Anal Bonanza

Anal Bonanza

“Mmm that was fucking brilliant” Kate sighed as she pulled up and buttoned her jeans. “I’ve just had the horn for days now, I needed that”

Kate had just been fucked over the dinner table after a candlelit dinner with her hubby Dave, a regular Saturday night occurrence – the dinner not the fucking.

“And the meal was good too” she laughed.

“Thanks very much” replied Dave who like Kate was straightening his clothing. “We certainly know how to bring a night to a good end. Let’s leave the plates I’ll sort them in the morning. Coming up?”

Later in bed Kate was still feeling frisky.

“You know what next Saturday we should have a whole night of sordid, disgusting and dirty fucking”

“Wow, where did that come from” said Dave quite amazed.

“Well like I said I’m constantly turned on at the moment and the quickie after dinner was great but I want to do something really dirty next week. Like you always say sex is only dirty when it’s done properly”.

“Fuck, yeah I’m up for anything, what do you want to do…. no a****ls or anything like that you dirty bitch”.


Kate laughed and gave Dave’s cheek a playful smack.

“No come on what can we do next week? A bit of bondage, some toys, anal, all night fucking…?” Kate listed.

Dave retorted “Yeah which do you fancy?”

Kate gave out a huge roar of a laugh. “I’m not giving you a list to choose from, we’re doing them all!”

“You dirty little fucker, I love you” cooed Dave.

Next morning in the kitchen Kate looked across at Dave reading the paper.

“I’m serious next week we have to do something special, something really horny, put your thinking cap on and let me know the plan”.

“Ok love” replied Dave “I’m on it”

During work on Monday and Tuesday Dave’s mind kept drifting off to visions of him fucking Kate deep in her arse this coming weekend. Kate kept anal sex as a kind of “best” activity reserved for special occasions. However after each anal fucking she kept asking why she didn’t get her arse fucked more often as she loved it.

At around 7.30 on Tuesday evening Dave entered the front door tired after a long day’s work.

“Hi” called Kate.

“Hi love” Dave called back.

“A letter came for you in the post” she retorted. “It’s on the kitchen table”.

The letter was hand written addressed to Dave, so he quickly opened it.

Anal Bonanza

Your darling wife Kate cordially invites you to an anal bonanza.
An evening of no holes barred sexual fulfilment.

The action will commence at 8pm in Kate’s boudoir this coming Saturday.

Please provide Kate with your response promptly.


Dave was taken aback, she’d taken the trouble of posting him a letter but more to the point he was going to get her arse this Saturday night, fantastic!

“This is brilliant love, can’t wait. I’ll be there bright and early shall I bring the lube or you?” he smiled to Kate.

8pm Saturday night and Dave sauntered up to the bedroom to find a lowly lit room with scented candles but rather more interestingly laid out on the bed were a few of Kate’s favourite toys, her Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, a smaller vibrator almost banana shaped, her favourite fat 9 inch flesh like dildo and a large tube of lube.

“I fucking love her” whispered Dave to himself as he got undressed.

But where was Kate?

Dave lay naked on the bed playing with the array of tools when the door pushed open and there was Kate.

Kate stood around 5 feet 8 inches tall with a curvy figure, big rounded boobs and a round curvy arse to match. She had on a short navy blue silk slip that rested half way up her thighs as she sipped from a large glass of red wine.

“Move over darling and I’ll tell you how tonight’s going to go”

Dave quickly moved across to allow Kate some space.

“Now you know I love to be fucked and I know you love to fuck, so tonight is all about making sure everyone gets what they want”

“Well yes” gestured Dave.

“Ok well, I’d also so like to fuck as well”
Dave looked confused “You just said that”

Kate smiled a picked up her 9 inch dildo “You’re not getting my point… well not yet” she laughed as she slowly wanked the dildo.

“I love getting my pussy and arse fucked and that’s definitely going to happen tonight” she said

Dave smiled.

“But if I’m getting my arse fucked” she paused “so are you”.

Kate smiled and licked the tip of her dildo whilst maintaining eye contact with Dave throughout.

“What?” stammered Dave. “You haven’t brought home some big black guy to fuck me have you?”

They both collapsed laughing.

“No stupid, that’s next week” Kate kissed Dave’s cheek “I’d love to do you with this, it’d be fucking incredible”

“Hang on that thing’s 9 inches long and it’s as thick as fuck” Dave pointed at the dildo.

Kate waved the dildo in the air and it swayed to and fro.

“Come on I think you could take this, you take my fingers when I slip them up there. You game?”

After a slight delay Dave grinned and said “Fuck it, yeah, come here”.

“No you lie back” was Kate’s response.

Kate slowly stroked Dave’s already semi hard cock and then began ever so slowly to pull the foreskin back and fore.

“Mmm I love your cock”.

She moved closer and lifted her silk slip up slightly to give her some freedom. Kate kissed Dave and continued to stroke and gently tug on his cock. Dave’s response was to produce a rock hard cock which Kate began to wank a little more quickly now.

Dave’s hand wandered between Kate’s thighs and he used two fingers to gently smooth Kate’s trimmed but juicy pussy. Kate confirmed this with a sigh.

As she moved closer Kate lifted her silk slip up to her waist and opened her legs so that Dave could get at her pussy. He smoothed around her juicy lips parting them ever so gently now and then. He licked his fingers and gently and ever so slowly put two fingers just inside Kate’s pussy. She welcomed this with “That’s fucking great”.

Dave got up on his knees and Kate centred herself on the bed, slip up around her middle and legs wide apart.

This was Dave’s invitation.

He moved down and kissed Kat’s moist pussy and then parted her lips, her pussy glistened ready for action. Dave’s tongue lapped in a slow upward movement then back down slowly he lapped long slow stroked with his tongue.

He placed a huge blob of saliva on Kate’s clit and allowed it to trickle down into her pussy before licking it and spreading it all around the ever widening lips of this big pussy.

Kate was now getting into the zone “Mmm you’re so good at that give me some fingers”

Dave obliged and slipped two fingers just inside and continued to lick the surrounding lips as he eased his fingers deeper and deeper into Kate’s cunt. “Orr yeah that’s it, fuck me”.

Dave turned his attention to Kate’s clit as he moved his fingers in and out of her wet hole. He gently and slowly flicked his tongue on her clit and then gradually upped the pace to a quick and horny stream of flicks.

Kate pushed her hips downwards to thrust her pussy onto Dave’s mouth.

“Katie needs more fingers” she moaned.

Dave added a third finger into the ever enlarged pussy. His jaw was starting to ache a little after around 10 minutes but Kate was just warming up. “Mmm Katie needs another finger, quick put it in”.

All but Dave’s thumb was now fucking Kate’s large wet pussy, she was moaning very loudly.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me. Come on really fuck me. I love it, I love it, I love being fucked” she panted at the top of her voice.

Dave paused and took the big dildo “Here put this in your mouth you’ll get the neighbours round”

Kate giggled as she began to suck on the dildo. She thought to herself “Bring the neighbours round, I’ll fuck them too!”

After 20 minutes of licking Dave’s tonguing speed was lessening.

“Can I use my wand?”Kate panted.

Dave plugged in the Magic Wand, a large vibrator with a large bulbous vibrating ball at its peak. It buzzed very loudly as Kate took control and placed it on her clit.

“Oh fuck that’s good”

Kate’s clit was under attack from this huge vibrating wand.

“Stick your cock in” she instructed Dave.

Dave moved in and eased his nice thick dick into Kate’s slack pussy.

“Oh fuck that’s incredible” she moaned. Kate lifted her legs into the air and settled in for a good fucking. Dave clasped an ankle in each hand and began fucking his big dick slowly and deeply in and out of Kate’s pussy. The Wand buzzed away on Kate’s clit.

“Oh fuck, fuck keep going I think I’m gonna cum” she yelped and shoved the fat dildo cock into her mouth and sucked hungrily.

The Wand continued to buzz on Kate’s clit as Dave slammed in and out of her pussy.

“Ngggnnnggg yeah!!!!” mumbled Kate as she bit down on the dildo and reached a fantastic climax.

“Oh, oh stop stop …. STOP!!!!”

“Fucking hell, fucking hell” exclaimed Kate as she lay back looking at the ceiling. Dave switched the Wand off.

“Good?” he laughed.

“Shit that was incredible” panted Kate. “Give me your cock”

Dave moved up the bed and slapped his big dick onto Kate’s chin. She quickly slipped the head of his swollen cock into her mouth and began to suck firmly. Dave moaned his appreciation and instinctively placed his hand on Kate’s pussy.

“God no it’s like jelly, play with my arse”.

Dave leaned across and picked up the tube of lube while Kate cupped his balls and went to work in earnest sucking the juices off his stiff cock.

He smeared a huge glug of lube onto his two fingers and then started to smooth Kate’s anus.

Kate clearly enjoyed this and again lifted her legs into the air so that Dave could explore her arsehole.

He ever so gently pushed a finger just inside her arse and left it there to see how Kate’s hole would loosen up. In no time at all he was able to move his finger still further inside as the tension around his finger decreased.

Kate withdrew the cock from her mouth and through pre cum smeared lips she stammered

“Oh you’re sooo good at that baby, do me, do me gooood”

Dave leant down and allowed some saliva to fall from his mouth onto his lube drenched fingers before inserting his two finger tips back into Kate’s arse. Deeper and deeper he plunged his fingers and then waited for Kate’s hole to relax, then deeper still.

“Mmmmm right up my arse, good boy finger fuck me, fuck me”

Dave saw that Kate’s arse was ready to be fucked and so he quickened the pace of his finger fucking, his fingers easily slipped in and out of Kate’s dripping arsehole.

“Am I ready for Daddies cock now?” asked Kate.

“Oh yes, you are ready, turn over and get your bum in the air” instructed Dave.

Kate quickly spun around and was on all fours in no time at all with her huge round arse up in the air. She pushed her arse out ever more ready for Dave’s cock and as she did so her hole oozed open.

“Oh fuck my arse, please fuck my arse” she pleaded.

Dave teased and slapped the head of his cock onto her arse cheeks before smoothing his cock all around Kate’s waiting hole.

“I want it, come on fuck me what are you waiting for?”

Dave plunged the head of his cock in.

“Slowly!” demanded Kate.

Dave slowed up and edged his dick inside Kate’s twitching arsehole, deeper and deeper as her arse spread in front of him.

“Mmmm that’s good. Good boy, how deep are you?” she enquired.

“I’m about half in love” Dave replied.

“I want it all come on give me all of it”.

Dave didn’t hesitate and plunged balls deep into Kate’s sopping arse.

“Whoa, fuck, fucking hell more lube, more lube” cried Kate.

Dave squirted a copious amount of lube all around Kate’s arsehole, withdrew his cock so that it could gather up the lube and then thrust straight back in until he was balls deep in her arse.

“Arrrgh, shit!!!” cried Kate.

Dave was worried “Sorry are you ok?”

“Don’t stop it’s fucking good, I love the pain. You’ve got to really fuck me now ok?”

He didn’t need telling twice and Dave began fast deep thrusts of his cock into her arse. The room was filled with the sound of fuck slaps as Dave slammed into Kate’s arse.


Dave hadn’t noticed what Kate was doing until he felt something touch the underside of his cock. He looked down and saw that Kate had positioned her dildo ready to enter her pussy.

Dave laughed “You dirty fucker, you want two don’t you?”

Kate nodded her agreement and so Dave took hold of the big 9 inch dildo and rammed it up Kate’s pussy.

“Oh yes, I’ve got two, I’ve got two, yeah baby fuck me, I need to be taught a lesson”.

Dave got into a rhythm with his cock fucking her arse and the dildo punishing her pussy.

“Oh fuck, it’s cumming again, it’s cumming again. I’m gonna cum shit, shit, shit don’t stop, go deep deep as you can”.

Dave pushed his cock deep into her arse and fucked her pussy with the dildo.

Then came a familiar buzzing.

The Wand was back on Kate’s clit. The manoeuvre was Dave in her arse as he fucked her pussy with the dildo as she held the Wand on her clit.

“Oh , I can’t stop it oh, fuck, oh fuck. I’m taking it aren’t I baby I’m fucking taking it”

“Yes you are you dirty slut, two dicks and a vibro are fucking you. You dirty fucker!”

“Aaaargghhh!!!!! Oh fuck do it, do it, do it!!!!”

Kate then let out an almighty scream, “Yes, yes that’s incredible, yesssss!”

She slopped down from all fours onto the bed, Dave’s cock slipped out of her arse but the dildo remained lodged in her pussy. The Wand continued to buzz away.

“Shit that was the best, the absolute fucking best” Kate purred.

She took the dildo out of her pussy and rolled over onto her back. Dave switched off the Wand.

She grinned as she eyed Dave.

“Suck this baby” and motioned the juice encrusted dildo towards Dave.

Dave steadied the wavering cock and licked the tip.

“That’s not good enough, that’s not what I said” Kate called out. Dave responded by sucking the thick bulbous head of the fake cock.

“Mmmm that’s better suck that cock for me baby, suck all of my juice off it” she enthused.

Dave tasted the sticky pussy juice on the dildo and wanted more so he took the cock a little deeper into his mouth and brought his head back and fore as he got into sucking the big dick. He then licked up and down the shaft to capture more pussy juice before quickly sucking back down on it.

“Oooh you cock slut, you fucking love that, I think you’ve done this before. Look at you suck that cock”. Kate exhaled.

She got up on her knees and held the dildo as she made her way round Dave. Dave positioned himself on all fours knowing what he was about to receive….and carried on sucking the cock.

Kate reached around and smoothed Dave’s arse ending with a playful slap. She let Dave take hold of the dildo so that she could use both hands to prize open Dave’s cheeks. She was greeted by a tight little hole that seemed to be twitching at all the attention.

Kate spat on her hand and smoothed the saliva into Dave’s hole.

“Yeah, let’s get you ready Davey boy!”

She reached for the tube of lube and then squirted a big load around Dave’s hole and mixed it with her saliva. Before Dave knew what was happening he could feel his arse being invaded by Kate’s finger. He pushed his arse out and tried to relax. Kate’s finger slipped in quicker than she thought it would.

“Are you sure no one’s fucked you? That opened up a little too easy” laughed Kate.

“Little do you know” thought Dave “but I’ve already had most of your toys up my arse while I wank!”

Kate eased the second of two fingers into Dave’s arse, there was a little resistance but that went in pretty easily too.

“Ok you dirty cock boy turnover, it’s clear you’re ready for more” and she slapped Dave’s arse really hard.

Dave was on his back in no time at all.

Kate picked up the banana shaped vibrator and swivelled its base so that it began to buzz. She brought it to Dave’s hole and poured more lube around his arse and onto the vibrator as she massaged his hole with the sweet buzzing of the vibrator.

Dave moaned.

“You like that?” Kate asked. “Oh yes you do, you love that”.

She pushed the head inside Dave’s willing arse. Dave brought his knees up into his chest so that the vibro could get perfect access.

“That’s it sweetheart; I can fuck you better like that”

Kate pushed the vibrator all the way into Dave’s hole, left it for a few seconds and then slowly brought it back out.

“Mmmmmmm” sighed Dave “That’s fucking great, put it back in”.

Kate did what she was told and slid the vibrator to the hilt. But shit the vibrator went all the way in. It was right inside Dave and Kate had lost any control.

“Oh fuck, love it’s gone right inside”

“That’s what I want” oozed Dave.

“No, I haven’t got hold of it, it’s right inside you”

Kate started to panic but there was no need. Dave pushed his anus outwards and sure enough out came the vibrator.

“Fuck, I’ve got it” cried Kate. “I shit myself then” she giggled and carried on fucking Dave’s arse.

After around 10 minutes of fucking Dave’s arse with the vibrator Kate called out.

“Right you’re ready now.”

“For what?” asked Dave.

Kate picked up her really thick 9 inch dildo and gathered the lube tube and squirted a load onto the dildo.

“Big Leroy! Big Leroy’s gonna fuck you now” she giggled with delight.

“Fuck that’s huge, I don’t think I’m ready for that” Dave offered.

“Believe me you dirty bastard I’m looking at your arsehole right now and you can take this” Kate replied and looked Dave square in the eye as she wanked the shaft of the dildo with her lube covered hand.

Kate again pressed Dave’s hole this time with the dildo. And for the first time there was some resistance. But Kate persevered and popped the bulbous head into Dave’s arse.

“Oh fuck, you should see this” she yelped with delight “your arse is creaming with lube, spit and my pussy juices, Fuck you should see how big your hole is right now.”

She couldn’t help herself and pushed and pushed the fate dildo evermore deeper into Dave’s arse.
The hairs on his arse became matted with the lube, spit and pussy juice brew. And in seconds he had the dildo balls deep in his arse.

“You dirty, dirty bastard” Kate repeated over and over again.

“I can’t believe this, I can’t take this in my arse but you’ve fucking eaten it”. She giggled.

“Oh baby you sure can fuck.” Kate grinned.

“Hold it there” she left the dildo in Dave’s arse and sprang across the bed to pick up her phone.

“Uggghh what are you doing?” moaned Dave through ecstatic panting.

“I’ve got to get a picture of this; I’ll use it to wank over when you’re at work”.

“Fucking hell, come on!” cried Dave.

Kate took her snap and then grasped the dildo and began to move it in and out of Dave’s arse.
“Brilliant, this is brilliant Dave, oh good boy take that cock, take it good”

Kate continued to fuck Dave in this position for what seemed an age, all the time praising him for what he was taking. She wanked and sucked hungrily on his cock as she fucked his arse.

Dave was in heaven.

“Flip over I want to fuck the arse off you”

Dave’s legs were like jelly as he rolled over and put his arse up for offer.

Quickly the dildo was up his arse again really deep. Kate began plugging away as she fucked the dildo in and out of Dave. She then reached down and began tugging on Dave’s semi stiff cock.

“I’m gonna milk you love, milk all the spunk out of your cock”

She slammed the dildo up Dave and now was fucking him quite ruthlessly.

“Yes yes, fuck me” shouted Dave “shove it up my arse!”

Kate was now using two hands to throw the dildo up Dave.

“Fuck honey, my arms are killing!” she laughed. “I know what we’ll do” and she quickly removed the dildo from Dave who yelped as it exited his arse.

Kate moved onto the floor and held the dildo in position on the floor.

“I want to see you ride this cock” she smiled.

Dave could just about get his jelly legs to function and squatted down on the dildo.

Before long the dildo had disappeared up his arse.

Slowly Dave lifted himself up and down the shaft of the dildo and then quickened the pace till he was riding that big cock like a pro.

“Fuck Dave you ride cock better than me!” laughed Kate. “Go on love fuck it, really fuck it!!!”

Kate began kissing Dave passionately as he rode up and down on the dick. She moved down so that she could watch the action as all 9 inches of cock glided effortlessly in and out of Dave’s arse. Kate grabbed Dave’s stiff cock and began wanking it as he rode.

“That’s great keep doing that” he pleaded.

Dave’s legs looked as if they were going to give way.

“Mmmmmm” he moaned “keep going keep wanking I’m gonna cum” he announced and fucked his arse harder and harder down on the dildo.

He let out a groan and Kate wanked his cock as fast as she could. It exploded thick creamy spunk onto her silk slip and all over her hand. She carried on milking every last drop of spunk she could as Dave slowed his fuck pace down until the dildo flopped out of his arse.

“Fuck that was mind blowing” he said.

Kate’s eyes were wide with desire as she smoothed the spunk off her hand and onto the head of the sticky dildo.

Dave could see what she was doing and responded to her touch well. She was guiding him back onto the spunk covered dildo.

The dildo slipped back up Dave’s arse taking with it his huge blob of his own spunk with it.

Kate looked as if she was going to faint.

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life” she drawled.

The spunk was starting to run slowly down the dildo as Dave slowly and gingerly moved up and down. Eventually the dildo slipped out of him and he collapsed onto the bed.

“We’re not wasting good spunk” was Kate’s only response.

She lifted Dave’s legs into the air and slurped away as she captured the gooey spunky mess as it formed a perfect cream pie at Dave’s hole.

“You’re fucking disgusting” chuckled Dave.

The room was filled with Kate’s slurping noises as she drank up all Dave’s spunk.

Dave sighed “But I really do love you.

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6 months ago
Great story, both realistic and very sexy.

Soon the dildo's will get large enough that Kate will be doing all the fucking and Dave won't get to use his cock. And that's just how it should be
6 months ago
Love the story can't wait to try tne same now with the hubby
9 months ago

You told the narrative well. It's always difficult to put a long night of good sex into a story, but I was feeling some of the things you were telling me about. I think you have a talent for writing and you should do some more. Alison xxx
10 months ago
I read a lot of stories on the net, mainly Literotica and XnxxStories, and sometimes Lush Stories(You can find some of my stories on there, search for jimwebley under authors).
I've gotta say this was the best I've read for a long had so much that turned me on.
The feeling of ejaculating whilst being anally invaded must be fireworks in the loins!
TFP. Xxx.
10 months ago
OMG that was great.
10 months ago
Very well-written. :)