IV That Nude Sunbathing

Sandy and I went to the beach hoping we could get together a team for volleyball Karen came running up to us yelling come with you two I got a almost a team. We yelled back Yes, Yes I couldn’t believe it when Karen kissed us both rather nicely and said gawd I love you too. We won four times and the hold team agrees to go forfeit and cancel. Sandy told Karen she Ok’d her coming over and nude sunbathing with us, Karen was ecstatic said I know and again kiss us both saying I love you two. I really look at Karen gawd she was beautiful and her body was as sweaty as ours sweat just running down our belly, our legs and over our breast it was unbelievable pure sexual. Karen said Cindy what are you looking at. I said Karen all three of us are one sweaty sexy gals. Funny Karen said Yeah I know kiss it, I lean over and kiss and suck the sweat from her belly, Karen said Oh My Gawd Cindy Yes. Sandy said come on you two let get to the house it’s getting late. We walk down the boardwalk of course Sandy always holds my hand, Karen walking behind us cause the boardwalk is not that wide are you two always this close, Sandy says well sometime closures, Karen replays Wow that’s nice. We go to the beach house and walk on new deck walk to the porch that Moms has put in so we don’t track sand into the house. As we walkup on the porch Karen lets out a scream MOM and there was Karen’s Mom with our Moms nude as could be. I look a Sandy and said now I know were Karen gets that sexy body, her mom was more beautiful than our Moms and there beautiful themselves. A perfect body with long black hair Wow even down on her pussy and which was trimmed nice. Karen Mom was telling Karen that when I called over here and spoke to Tammy about you nude sunbathing here, she explained the area was protected by all these swap tress so it was very secluded as we were talking I told Tammy how wonderful that must be, Tammy in turn invited me over for a few drinks and nude sunbath with them, I jump at the chance saying YES, YES and so here I am. As we walk over to them Mom introduce us to Karen Mom, as Kim we shook hands she knew we were looking at her breast, gawd they were perfect tits we thought, we intern introduce Karen to our Moms. Kim said what in hell did you girls do to get so sandy. Karen said Mom we were all so sweaty from playing four volleyball games and falling in to the sand playing. Mom said why don’t you three jump into the shower over there and I’ll fix you some drinks. As we walk over to the shower Karen said Wow neat an outdoor shower. As we walk in the shower Karen said Wow and big too. Sandy said yeah our Moms and us could all fit in here. As Sandy and I stared to take our suits off, Sandy come Karen you too get naked. Off came her top and bottoms, Wow I said to Karen I know were you get those pretty its from, your Mom. Karen said yeah Mom is beautiful. I said Karen you keep a hairy trim pussy too, pretty as well Karen can I rub it a little, she said sure as I rub her pussy Karen grab her tit and played with them and was moaning a little, then Sandy hand came down and we both were rubbing her pussy, Karen was going wild. As we stop, Karen said gawd did that ever feel good and kiss us both rather passionately slipping a little tongue along with it. Sandy and I look at each other with a dirty smile. We got serious with the shower getting all the sand off, thank gawd for the removable shower head, Sandy bent over and spread her ass cheeks said get my ass I feel like sand up my asshole, as I sprayed wash and hand wash Sandy ass. Karen said Cindy get me there also Karen asshole was in my face, pretty asshole too and I took my time too even going down to her pussy a little, I could see Karen was getting a little excite cause she stated rubbing her pussy as I fingered around her asshole. She stood up and said Oh my gawd Cindy and gave me another passionate wet kiss. I was a little surprised when Sandy went over to Karen and cup her pussys and did a wet tongue kiss on her Karen responded with rubbing Sandy pussy as well, what a wet tongue kiss that was. I could see this was going to be a very hot and wet threesome, and I had a ton of question for Karen but it has to wait until later. We all walk out naked and soaking wet and lay down on the double lounge chairs with our Moms. Mom gave us our drinks, gawd did they ever taste good after playing four rounds of volleyball. Mom said you know you girl look exhausted why don’t you three go and lay down in your bedroom for a good nap before dinner: were going to barbeque later. Oh Wow good donnie brook potatoes, and barbequed corn Mom, Mom, yes for sure honey. Karen said what the hell are donnie brook potatoes, Sandy explained potatoes oiled seasoned wrap in tin foil and put right on the charcoals, and are unbelievably delicious. Karen ask barbequed corn, Sandy explain that you take the outer layer of corn wrap off then soak then in salt water for an hour, then right on to the barbeque grill. You roll the potatoes on the charcoal and roll the corn frequently and what a meal. Karen Wow sounds different, then to her Mom we are stay for dinner yes, her Mom said yes Tammy and Lin insisted we stay. Karen got up and kiss her Mom rather sexually and said Oh good Mom, Kim kiss her back as well and said love you honey. My Mom said come go lay down for a while dinner will be a late to night. We got up and walk into the house and into our bedroom and lay down on the bed we got Karen in the middle, plenty of room queen size bed. We both rolled over Karen and I ask her if she ever been with a girl or a women like your Mom,, she said no but she wants to be and with her Mom especially and that she sexually wants her and she thinks her Mom wants her as well Karen said small things happen but nothing comes of it. We tolled Karen about our situation here with our Moms, Karen just Wow I want just that with my Mom as well. I started to rub her belly harder and slowly run my hand up to those luscious tits and rub then and pinch her erect nipples; Sandy was slowly rubbing down between her legs. Karen eyes close and her head when back and her hand came up to her tits and the other down to her pussy her tongue was licking her lips. I kiss her with my tongue slamming all over inside her mouth, then Sandy did the same thing but longer as I suck her tits and both nipples I could see Sandy was deeply finger fucking her pussy. Karen was screaming Cindy, Sandy make me cumm PLEASE. We didn’t stop what we were doing all of a sudden her body was shaking like crazy and she just said Oh fuck Yes I’ CUMMING, Sandy was down on her cumming pussy and so was I we shared in all her cumm juices. We all relaxed back on our pillows. Karen finally said Sandy, Cindy thank you that was beautiful I truly loved it. We did a first time three way wet nasty dirty tongue kiss, we all said Wow that was unreal. Our Moms call us down for dinner, as they were barbequing and gawd were we hungry too. Sandy and I notice Karen and her mom on the lounge chair being rather cozy touching and kissing, especially when hands went for each other pussy for a while. Sandy and I both had a feeling our Moms had something to do with this turn around in Kim feeling towards her daughter which was wonderful for them. Dinner was wonderful Kim and Karen couldn’t believe how delicious it all was and with Moms secret recipe of casein chicken rub. It got really late and every one was just tired Mom said Kim and Karen are spending the night and will sl**p in the back bedroom. On the way to bed I ask Mom, did you have a sexual talk with Kim, Honey she said it was talk and we all had sex and she wanted Karen so badly it was hurting her. Lin peek in on you three in the throws of gawd knows what ever you three were doing, but it was nasty sex. As sandy and I lay in bed we could here a little bit of Karen and her Mom they were really into a wonderful sexual night.

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excellent is there a part 2, 3....