Sex Before Baseball

I stated in my profile that I want an orgasm a day. So I challenged myself to 30 orgasms in 30 days, using as many different people and as few mechanical devices as possible. It’s been 26 days now and I’m managing to stay on target. Friday I went to a dyke bar where lesbians hang out and met a girl. We made out in the coat room for a while and then she went down on me in the men’s room. She said I had the cutest pussy she’d ever eaten. So I was still on track with six days to go.

Saturday was a bit iffy. Susan left for the opera with some of her girlfriends at around six and I didn’t want another bar night. So with no prospects at hand, I fucked my neighbor, Alex. He’s the guy who took my patio pix. We’ve sort of had an on and off fuck buddy relationship since we accidentally had sex after our photo session. He still has his “girlfriend” but she strikes me as kinda bitchy and I don’t think they really get along all that well.

Saturday night, I put on a long t-shirt and my pink flip flops and knocked on Alex’s door – he invites me in and we chat. I hop in his recliner and kick it back, leaning forward so he can look through the low neckline of the t-shirt and see me all the way to Florida. “So what are you doing tonight?” I ask him.

“Watching the ballgame,” he says. “Ted might come over and watch it with me.”

I ask him, “What time does the game start?”

“Seven-ten,” he says.

“Great,” I reply. “That means we have just over an hour to fuck!” I lift my t-shirt a little bit and open my legs, letting him see my pussy. “My coochie’s horny.” He smiles. I know he wants it. Then I pull my “T” off completely and lay back in the recliner, naked.

Alex came over to the recliner, unbuttoning his shirt. I reached up and undid his shorts and slipped them down. He didn’t have underwear on and his cock was hanging there deliciously. I fondled it gently and said, “This needs stiffening up.” I took it in my mouth and sucked the soft, smooth head, and then slid my mouth down the shaft as he stood next to the recliner.

It takes just a minute of sucking to get a reaction from his cock. I feel it grow harder and straighter in my mouth. I’ve always enjoyed the pleasure of feeling a man get hard in my mouth. It’s like I’ve created something, woken some great b**st up that will soon burrow into my pussy and fill me with hot lava.

Alex then says, ”Let’s play on the sofa.” So we move to this big leather sofa he has and I push him down on it gently. When he’s on his back, I sit astride him and lower myself down on his cock. I’m already so wet it goes in easily, that great b**st is parting my labia, stretching my vagina walls and rubbing deliciously against my clit. He’s in, and I start riding him like a broken stallion.

We screwed on the sofa for a very long time. I lost track. But when I was really pounding him and was feeling that tingling, swelling wonderfulness of my orgasm rising in my pussy, the door opens and it’s Ted with a six-pack. He’s come for the game! I’d completely forgotten!

Ted apologizes and is about to do a 180 when Alex says, “It’s ok. We’re almost done.”

I haven’t stopped fucking. I kept riding up and down hard on Alex’s cock because I want my orgasm. I NEED MY ORGASM DAMMIT!

So we slam each other’s bodies and I start cumming, in a series of moans and I think a few obscenities. Then Alex cums and I feel his cock pumping jizz deep into my pussy and it’s great and I’m happy I had my orgasm of the day. We collapse, panting, with Ted watching and sipping on one of his beers.

Finally I climb off. Alex’s member is still pretty hard and very shiny with our sex juice. I put on my t-shirt and gather up my flip flops. I said to Alex, “Thanks. I really needed that.” As I headed toward the door I turned to Ted and said half joking, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

So Sunday my orgasm is at Ted’s place. I told him to get more beer.

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3 years ago
So naughty its nice. ;)
3 years ago
MMMMMM my dick seems to be hard now for some reason ,smile
3 years ago
How about a double header at our place!
3 years ago
I know an Alex, but he lives in tennessee. DAMN !!!
3 years ago
hehehehe ,, now whey am i not friends with this Laex,, pfffffff just my luck!!:P