Fun on the beach

We are on vacation down in St.Kitts. We stayed up all night dancing and drinking, not d***k but feeling good. All night long we had been kissing, touching and grinding. We are walking along the beach my arm around your head on my shoulder. It is nice and warm and you look beautiful in your white dress, it is clinging to your braless breasts and the fresh morning air has your nipples poking out.

I can't help myself and turn you around so you are facing me, with my hand on the back of your head I pull you closer to me, our lips meet, kissing gently at first but then our lips part and our tongues meet. I feel you press your body against to mine and you feel me start to get hard in my shorts. As my other hand moves down your back I feel a warm rain starting, and as my hand reaches your ass and pulls you harder into me the skies open up. you gasp as you feel my hard cock press against you. I take that time to start kissing your neck. Running my tongue over your skin, tasting your perfume, sweat and the rain.

I stand back and have a look at you, enjoying what the rain is doing to your dress, it is now clinging to your body and is transparent. I come back to you cupping your breasts, running my thumbs over your now very hard nipples. You attack me with your open mouth, pushing your tongue deep into my mouth. We fall to the sand with you on top. You raise the skirt part of your dress and keeping your thong on your start to grind into me. I can feel the heat of your pussy on my cock, making it twitch. I slip the shoulders of your top off and let it fall to your side, exposing your beautiful breasts. Taking a breast in each hand my thumb and finger circling your nipples. You bend over feeding me your breast, and taking first one and then the other nipple in my mouth. I hear you moan and feel you press harder onto my cock. I let go of your breast and let them dangle in front of my face. Looking up to your face, your hair is caked onto your face and brushing against mine.

My hands slide down your back and go under your dress. I feel your bare ass in my hands and push up hard into your covered pussy. You press your mouth onto mine again and moan into it. As your soft tongue plays with mine, I think how nice it will feel on my cock.

By this time the rain has soaked us completely, and running my hand over your wet ass, I follow your thong down your ass until I find your wet pussy. Pushing your thong to the side, I slowly push two fingers into your tight hole.

Dropping your head down to the side of mine, you start pushing back on my fingers.

“I need your cock in me. Please fuck me now.”

You quickly stand up and pull your panties off, exposing your neatly trimmed bush, I see your pink lips slightly parted

Before you can sit back down, I quickly undo my pants and pull out my now very hard cock. You look down on it watching the rain hit it before you sit back down. Now is my turn to moan as I feel your warm wet pussy sucks my cock in. You plant your knees in the sand and start to ride me, slowly at first. We hear a lightning strike in the distance and that turns you on even more and you start to slam down on me harder. Pinching your nipples I use them to pull you down, you put your face into my neck, giving me yours. I start to nibble on your neck, running my teeth over your neck. Kissing it and then sucking on it.

I can feel my orgasms starting to get close so I pull you off of my cock and place your pussy above my face. Before I can lick your clit, you quickly roll over and take my pussy soaked cock into your mouth.

“God, I love the taste of my pussy on your cock”

I can’t answer that because I have my tongue deep into your pussy, tasting the same sweet juices as you are. Pulling my tongue out of you, I take your clit into my mouth, holding it between my lips, I start to flick my tongue gently over it. You have me in the back of your throat and I feel you moan on the top of my cock. I start to concentrate on you to keep me from cumming. I let go of your clit only to take it in my teeth, gently but firmly. As I roll it in my teeth, I slide my fingers back into your tight pussy. As you lick my balls I hear you scream out.

“Oh fuck baby, keep that up, I’m going to cum!”

I start to suck on it harder, flicking my tongue on it at the same time. I feel your pussy clamp down on my fingers, and then a flood of your juices. I keep sucking on your clit as my fingers make delicious noises in your pussy.

Knowing that I can get you to cum again I let go of your clit and I flatten out my tongue and start to lap it. Slowly I run my tongue over your clit. Then with the tip I start to circle it, not touching just teasing. By this time you have stopped sucking me and I can feel your grip tighten on my cock, so I know I’m doing good.

Grabbing your ass with both hands, I concentrate on your clit. Building up your want for another orgasm. I feel you starting to push your pussy into my face and my tongue is going as fast as it can go. I feel you bite my thigh to keep you from screaming out.

Finally you can’t take it anymore and start cursing because of the intense orgasms. All of a sudden I feel your body go limp. Thinking you are wiped out I swing you around and kiss you.

“Love you baby, let me know when you can walk and we’ll go back to our room.”

That is when I feel her move and slide my cock back into her pussy.

“You think I’m going to cum like that and not get fucked?”

“Oh, sooooooooo sorry. Baby look over there” I nod. We look over and see the sun coming up, and with the rain coming down it looks too beautiful to describe.

“Baby, let me get on my side and you fuck me that way so we can both see the sun come up.”

We quickly do that and I slide into her with ease. We start off nice and slow enjoying everything, the sun, the rain, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks near us, just taking it all in. I feel you reach down and start to play with your clit some more, and with that I know we will be done soon. I feel my cock start to swell as the cum starts to leak out of my cock. I know with the way you are milking my cock I don’t have a choice. Biting down on your shoulder, not hard mind you, I slam into you hard. I let your shoulder go and moan out loud as my hot cum splashes into your pussy. I keep fucking you until I hear you moaning again signaling that you are cumming again.

We just lay there my shrinking cock between your legs, my arm around you, and the two of us just enjoying everything. It was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen and probably ever will. Thank you beautiful.
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