Quiet Fuck

walking down the stairs of your house you are in a grumpy mood. It's been a day from hell at work and your wife started riding your ass as soon as you walked in the door. You grabbed your dinner and secluded yourself in the basement. Hearing that she is heading
off to bed you sigh with relief.
I can't stand this shit I hear you mumble under your breath. The upstairs grows very quiet and you are laying in a chair watching TV when you
here a cough coming from another room. "What the hell." You go to the room and open the door and turn the light on. There I am on the floor with my
fish net shirt on and my skirt and pantyhose.Bright red lipstick on my lips.
I look up into your face. You are surprised but immediately come into the room and close and lock the door behind you. You fucking cunt whore you say
as you grab my hair and shove my face against your bulging pants. You undo your pants and drop them on the floor. You take a nearby blanket and lay it out
on the floor. You guide me over to it and lay me down. Then you literally sit on my face and shove your cock down my throat. You keep riding my face filling my throat with your cock. You abruptly pull out and demand that I get up and follow you. You lead me into another room that has a small bed in it. Lay down with your head over the end of the bed. I do so and you once again shove your cock down my throat. This time, you shove it in as deep as you can you see your cock stretching the skin of my throat. You reach down and start choking me. You can feel your cock while you tighten your grip on my throat. I am gaging it just drives you to fuck my throat harder and tighten your grip on my throat. My eyes start watering and you pull out just enough for me to gasp for air. You slap my face. You fucking cunt whore. You don't deserve to breath. What the hell are you thinking hiding in my basement. Only a cunt slut whore would hide in wait for her Master's cock. I look up into your eyes with longing and love and you ram your cock back into my throat. Chocking me again while you fuck my throat. I moan around you cock though and start squirting. You pull out and come around on the bed and start eating out my cunt. You take my clit in your mouth and suck on it. You pull it deeper and deeper into your mouth. Sucking hard on it. Taking your tongue and lapping at it. You then start biting it hardddddddd. I squirt in your mouth and you lap it right up. You get off the bed and go in the other room. I hear you mumbling something and then you come back in. Without telling me what you were doing, you take out your belt and start whiping my cunt, thighs and ass. I feel each blow against my hot wet skin. I try to close my legs and you take them and tie them to the headboard nice and wide. You then go back to whiping my cunt. I start making a little bit too much noise and you grab part of the blanket and shove it in my mouth. Shut the fuck up you god damn fucking whore. You start beating my cunt again and I continually squirt all over. You have welted my cunt lips with the belt and stop. You dive down into my cunt again with your face and start biting my cunt lips that you just welted with the belt. I squirt over and over from the pain. That's it you fucking whore...that's it. You bite and grind my cunt lips in your mouth and start putting hickies on my cunt lips. You put deep teeth marks on one spot before moving right next to it and do the same thing. You continue this until both lips now have your teeth marks all over them on top of the welts. You spread my cunt and start pinching my clit hard. I moan in pleasure and you get up. I hear you walk out of the room and you return. When you do return there are 2 black guys with you and you have a vice grip and a vice in your hand. Fuck her face you command the guys. The first one comes up to me and takes his rock hard bbc that must be at least 10 inches out of his mouth and rams it all the way into my throat. You watch the skins stretch around his cock as he continues to fuck my throat. I am struggling against the ropes that hold my legs apart and am grasping at his thighs with my free hands. Tie her down you order the other guy. He sees the ropes attached to the bed and ties my wrists to the sides of the beds. I am now totally helpless and spread eagle. You take the vice grips and put them on my clit and start pulling my clit and pinching the hell out of it with the grips while the first guy keeps abusing my throat. I cant breath and am struggling for air...between that and the pain on my clit i keep cuming and cuming . You take the vice and attatch it to my clit and tigthen it as tight as you can get it. I am screaming around the guys cock but you can't hear anything but a quiet whimper. You take your hand and start finger fucking me while the guy is still fucking my throat. He pulls out a bit on occasion to give me air. You slowly start adding fingers and very quickly have your whole wrist inside my cunt you shove your arm in as deep as it will go and it's in to your forearm. This makes the guy pull out and cum all over my face. I gasp over and over for air and the other guy takes his spot and immediately i have another cock down my throat. The outline of his cock in my throat excites the hell out of you. You twist and turn your arm in my cunt and open your hand and start scratching my inside walls deep and hard. I scream out around the cock that is buried in my throat. I can't do anything about the erotic torture that is going on. I cum over and over again. You take two fingers and start fingering my ass and get up to four fingers in my ass while your fist and forearm are still in my cunt. The second guy can't stand it and pulls out and cums all over my face and hair. You abruptly pull out your hands and remove the vise. You get up and sneak them out. You come back to me and undo the ropes ...you take me in your arms and hold and kiss me before rolling me over and shoving your cock deep inside my ass and leaving your load deep inside me.
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1 month ago
Got me hard as a diamond thank you
1 month ago
god this story has me rock hard