usually like to subject Susan to too much man-juice, but it seems as if it’s been happening a lot lately.

“Don’t worry,” said Susan. She slid off the couch, knelt in front of me and leaned her head down between my legs. “I’m getting so I rather like it.” Her tongue slid up my slit and her lips massaged my clit and I felt the tingle of an orgasm starting inside me again.

Can anyone think of a better name for it than the Cum Couch?

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2 months ago
Very nice
2 years ago
Such a good story... I've got wood just thinking about your experience ;)
3 years ago
Very exciting :) Thx
3 years ago
Story got me so hard. I'd love to cum sit on your couch sometime...
3 years ago
Very hot story. I wish you were my neighbor, I'd like to borrow... something.... too....
3 years ago
One of the best and hottest stories I have heard got me hard!!
3 years ago
great story