Chinese Food

I'm a guy in my mid-twenties, living in Southern California. I do a lot of work from home and on my computer, and on occasion I like to work outside in restaurants and coffee shops just for a change of scenery.

Last Wednesday, I went to a recently opened Chinese diner in a strip mall 20 minutes away from my house. Business was a little slow; there were only 3 other customers in the sparely decorated restaurant with 12 tables.

An Asian woman, maybe in her mid-forties came over and introduced herself. She caught my attention immediately. She was 5'8", had very smooth skin, had big eyes, and was a little chubby, but certainly not obese. Her full-cheeked smile struck me as especially warm and inviting.

"So, what do you think of the food -- my food?" She asked, looking me up and down -- was she checking me out?

"The Kung Pao Chicken was really good -- the best I've ever had. I bet that business will pick up once more people hear about this place." I took a moment to take all of her in. She was wearing a business-style white blouse neatly tucked into a short black skirt -- definitely a shorter skirt than most women her age would wear. Her noticeable thighs were big, but smooth.

She caught my stare lingering at the hem of her skirt, and she gestured towards my laptop which I had left sitting on the table. "Are you any good with computers? I need to get something set up soon, especially if business is looking to pick up, like you said."

I touched the computer and then looked back into her big brown eyes, "Yes, I work on computers for a living, and I know a thing or two about setting up small business networks."

She pondered thoughtfully with a smile, "Hmm. Would you be interested in coming back here later and helping me get our computer ready? I'll give you free dinner and some beer."

"I usually charge a little more than that, but your food was so good, I really want to see your business succeed -- there's just not enough good Chinese restaurants around here."

"Great! The computer is supposed to be delivered this afternoon. I'll close early; why don't you come in around 9 tonight?" She almost seemed to be leaping with excitement.

For some reason, my cock had also started to twitch. "Sounds good!"

"Don't worry about your lunch -- it's on me. See you at 9." She turned around and headed back to the kitchen, with a spring in her step, affording me a wonderful view of her full, well-curved ass that made her short skirt look very tight.

I headed home, excited. I did manage to stay productive for that afternoon, somehow.

I'm a pretty open-minded individual when it comes to my taste in women; almost everyone can be beautiful in some way, and have something to offer. Certainly, in my book, full-bodied women of any age could be just as sexy to me as the media-encouraged hard-body model type.

I went back to the restaurant. The main lights were off, and "closed" sign was on.

I poked my head in the door, "Anyone there? You still need computer help?"

A female voice sounded from the back of the restaurant, "Sure, come in! Lock the door behind you and come over to the office."

A moment later, I was in the tiny, dark-grey carpeted office adjacent to the neat, clean, just-washed kitchen. A computer was sitting on the desk, screen on, showing a spreadsheet.

The restaurant owner was leaning against the wall, in the same clothes as before. Her shoes were off and her blouse was unbuttoned two buttons down, affording me a view of her ample C-cup cleavage. "I figured it out."

She slowly glided over to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I embraced her back.

With a raise of her eyebrow, she asked, "Maybe you'd still be interested in eating some Chinese?"

We kissed, and our tongues met intently. My hands slid down her back and I grabbed two handfuls of her ample ass. I started kissing her ear, then her neck, then buried my face between her soft, smooth, large tits. My hands moved up and pulled her blouse apart; she helped slide it off while one hand moved to undo her bra.

Her lovely breasts were freed, and I took the opportunity to caress them lovingly and start sucking on each nipple. She responded with a satisfied moan and pushed my head into them.

I then found the zipper on the back of her skirt, and undid it. The skirt fell to her ankles and she gingerly stepped out. I felt the smooth skin of her large ass with my hand -- I was pleased to discover her wearing a little black thong.

My hand slid around from her smooth ass to the soft mound between her legs, which was already damp through the flimsy thong.

"I've been waiting for this all day," She whispered into my ear.

I kissed her again, and let one hand continue to work her breasts while the other hand massaged and played with her pussy through her thong.

She undid my belt and threw my pants down, then reached at my rock-hard cock. Her hands were then all over it, one rubbing the shaft up and down, and the other hand cupping my balls.

She kneeled down and put my cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt so warm and soft, and her tongue delicately danced on my cock's head and shaft. This was one of the better blowjobs I had had in a while - I appreciated this restaurateur beauty's experience.

In fact, the whole blowjob was getting a bit TOO intense.

"I'm gonna cum! I still want to fuck your hot pussy!" I cried out, but too late. I came the next second.

Her eyes widened for a moment, but then she shut them, swallowed, and continued to suck on my cock until the cum was all gone, and my dick was limp.

Her mouth still felt so good, I was loath to take my tool out. But she gently pulled herself away, stood up, straightened her hair, and said, "You might like this better than the Kung Pao Chicken".

She went over to the office chair near the little desk and computer, and sat down, with her legs spread. She pulled her thong aside to show her unshaven, fat little pussy, which was clearly swollen and aroused. I got down on my knees, kissed both sides of her thick, smooth legs, pulled her thong off, and then shifted her position so I could munch on her love muffin comfortably.

Her juices were flowing, and my chin was wet as soon as I got close to her quivering clit. I licked, twirled, flicked, sucked and twisted my tongue until she was screaming with pleasure, and I knew her intimate taste.

"Fuck me now." She commanded, with a smirk, as she was already glowing from the cunnilingus she had willingly received.

I stood up, and bent her over the desk, and put my aching, newly rejuvenated rock-hard shaft into her mushy love hole.

I cupped her tits and she started to shake and pump her hips back against me -- I pushed back with slow strokes, moving back and forth deliberately inside her. "Bu xing bu xing bu xing bu xing!" She wailed in Chinese. "Fuck me harder and faster now!"

I leaned back, rubbed her generous thighs and ass again, reached around to tease her clit for a moment with my hand and then proceeded to give her the hard pumping thrashing she was begging for.

We came together and I left my cock in her and let it slowly relax. As I withdrew, and she stood up, I could see the creamy-clear liquid of our combined love juices slowly trickle down her large thigh.

"So, is there a fortune cookie?" I asked with a smile.

"Those haven't arrived yet. But maybe you'd want to stop by my place for desert?"

My cock rose to give a very clear, but unspoken, "hell yes."
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2 years ago
Wow dude how lucky can you get. Still fucking her now?
2 years ago