First time with marie 3

So marie make me cum in her mouth ,i make her cum and all my d****s are wet , so i went to the bathroom to take a pee and wash my self a bit , when i came back ,i need to pass by the kitchen to get back to my room and marie was going to the bathroom to do the same as me but she aint got the time to get to the bathroom , i grab her by the air and start to kiss her again but very ferocely , stick 2 finger in that pussy and stroke so ferocely , i was going out of my mind , i start to talk to her and say , lets go baby cum for me , cum for me you dirty bitch , cum baby cum , marie was letting me stroke that pussy and she almost fall on the floor ,she was there her legs spread stand up in the kitchen , so she start to squirt again in the middle of my kitchen, all on the floor so it was having a pool of maries juice on my kitchens floor , after that i let her go to the bathroom , marie was looking at me with the smile of a c***d in a candy store.she wash herself a bit and come back to my room ...

i was their waiting for her and i have taking out all my d****s to change my bed,i lay on my bed and say to her come on suck me again like you did before ,marie was in heaven she come between my legs and start to suck on it again , she was taking her time now ,she sucked it slowly , lick my balls , put it back in her mouth , lick it from bottom to top , than i say to change position wi ll do a 69 ,so she agree and put that lovely and so smelly now pussy in my face ,and i start to lick it again , during that time marie was sucking sweetly again,it was so good , than she turn around again and sit on it , my god i never see a pussy so wet , she start to grind on it , she we re moaning , i said you like my dick bitch , she said yes , i like it , i like it deep baby , fuck me , so i bend her on me and put my hand on her to keep her without moving and start to move my hips and fuck her well, marie squirts again , on my balls i was all wet , but she didnt stop , she was screaming so fucking loud , like i said before the squirter girl when they come once it don t take that much for them to cum again, so after a few minutes she cum again on me , my god my ass was soaking in her juice on my d****s ,after that i said to marie to lay on the bed and spread those legs that it will be my turn to fuck her well, so she lay their spread them wide , and i insert myself in that slipping pussy ,i start slowly but i was almost not feeling nothing cause she was to wet , so gotta fuck her at big fucking hit to feel something but at the same time she liked that very much so she squirt again,that was crazy ,never seen anything like this before,so i was about to cum , i say can i cum in your mouth again , she open that mouth so i take it out and start to jerk myself on her chin , i explode on her face , mouth ,everywhere , she put it back in mouth and suck it like hell to finnich it .... that was so good ...stay tune their will be much of marie in some other stories ...
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