True story
At work there is this other chick Mary, she is 26 with g cup tits and a great ass also kind of chubby. Yesterday i was talking to her, we were at work and alone. Naturally i was turned on by her body and i had been flirting with her all day, we were talking about sex and our favorite type. I told her i have had this fantasy of being dominated by her, at first i regretted saying that cuz it might cause tension between us and i really wanted to fuck her brains out. She just smiled and said oh really with a sly grin, she actually grabbed my dick and massaged it a little, i already had a bit of pre cum going on.

When we got off we went to her house and the fun began. She told me to take off my clothes so i did. She went over the rules one i was to call her mistress at all times, two i am her bitch for the night, three if i want to stop just say so.
No way was i going to say stop to her though, she sat down and told me to take off her shoes and suck her toes. I layed on my stomach and started to suck them. I went from each toe and to both feet. I kept this up for about 6 minutes before she said stop, she rolled me over and tied up my hands and feet. She took off her clothes and sat on my face pussy first. I sucked and licked until she cummed in my face, She grabbed my dick and began furiously sucking my dick until i exploded in an orgasm. She smiled and untied me and told me to lick her ass, i sucked and licked until my tongue hurt and my mistress was satisfied.

To be continued
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