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Everyone keeps asking me about how a bisexual woman like me can be compatible with a full-on lesbian like Susan. What’s up with that? Yes, I feel very lucky to have a friend-companion-soul mate like her who understands my bisexuality even though it sometimes gets in the way. She lets me have my adventures with men because she always knows I’ll be back and be with her.

I get so many questions about my sex life, and I really didn’t intend this to be a sex blog but I don’t mind answering them. I had no idea I was so unusual. So here’s a little Q and A:

Q: How often do I have sex?
A: With Susan, nearly every day. It’s just so easy and so natural, especially since we are always nude at home. We often lie on the sofa together in the evenings watching a movie or something, and it’s so easy to caress a breast or stroke a thigh, which leads to touching a clitoris or a nipple, which leads to kissing and masturbating each other, which leads to not catching the end of the movie. I was on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor yesterday looking in a cabinet for a pan and she came up and stood next to me. Her beautiful pussy was right there in front of my eyes, and I slid a finger gently in it, pulled her to my face and stroked her clit with my tongue. It just happened. So simple, so easy.

Q: What was your first sex like?
A: My first sexual experience was actually with a girl when I was 13, at a sl**p over. It was just a lot of touching and giggling but it was enough to make me want to try more. My first sexual intercourse with a real working penis was with my mother’s boyfriend when I was 16 (see my first submission).

Q: Doesn’t Susan object when you have sex with men?
A: When we first met, we both had pretty healthy sex lives and decided not to give them up when we moved in together. I was dating and having sex with guys on a pretty regular basis. I didn’t hide it, and she didn’t hide her lesbian trysts. So now even though we live together as partners, we still enjoy seeing other people occasionally, and if an opportunity comes up to spend the night at someone else’s, it’s OK. One thing I always do is make sure I’m clean and not dripping semen when I come home. She’s not into cum.

Q: Do you do orgies?
A: Some of Susan’s friends are into the orgy scene, and they are a regular feature at our summer solstice parties at the farmhouse. Susan occasionally goes to lesbian gatherings at a place they have on Long Island where they spend the weekend having sex parties. I’ve had group sex with swingers quite a few times and I enjoy it because most of the women involved (like, 99 percent) are bisexual and it opens up a lot of possibilities. My ex and I went to several swingers resorts in Mexico and Jamaica which were pretty wild. One had an orgy room with cushioned seats and low lights, and some pretty amazing things went on in there. It also had a glass bottomed hot tub on the second level of the deck, as well as outdoor beds. Maybe I will do a blog on that, although I’d rather forget things I did with my ex.

Q: If I come to visit can we hang out and have sex?
A: Only if you bring chocolate. No seriously, I don’t have sex with every guy who sends me a picture of his dick. But write me a note and maybe we can chat. After that, who knows?

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3 years ago
Great Q&A. Thanks
3 years ago
A very funny and insightful blog post. I bet, (like me) you can wake up everyday and truly say..."I love My Life."
3 years ago
Excellent writing. Guess you are that unusual. My mistress and life partner is bisexual. Bisexual girls are...fabulous.
3 years ago
that was very interesting and well done
3 years ago
3 years ago
Enjoyed the insight from you... Nice!:)
3 years ago
You answered and lot of my questions