My patio photo shoot and dinner fuck.

People have asked who took my patio pics. My upstairs neighbor took the patio series for me and it’s kind of a funny story. He’s older than me, 40’s probably. Divorced, wife has the k**, controlling girlfriend, the usual tragic suburban scene. Well, we hooked up! I hope it won’t turn out to be a bad idea, but it was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

It was last May I think, and I got off the computer at about 2:30 that day. The sun was out and my little back patio looked like it was warm enough for some sunning, so I put out my towel, took off my clothes and laid out. It’s really secluded, which is why I liked the apartment in the first place.

At about four, Alex my neighbor gets home and comes down to talk. He’s seen me naked on the patio tons of times so it’s no big deal. We chat about work and the usual stuff. Then we talk about my nude sunbathing and he gives me a hard time again about going naked at the nudist beach. I tease him that he ought to try it. He said he was too embarrassed to be nude in front of people. I said it was ridiculous and besides that isn’t the point. The point is that it feels really good to be nude outdoors. I suggested he try it on the patio with me, and he says OK, God I just about shit!

So he goes into his apartment and comes out with a camera and wearing just shorts. I pose for him and he takes a bunch of pix (the ones on xhamster). He has a pretty nice body for his age. Then I start teasing him to take off the shorts. Finally I pull his shorts down and he kicks them off the rest of the way and lets me take pix of him naked after I SWEAR I’ll never mention it to his girlfriend.

OK, So I guess it’s time for the report. Every guy wants to know. His penis was quite OK. Not scary big or anything (I don’t really like them too long because they hurt!!) But he was nicely shaved (thank you girlfriend) and except for needing a tan, it looked really cute naked, dangling there in front of me.

We had fun and the more we talked the more comfortable he seemed to get being nude. I suppose it helps when the other person is naked too. After a while, he brought out a bottle of wine and we talked and just hung out. Then he asks if I’d like to make dinner with him! God! A naked man who cooks! No wonder his girlfriend is so possessive.

It was getting cold anyway so we went inside and made some pasta and a salad and started another bottle of wine. We never put our clothes back on. I think if either of us had suggested it, the other would have gotten self conscious and we really didn’t want to spoil the mood. We ate dinner naked at this tiny table in his kitchen and it was awesome. He got right into the nudist thing, and said he might even consider going to the beach with me. So I’ve made a convert!

At that point, things got a little out of control. After the dinner and two bottles of wine, we started doing dishes together (I insisted on helping and he insisted on helping me help. ???) and one of us, I won’t say who, got soap suds splashed on her tits. So Mister Splashy gets dish water splashed on his chest, and a soap-fight ensued and when it was over we were both covered in bubbles all slippery and wet, rubbing our bodies against each other, and then kind of kissing.
It was then that I noticed he had a lazy one going on down below and for some reason, I wanted to touch it in the worst way. I just wanted to feel it, you know, all hardening and slippery from the soap.

I was a goner from that point on. His dick got very hard and he started kissing me and sucking on my nipples and I bit his neck and was stroking his by now very hard penis. This goes on until we can’t stand it and he lifts me up onto the little kitchen table and we start fucking right in his kitchen. I’ve never done it sitting up on a table like that but it worked. It was awesome. I was so into it that I accidentally let him cum in my pussy and we made a mess of his table but neither of us could have stopped.

After we both calmed down, I was a bit mad at him for not using a condom and told him that next time he’d have to use one. Then I realized, OH SHIT! I was already talking about next time!! Since then I’ve had a new sex toy, a boy named Alex living upstairs. A neighbor with privileges. It’s really nice though. I hadn’t had good hetero sex like that in a long time. Every once in a while a girl needs a good fucking!!

I didn’t stay the night (deadline and work the next day.) I knew if I went to bed with him we’d be start screwing all over again when we woke up and who knows when we’d get back to reality.

So was it wrong and slutty to hook up with him? I don’t care, really. It’s kind of stupid to put up all these barriers to having fun and enjoying life. After all, I am what I am. I’ve always enjoyed my body since I was a k** and have no intentions of stopping now.

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3 years ago
Amen sister. Life is short and the body is the most amazing creation.
3 years ago
sounds like a really good way to spend a afternoon to me
3 years ago
babe this has gotta be the most erotic true incredibly horny and desirable story i have ever heard...
its awesome and thanks for sharing..
am saving that into my fav
3 years ago
that was a nice story