my first time with a woman

Growing up i had a best friend named Robert. Robert and i were best friends since 3rd grade. I knew all his f****y and he knew all my f****y. But i f****y member of his in particularly allways caught my eye his s****r ruth. She was about 3 year than myself she was big girl, not mean fat or anything she was thick. Ruth had big large breast a flat stomach big hips and a nice ass to follow. She was softball a ball who actually was athletec

When Rob and I started highschool we were probably The most well know k**s at the school. Because we were allways in the newpaper because of our accomplishments in wrestling. Now Rob and i were virtually the same. We partied with all the upper classmen and fooled around with the girls. My dick was about 7 " and i really never had sex before just blowjob and fucking for like 3 mins.

It was thanksgiving break senior year and i had been broke up with my girlfriend of two years for over a week. We had never had sex because my dick grew to a jaw dropping 10" and she was scared of it so i only got a handjob and attempted bolwjob. Rob was havingg a partyy so i went, after a night of drinking 4lokos and vodka. Waking up not realizing that i was not in my own house i d***kly walk into Ruths room who was home from college for the break we began to talk about our lifes and relationships still d***k i began to cry. She hugged me, feeling her large firm but soft breast against my throat i began to be turn on. Looking up at her i tried to kiss her and she pulled here face away, trying again she kissed me back feeling her warm pierced tongue i leaned forward putting her on her back on the bed. I proceeded by kissing her neck and rubbing my hands up and down the sides of her firm but not muscular torso. Smelling her fragrance i began to kiss her stomach with her shirt between my lips and her skin. Suddenly heard the heavy foot steps of Rob on the woodfloor i stopped and laid on the floor as if i passed out because Rob had became huge 6'4 and 240 lbs and i was only 5'6 and 160 i wasnt tring to catch that beat down i saw coming.

That following morning with a mad hang over i texted Ruth and told i was sorry for coming on her she replied by saying thT its was ok. For the next 3 weeks we texted as friends. The next time seen her it was at a our football championship game party she was drinking and i saw her and asked her to dance. after dancing i sat down on a couch and she sat on lap we began to kiss after making out for 5 mins she grabbed my hand we walked to the her room but i suddenly stopped again in fear of her b*****r.

The next week was the week before chrismas and i was over the house again and Rob had left to get some ass. Watching tv on the big screen Ruth came in room demanding that i let her watch her show not giving her the remote she walked to tv box and turned the channel manually. I grab around the waste while she was bending over i noticed that my dick was on her butt. I was rock hard she turned around and kissed me after setting back on the coach i began to feel her breast and lift her shirt . I unbuttoned her bra and saw her large breast with half dollar sized nippies i began to suck her nipples and lick them vigorously. Walking into her room i pulled her shorts of to see a pink zebra thong putting my face to her stomach i started at her belly button and licked kissed until came to smell that great fragance. Pulling her underwear of and i saw her beautful thick pussy lips. Sucking her lips and picking them up with my mouth her juice was all over my face i felt her body shake and lose tense. Unable to keep my dick in my sweats i pulled my it out and i saw her eyes open she said wow. Kissing the head than putting it in her warm mouth and felling her piercing i felt like i was in heaven justs mins from cumming she began to try to take my dick all the way. Knowing that i ready to take her. I tried to f***e it in my 10" dick inside her but it would not go in. Putting my finger in first than my dick a warm tiggly wetness met with head of my dick . It took about 30 thrust of my hips to get my dick all the way in. I lend forward and began to kiss her and thrust at same time her mouth opened wide screeming sractching my back tearing the skin. my stomach was so hot from the skin rubbing together. I pulled out and put it her on her stomach. pounding into her, she riped her her sheets with her hands. I began to cum inside her and after that i laid on kissing her neck still with my dick inside. I began to think i just cam without a condom and asked her if she was on birth control

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