sub in the making?

I'm 18, a large girl and from London. I enjoy sex frequently but it's usually the conventional kind. However, on saturday night I had my first anal experience/ experience of being dominated. (lightly)

I turned up at his flat and we drank brandy sours and talked for a while, then just snuggled into eachother on the sofa. We began to touch eachother lightly, cautiously and slow. We began kissing and declothed eachother and I saw this flicker of excitement in his eyes as he stared at my breasts. He began to suck then nibble lightly on my nipple as I stroked his hard cock. Then he did something quite strange, he pushed me away f***efully, kneeled over me then f***ed apart my thighs.

By this time I was extremely wet, so he, ran his finger from my clit to my hole, in long slow strokes making my legs shake. He stimulated my clit for a while until I climaxed. He then grabbed my wrist and told me to get into the bedroom. I have to be honest the dominant male turns me on and I felt a tingle of pleasure when he said it.

I got on his bed and he told me to put a condom on for him and I happily obliged with my mouth. I lay on my front as he fondled and spanked my arse cheeks and slipped a finger into my awaiting cunt. When he placed his tip at the opening of my vagina I felt waves of excitement, and as he f***ed himself in I moaned lightly at the glorious feeling of hard cock. He started off slow and quicken to my moans of pleasure, in the last few minutes he was ramming into me so f***efully and it just intensified the pleasure. I knew he hadn't cum yet, but he slipped his cock out and I turned my head to ask why, but before I could open my mouth he f***ed a finger into my arse hole and I winced a bit. He heard my dissaproval and I think it made him want it more. He fingered my cunt which left his fingers wet, and he rubbed around my arse hole (I guess 'prepping' me).

When he slid the first 2 inches of his cock in I cried out in pain. He leant over me and whispered shh and stroked my long hair, he told me to relax as he further f***ed his cock in and got even more excited by my pleading to be gentle. He began fucking my arse and calling me a good girl, slapping my cheeks and moaning with pleasure. At this point I sort of blanked everything out, was a bit shocking to be fucked anally and I was contemplating my feelings towards being a slut. Anyway he finished off inside me, rolled next to me and yet again called me a 'good girl'. Not too sure if that turns me on or makes me want to punch him in the face.

Thanks for reading. I'll update on whether I enter the world of sadomasochism
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