Rough Dreaming

last night i had a dream that you had me tied down to some a table of sorts ..i was face down tits hung down through some holes in the table..there was also a hole for my cunt and my legs were spread wide and strapped down and the table allowed you perfect access to my cunt or my ass. you reached under the table and situated my breasts in the vice clamps that were somehow connected to the table. you tightened them down at first i was moaning with pleasure and then you tightened them down as hard as you could.ant whore. it was hard to concentrate because of the pain in my tits.
i did my best at sucking the dildo in my mouth. you took smaller clamps and attached them to my nipples. I screamed around the dildo as you tightened them as tight as they would go. i had tears coming from my eyes as you did this.
that's it my cunt. you cry all you want i want to see tears of pain streaming from your face all fucking night you cunt.
next you took a little suction device and strapped it around my waist and attached it to my clit you turned it on very low at first. it felt like it was milking my clit and the in and out sucking was turning me on soooo much...i was moaning around the dildo and you took your cock and shoved it up my ass as hard as you could...holding on to my hips and thrusting as hard as you could inside my ass. i started screaming around the were r****g the hell out of my ass..pulling out almost all the way and then ramming your cock deep inside my ass. you then reached over and turned the suction on to the highest setting. it felt like it was going to rip my clit off of my would pull it out soooooo far and then release it..and then pull it out again over and over it was a mixed feeling of good and bad. you fucked my ass hard over and over again until you came inside my left me like that for about 30 min you just lay on a nearby couch and watched me writhe in pain and then you came back and stopped the suction thing and took it off my clit. i moaned around the dildo and you removed that too...i thought that you were going to let me up but you had other ideas for removed the clamps from my now badly bruised tits and offered me a drink of water through a straw..i drank it ran your hand over my back and down over my ass...
a shame that you have such beautifully bruised tits now, but your back and ass are free from any bruises...we'll have to change that. i squirmed on the table as much as i could..i heard you pick something up. and felt your hand kneading my ass then slapped it as hard as you could...i squirted all over the floor under me. that's it you cunt
i am going to make you cum so much you can't cum anymore.
you took the belt that you had picked up and started spanking my ass with it. you were drinking beer at the same after another. i knew what you were doing. you were taking your inhibitions away so you wouldn't worry about hurting me. you spanked me with the belt harder and harder you even hit my back with it a few times. you worked the belt up and down my ass and my upper thighs. i was screaming out your name and crying begging you to came around the table and pulled a lever..what i realized was that the table was adjustable. you lifted the table up so that i was in a standing position on took the belt and swatted my cunt with it..i started screaming again. you fucking cunt wanted this so god damn bad, and now you fucking have it you cunt. you don't know what to do with it do you. i didnt answer you so you grabbed one of my tits and squeezed. DO YOU YOU FUCKING CUNT...i screamed in pain and said no i don't know. pleaseeee john pleaseee stop.
FUCK YOU cunt you are my piece of meat and i'm going to treat you that way you're MINE to do with as I see fit.
John please..
You got right up in my face and had that look of intensity on your face. i lowered my head and knew..i knew what i was
nothing more than your cunt slut whore for you to use, abuse, fuck and humiliate as you wanted.
that's know it don't you
i looked up into your eyes and said yes john i am your cunt slut whore ..yours for the taking...
you softened then and said..and after that..
after that i'm your princess
that's right you said and moved closer to me and kissed me passionately.
75% (13/4)
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28 days ago
Wonderful fantasy baby
4 years ago
Mmmmmm fuuuck I'd love to assrape you so hard right now
4 years ago
That was one hell of a story girl,
Would love to be John for a day with you.