III A Hard Daty at the Beach

Sandy and I just got out of the shower and were tired from playing beach volley ball and in the sun all afternoon so we were relaxing in our room, out Moms were not at home, we think they took a walk and went to the village. One of the girls Karen, with a body to die for, ask us how come you two don’t seem to have any tan lines, of course we told her that we nude sunbathing at home on the back porch. Wow that’s neat I wish I could do that, but can’t neighbors see you, we told her the porch is surround by thick swamp trees. Karen we said you can come over someday and sunbath with us if you want, oh my gawd yes, but not today Mom wants me home early for some reason. We said no problem anytime. As we lay their talking Sandy said you know I hope Karen does come over, gawd I love see that body naked. Yeah I said with her pussy in your face, Sandy said giggled way not, wouldn’t you like it too my love. We heard our Moms come home laughing about something. I said to Sandy I bet they stop at the pub for a few. Sandy said I hope so they get sexy after a few drinks. After a little while my Mom cane in and told Sandy to go to their bedroom your mom want to see you. Mom took off her street cloths, gawd how pretty and sexy my Mom is, gawd what tits. She crawled on to the bed and snuggle up to me and I ask her about Karen from our volley ball game wanting to nude sunbath with, Mom said she has no problem with it, but she had to verify it with Karen Mom first if its Ok. As Mom snuggled closer and started kissing me and feeling all around, gawd I love it when Mom does this. As she kissed me I open my mouth and slid my tongue into her mouth, Mom responded and our tongues were soaking wet goin in and out. Our hands went to each other pussy at the same time, both our pussy were soaking wet in no time. Moms look up at me and said Cindy honey you really like our sex life don’t you. I said Mom I love the warm feeling that goes through me the tingling in my pussy and I said Mom Sandy feels the same way; we do talk a lot about it. Mom said honey now that’s good. Moms lean down and kissed me with her tongue slamming into my mouth and running three or four finger into my pussy, I just went On My Gawd Yes. Then Mom was on top of me with head down in my pussy and Mom pussy in my mouth oh my gawd what a wonderful feeling. I kept saying gawd Mom I love, and then she rolled me over so I was on top what a wonder fell of Moms tongue in my pussy and my tongue in Mom pussy Wow Yes. Every once in a while Mom tongue would move up to my asshole and lick it and ram her tongue in to my asshole, I’d yell Oh Fuck YES. I did it to Moms asshole to gawd I though want a wonderful nasty sex, this went on for a while until I could feel my self about to cumm and I knew Mom was about to she was stirring around like crazy too. All of a sudden it happened I yell Mom holy fuck I’m cumming. Mom yelled do it honey don’t stop I am cumming too. All of a sudden Moms pussy was flowing with her cumm, and I could feel my pussy was flooding as well. I lick and swallowed all of Moms cumm; gosh was she cumming and I loved it all. After a while Mom rolled off and turn around to me and laugh a little I ask what’s fumy she said your face is fill with cumm as she lick her own cumm from my face and deeply kiss me and said Cindy you’re a perfect loving daughter and a wonderful lover, I kissed Mom deeply and said thanks Mom gawd I just love you so much. Come let go take a peek at Lin and Sandy, as we walk in the bedroom there they were head to pussy and pussy to head, I went over and lick Sandy tong as it was in her Moms pussy, Oh she yelled Cindy, then she said come you like her asshole I’ll lick her pussy as I slid my tongue in to Lins asshole as Sandy lick and suck here pussy. Lin yelled Holy Fuck, that’s got to be my fucking s****r. My Mom yelled no honey it’s your sexy niece. They sat up and we sat with them. Mom got up and went to here dress draw and what does she pull out those two big dildo and two small ones. Sandy and I grab our hands and smiled with an Oh Boy Yes, but our Mom had something different in mind. Mom said down on the bed and said see these smaller one they are going up your assholes girls, we look at the smaller ones and said Mom there not that small Lin responded with don’t worry about that we’ll help you. Mom handed us the big one and the lube and said lube them up and put them in your pussys well lube up the smaller one and put them up your assholes. As Sandy and I slide these dildo up our pussy all I could think about was Jim big cock going up my pussy Sandy look at me with smile and said I’m thing the same thing Cindy, Then our Moms put the other dildo to our asshole and I said that feel nice Mom till they started to putting it in further and further. Sandy and I scream out Holy Fucken Shit our Moms said come work those pussy dildos as we did our Moms work the anal dildo and as the pussy dildo came out the anal dildo went in. I though oh my gawd this is beginning to feel unreal and wonderful. Sandy was screaming Mom please do it faster. Then our Mom said you girls do both dildo, gawd I could believe it here I am fucking my pussy and asshole at the same time and feeling like I am going to have massive orgasm at any minute and Geeeessss did and so did Sandy. I rolled over on to of her were head to pussy sucking then dry with great pleasure. We rolled over and we sat up there were our Mom in a head to pussy position and screaming oh fuck s*s I’m cumming.
We all laid down with our Moms and just snuggled closely, I thought gawd how wonderful we all fell asl**p cause next thing I know the sum is coming in the window. I roll over an kiss and suck Mom erect nipples which wakes Mom up and kisses me so wonderfully. I said Mom my asshole feel like unreal she reach behind to my ass and starts laughing like crazy and say honey you fell asl**p with the dildo still up your ass. She pushes Lin and Sandy awake and says Lin guess what Cindy fell asl**p with the dildo still up her asshole. They start laughing as well, and I felt kind of silly till Sandy rolled over and started moving the dildo in and out, I screamed Oh You Fucking Sonofabich Suck My Pussy, Don’t Stop You Sexy Bitch. Gawd she did. Gawd what a morning way to wake up, here was Sandy shoving a dildo up my asshole and licking it as well, Lin was sucking my pussy and my Mom buried her pussy to my mouth to suck which I did. The mom made a big breakfast as Sandy and I showed outside. It was a wonderful day we saw Karen and told here to have her Mom ok it with our Moms Karen said she would and that she might want to join us as well, we just said Wow wonderful.

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very good but for the spelling