The "Desert One Project" - How we secret

Wy wife is pretty hot. She is 48 now but still has a bitchin body. She has never been with another man except for me. We were married about 7 years. She was 29 years old and weighed about 90 pounds. I started sceretly filming my wife having sex with me. I would hide the camera in my closet or on a dresser.I accumulated several VHS tapes over a years or so. One day, we were going to the movies and my best fiend offered to watch my two young sons. We went out and left him at our house at aboy 6 PM. We came back later and the k**s were asl**p. He left and that was that.
I was in need of a way to edit the "in-between" time out odf my home sex videos. I asked my best friend if i could you his multiple tape VHS decks to edit some home porno I had. He offered to do it for me. Then he told me that the night he watched my k**s he ran into my porno tapes and watched several of them. At first I didnt know what to think but then I was kind of turned on by it. I let him have acces to my home tapes. He watched them all. We sgtarted talking and I told himm my biggest fantasy was to watch my wife with another guy. We talked abou what we would do if my wife let us team her. We also taked about any way we could coerse or get her watsed enough to just take advantage of her. We came up with a plan. I would get my wife wasted on champaign and slip her a roofy. I had picked up a bunch in Mexico when I was there.
So the day came, my k**s were at my moms and we planned a sex romp in the living room floor. IWhen she was taking a bath, I gave her champaign laced with roofies. She was feeling no pain. After the bath we went in the living room and I began to rub her back. While I was doing this, my buddy slipped in to the house and grabbed my video camera. He baegan to film as I fucked her face and then came on her face. I flipped her over and then began to fuck her tight little pussy. I came on her asshole and told my buddy to take a picture. HNere it is:

My buddy filmed and had his dick out in his hand. My wife was half out of it and I positioned her so as not to see him. After we finished fucking. he slipped out the back door before we got up to go to bed. I checked the video camera and the tape was blanl. I was in shock. We had risked it all and came away with nothing.
So we started planning the next step. We would try to do it again and make sure we got it right. That will be part 2.
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1 year ago
and what about the next time ? did he fuck her ?l
3 years ago
Good luck. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Hey she might like it totally straight!!!
4 years ago
hot and naughty