BBW In The Bra Shop

The Bra Shop had been open for just under a year now and things were going well, really well in fact. Business was great and I spending more and more time helping Cathy out. I just loved being in the shop watching all the big breasted ladies walk in and check out all the beautiful bras we have.

During the first year we had lots of fun as well. We hired some amazingly beautiful and hugely endowed girls to work in our store and lucky old me got to fuck them all. Perhaps the best two were Marissa and Chloe both extraordinarily stacked young things that have appeared in most of the Bra Shop stories. But perhaps the best fun we had was when we ran a competition to find some models for our catalogue.

You may recall that it was while running the competition to find a guy and a girl to model our range of bras and male underwear that we came across Seb (see Bra Shop finds HUGE male model). Now Seb, or rather his unbelievable 18 inch cock, gave us many amazing sexual episodes as we all enjoyed having him around.

Throughout the year the majority of our customers were ladies with huge tits and they were mostly slim and athletic types. I always found these a real turn on. As soon as a large breasted girl walked in , my huge cock would immediately begin to harden. Cathy knew this of course , and after a while it became a little game of ours where when a new girl walked in , she would casually come up to me and rub her hand along my cock to see how hard it was. Depending on the girl and what she was wearing , this would vary between semi-hard and rock like. If it was rock like , she would always make me serve the girl ; she loved it as I tried to conceal my massive hardon from the customer , often with various degrees of success. This had a number of effects. Some girls would just stare at it, a few couldn't help themselves and grabbed hold of it and a few even ran out the door.

It was what happened this day that was special. Just before closing time I was out the back talking with a couple of our young big breasted employees , when I heard the front door open. I didn't think anything more about as I was too busy letting the girls flirt with me ( which they did often ) .

Suddenly Cathy burst in with a wicked look in her eyes.

"Hey babe, you know how you like girls with big tits - well you won't believe the girl who has just walked in," said Cathy.

"Who, who is it? Is it one of those big titted porn stars? Please tell me it is ," I replied.

"Um, well I don't know about that but she is rather special," Cathy replied holding her hand up to her luscious lips and giggling like a naughty school girl.

The other girls just looked dumbfounded. One of them peeked through the door leading into the front part of the store.

"Oh my god!! Who is that!" she screamed.

"Oh shit , I've got to see this,' I said.

I went straight through the door anxious to see what all the fuss was about.It only took me a few seconds to realize what it was that had the girls so excited.

There standing next to a rack of our largest bras was a girl, but not just any girl. She was truly amazing. She stood about 6 foot 2 inches and was large - no make that huge. She was a very very big girl.

As she was still looking at the bras I took a moment to take stock of what I was confronted with.

Looking from behind , she cast an imposing figure but the first thing that was obvious was that she was a very confident and proud girl - happy with her looks and comfortable with her appearance.

She was wearing a white dress which hugged her figure ; it finished about a foot above her knees. I just stood there and started taking in her looks. Her calves were impressive. Like the rest of her they were large but not fat. They were smoothly shaved and she had a wonderful olive complexion which made her glow. Likewise her thighs were big, but rather than make me think fat they conveyed the appearance of power and strength.

It was at that moment that something happened that had never happened to me before. I had a blinding and intense picture go through my mind. It was so clear and vivid it, almost knocked me off my feet. It was of the girl her large thighs wrapped around my waist squeezing me hard my hands trying to free myself from her vice like grip but unable to do so. She was completely naked her massive chest heaving from the effort of squeezing me. I was feeling light headed and had to reach out and brace myself to stop me from falling over. I couldn't believe what had just happened, but I soon realized that I now had a raging pulsating hard-on and what had happened was that bl**d had surged to my 14 inch cock at such a rapid rate that it almost made me pass out. Fuck, that had never happened before not even with the hugely endowed babes who worked in the shop.

Cathy had seen me almost collapse and came to my assistance.

"What happened honey? Are you all right?" she asked concerned for me.

"Wow, that was unbelievable. I can't even describe the sensation," I replied still a little shaken.

"Oh god, look Brad!" said Cathy pointing at my groin.

She was right to be shocked, as my huge cock was bulging outrageously in my pants.

Cathy quickly grabbed hold of my hard cock through the material and then looked me in the eye.

"Where did that come from? Oh don't tell me it was from her," she said pointing at the girl who was still looking at bras, oblivious to what was happening.

"I guess it must have been. God I don't know why but I am incredibly turned on by her. She is so sexy," I replied.

As I stood there, one hand trying to push my massive hard - on into a less conspicuous place, the girl turned and looked me in the eye.

My god she was beautiful. She was drop dead gorgeous with a smile that would make any guy melt. As she turned fully around to face me I got my first full view of her.

She was a big girl and while she carried a few extra pounds it seemed to suit her. She had long black hair which, like her ,could be described as big. There was lots of it and it spilled over her shoulders. She had deep brown eyes and full pouting lips which were covered in bright red gloss. Her mouth was slightly ajar and she had a slight tilt of her head.

As difficult at it was, I lowered my gaze to her breasts which were huge, no make that massive. They were like two large melons trapped within the silky figure hugging dress. Her nipples stood out hard proud and hard against the dress. God she was gorgeous.

While her waist was big her hips were a little bigger giving her beautiful curves. I was struck by beauty but it was more than just beauty it was an aura she had about her. She seemed to exude sex. It emanated from her like light from a lighthouse, a shining beacon of sex.

I tried to move, I tried to speak but nothing would work. My legs felt like concrete ; my mouth unable to form the words my brain wanted to express. So as I stood there speechless, it was left to her to do what I couldn't.

She walked, no strutted, no sashayed over to me as only a girl her size and personality could. As she approached me her large hips swayed beautifully from side to side, accentuated by large red stilettos she was wearing.

"Hi, I'm Felicity. I just love your shop," said Felicity.

"Hi Felicity, I'm Brad it's a pleasure to meet you," I managed to get out my mouth now beginning to work once more.

"I've never seen anything like this before in my life. I've never been able to find a bra that fits properly do you know what I mean?" asked Felicity who had cupped her massive breasts in her hands and was pushing them in my direction.

"Uh, I guess so, I mean they are rather big if you don't mind me saying," I replied hoping not to offend her.

"Big, don't you mean huge pillows of flesh, massive titties, juggs, melons or at the very least breasts," teased Felicity still holding her tits but now going even further by squeezing them together showing the most tremendous cleavage I had ever seen.

I was stunned. I just stood there transfixed my eyes glued to her massive tits.

"Hey, is that guys underwear I see over there?" asked Felicity.

Before I could answer Cathy interrupted and answered.

"They sure are. You see we started off with just the big bras but a few women started asking if we made anything for big guys, you know really really big guys. Now the funny thing was that I had been getting underwear made for Brad for some time because he's well, he's rather large if you know what I mean," stated Cathy.

Felicity slowly lowered her eyes my groin. As she realized what she was looking at her hands went to her mouth her eyes wide open.

"Is that what I think it is? Is that your cock?" gasped Felicity still holding her hands to her mouth like a naughty schoolgirl.

Before I could answer Cathy again leapt in. She started rubbing her hand along the length of my cock before grabbing hold of it and proudly announcing that it was indeed my cock and a fucking huge one at that.

"Ooh, may I?" asked Felicity extending her hand towards my cock.

I looked at Cathy for her consent which was forthcoming with a nod of her head.

Felicity took a step forward and grabbed my cock. I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought that she might be a little tentative and be gentle ,but she just grabbed my balls feeling their impressive weight her hands before slowly moving her hand along the length of my shaft.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuck," I moaned unable to vocalize any meaningful words.

"Mmmmm you are a big boy aren't you? " teased Felicity, who had now drawn herself right up against me as she continued to massage my cock.

It was only then I fully appreciated her size. She was my height but made me feel, well - small. She pressed hard up against me looking me square in the eyes. Her dark brown eyes piercing mine her tongue slowly licking her full lips all the while stroking my rapidly hardening cock.

"Can you tell that I like things BIG," she giggled jiggling her massive tits in my face

I just stood there unsure of what to do next. It was a Mexican standoff with Felicity holding me by my cock, Cathy standing there stunned speechless as this beautiful big girl manhandled me and the girls out the back looking on.

"Hey, how about I try some of these on after all that was what I had come here for before I was distracted," said Felicity.

"Sure, sure lets get started, I'll give you a hand" said Cathy.

Cathy and the other girls helped Felicity select a range of bras from the racks and before long it was time for Felicity to try some on.

"Hey rather than try them on in those small change rooms why don't we go out the back where there is much more room," suggested Cathy.

"Hey your not suggesting that I'm too big to fit in there comfortably are you," replied felicity running her hands over her more than just her ample chest and butt.

"No, no not at all I just thought that it would be better out the back," replied Cathy hoping that she hadn't offended Felicity.

"Just k**ding, I wanted to see your reaction. I'm very proud of being this size. You'd be amazed how many guys actually like bigger girls, isn't that right Brad?" asked Felicity.

"Um yeah well yeah I'd have to agree you are beautiful," I replied hesitantly.

We all went out the back and what happened next almost defies belief. Felicity proceeded to undress or should that be strip right in front of us all. First she removed her high heels followed by her dress which she asked me to help her with the zipper. As I stood behind her unzipping her dress she reached behind and grabbed me once more by the cock which had remained rock hard. She asked me to help her out of it so I slid it off her shoulders and then slowly pulled it down.

"Oh look Brad the dress is having difficulty getting over these big titties of mine do you think you could come around and give me a hand," asked Felicity.

When I got around to her front I could see the problem. Her fucking tits were ginormous. Not just big like Cathy's and the other girls but fucking huge. They were big and full and the sheer size of them trapped in her bra prevented the dress from falling to the ground.

"Oh god Felicity, they're huge. They're the biggest tits I ever seen and I have seen some big ones let me tell you," I announced.

"Yeah I could tell you were a big tit kind a guy," Felicity laughed pointing at the other girls.

As I grabbed hold of the dress and stretched it over her massive chest the true size of her tits became even more apparent. I could hear the other girls gasp and whisper to each other although one comment was clearly audible.

"Oh your shitting me!! Look at those tits! They're unbelievably huge, I've got to get my hands on those," said Chloe to Marissa.

"Me too, me too," replied Marissa.

"Don't worry girls there is more than enough to go around for all of you but all in good time," responded Felicity proudly.

Once I had got the dress over her tits Felicity encouraged me to help her get it over her hips and butt. As I pulled it down to her hips I was again surprised and immensely turned on by her size. She was big but not in an ugly fat kind of way. Her olive skin was supple and even the folds were sexy. Her hips were wide but gave her a sexy curvaceous look. She suggested that I might like to pull her dress down from behind. As I stood there behind her and pulled her dress down I struggled with getting it over her hips and butt. Felicity wiggled her bum as I pulled and I almost blew a massive load there and then at the sight of her big bum jiggling right in front of my face.

Finally the dress was off and felicity was left standing there in front of us all in her bra and panties. She was areal showgirl and ran her hands through her long jet black hair and twirled around so that we got a good few of all of her. She was amazing.

"OK then, let's try on some of those beautiful big bras shall we," suggested Felicity.

"What size are you Felicity?" asked Cathy tape measure in hand.

"Mmmm let me see. Last time I measured I was a 50GG if that helps. But maybe we should check," she replied.

"Sure no problems," said Cathy approaching Felicity.

"No wait, I want him to measure me. It'll be fun," teased Felicity.

I took the tape and approached Felicity who was now enjoying this immensely. She was cupping her massive melons in her hands although with tits this big it was inevitable that some of the flesh would hand over her hands.

"Mmmm, they're feeling particularly big and full today Brad who knows they may be even bigger. My bras have been feeling a little tight of late," teased Felicity.

I was a mess. bl**d was still rushing to my raging hardon. I was fighting off blowing a he wad in my pants and here I was about to wrap a tape around the biggest most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Felicity raised her arms and stood in front of her and passed the tape around her bringing the tape together at the front. I'm sure I was trembling my knees weak, sweat beading on my forehead.

"Well Brad, how big are they?" Felicity asked.

I looked at the tape still not sure that I was reading it correctly but finally convinced myself that I was. I slowly looked up although it took some effort to remove my eyes from her tits.

"Felicity, your tits measure an amazing 52 inches," I stammered.

"Oh goody goody, they've grown just like I'd hoped," said Felicity now jumping up and down like an excited schoolgirl her massive juggs bouncing obscenely down to her navel and then up around her face.

We were all amazed by her size and yes she was indeed a GG. The girls helped with a few bras although we had very few in a 52 GG. After a while Felicity turned her attention back to me.

"Hey you know that underwear for big guys I'd like to see some of that modelled. Brad how about it surely you are up for that aren't you?" asked Felicity.

"Sure let me get some on," on replied.

I went out the front and grabbed some of my favourites and returned. I told Felicity that I would be just a minute as I got changed but she would have none of it.

"Oh no not out there. Here right here. If it was good enough for me to change here then its good enough for you," she demanded.

How could I argue with that. So I removed my shirt and then started removing my jeans.

"Here let me return the favour. You helped me so let me help you with those," said Felicity now naked except for her panties.

Felicity now took full control and quickly removed my jeans leaving me with just my boxers and an enormous hardon that was bulging obscenely in her direction.

"Oh you a big boy aren't you. Cathy must be very proud of you," said Felicity.

Felicity then placed her thumbs in my boxers and stretched them over my massive cock freeing it from its constraints. It sprung forward and almost hit her in the face but she didn't even flinch. She just grabbed hold of it with both hands and took a long close look at it.

"Do you know how long I have been waiting to meet a guy with a real cock. A cock that would fill me up, really fill me up. A cock that is as big as I am. A cock that is my equal," said Felicity.

Before I could answer she had taken it in her mouth and devoured the first eight inches of it. Cathy went to say something but Felicity just gazed at her and Cathy thought better of it beside I knew that Cathy would be finding this the most amazing turn on. "How big Brad?" asked Felicity removing her lips from my cock leaving a trail of precum dribbling from my pulsating rod.

"Mmm, last time I measured it was 14 inches but it feels particularly big and full today so you had better measure it," I said smiling having given back her earlier answer. This was not lost on Felicity who returned my smile.

"OK big boy let do just that. I want to know how big this cock of yours is before I destroy it," said Felicity grabbing the tape from Cathy.

I was so turned on by this gorgeous big girl that I thought my cock would burst. I was lying when I said that it felt extra big today, it really did the thick veins were clearly visible as bl**d pulsated trough them. I instinctively grabbed my cock in my favoured right hand and took a few long strokes to ensure that it was at its maximum length before the measuring began.

By the way Felicity was handling this task she had obviously done this before. She seemed to have her own style and method. She made me lay on my back my huge cock pointing back at me throbbing in anticipation.

"First let's make sure that you are maxed out," said Felicity who took my cock in her right hand and proceeded to pump my shaft at the rapid rate taking foot long strokes. I noticed that while her fingers didn't reach all the way around my shaft they came closer than any other girl to date. The other thing that became blatantly obvious was that she was not intimidated by the immense size of my cock unlike others who when they touch it for the first time are overwhelmed by it and let it dominate them. Felicity on the other hand was in control make no mistake about it. She positioned herself between my legs so that she could massage my big balls with her left hand while pumping my shaft with her right. Her huge massive juggs were trembling as she worked into a rhythm her right arm rubbed against her right tot with each stroke stimulating her causing her nipples to harden and protrude an inch from her mighty tits.

"Ohhhhhhh fuuuuck,"I groaned as the serious working over my cock and balls was getting was sending me towards the edge of oblivion.

"Hey Cathy, you must know how long this stud can last with treatment like this. Is he close to cumming or what??" asked Felicity.

"Um, well, yeah! Look at him I think he's about to explode," replied a visibly shaken Cathy who had never before seen her husband treated like this.

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Please! I want more! I love big sexy Ladies :-)
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Absolutley fantasitc! I want to read more! And I want to read more stories about Brad his big cock and other big tits!
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please dont tell me it finishes like that! i wont more