after work

True story thought i might share

One day while at work i was doing my usual shit of making food at McDonalds not always the greatest of jobs right? Well one day i was working and this chick is bending over cleaning something. She is about 42 with really big tits kind of chubby with a godly ass. She notices me staring down her shirt and i get a little nervous thinking she will sue my ass or something, but she just smiles and asks if i like what i saw. I couldn't believe she asked me that so i said yes and she tells me to meet her outside after work. I do and she tells me to follow her home. When i get there she asks if i want to take a shower naturally i agree so soon we are taking a shower together.

I explore her exponentially in the shower sucking her tits, then her wet pussy for at least 3 minutes, but soon i ask her to bend over and show me her ass. Smiling she agrees and it is so great i start rimming away on her. I was licking her ass for at least 5 minutes alone. we get out and dry off fast and she grabs my dick and leads me into her bedroom. She tells me she hasn't had anyone this young before (i am only 18) and begins sucking my dick and my balls. She was only doing it for about 2 minutes when i ask her to stop, puzzled she asks if i like it. I told her it was amazing but i want to please her more. She smiles mischievously lays down on the bed and spreads her legs for me. I dive right in and i must have hit her g-spot a couple of times because she soon had an explosive orgasm. It turned me on even more but she wanted to finish it off with something special. At first she asks me to lick her ass again because it turned her on so much so i comply and for 7 minutes i lick and suck on her asshole. Then she pulls out a bottle of lube and asks me to lube her ass which i do immediately, she wants me to fuck her ass till i cum. I did just that at first i went in slow but she soon said just go fast and hard for about 10 minutes i plow her ass without mercy she is moaning like crazy till i finally i cum explosively in her ass. We laid there cuddling for about an hour and she asked me tonight and i had no problem with that.
The End...maybe

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2 years ago
great stuff
2 years ago
2 years ago
very nice!
2 years ago
nice true stories
2 years ago
Awesome story I love BBW`s too I have always loved the same things looking and enjoying it!