It's All About the Panties - Chapter 2 - Could It

It’s All About the Panties


Could It Get Any Better?


Boy was I in a great mood. It lasted for days and both Mom and Britney noticed. Mom asked a number of times if I was alright. Oh yeah! I sure was! She couldn’t put her finger on it. She knew I was different somehow, but she didn’t know why.

I didn’t really see Linda for about a week. I think we were both being cautious to try and avoid suspicion, at least I know I was. She did give me one quick “I would so like to fuck you” glance while I was mowing the lawn and she had just gotten home from work. She was wearing a sheer white blouse, tight peach-colored skirt and high heels. I shot her a “play date?” glance. She walked on into her house, the model of discretion.

The weekend came and went. Tuesday afternoon found me home by myself, once again. I had anticipated another afternoon of TV, video games, and maybe a trip to my s****r’s room, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Linda standing there with another woman.

The other woman was in her early 30’s, short brunette hair, blue eyes with stylish glasses. She was shorter than Linda and slim. She wore a flower-print sundress and silver high heels. Yes, she was a very pretty woman.

“Logan, I’d like you to meet Patty. She’s a dear friend of mine”, said Linda.

“Pleased to meet you, Patty”, I said.

“Oh thanks. The pleasure’s all mine, I’m sure”, Patty replied a bit shyly. In retrospect, she seemed to put a little more emphasis on the ‘pleasure’ in her reply.

“May we come in?” asked Linda.

“Uh, sure”, I said. I led them into the living room. They sat on the couch, while I sat in one of the chairs.

“Well”, Linda began, “I was talking to Patty over a drink the other day. She was pretty down. Her boyfriend left her 3 months ago and she’s been very… lonely, if you know what I mean.” I knew exactly what she meant. I was not sure I liked where this was headed.

“So I told her that I’d been pretty… lonely too, until I met a very nice boy who was a terrific lover.” She paused before saying, ‘That’s you.” I was certain I didn’t like where this was going.

“We got to talking and we thought…. Maybe you could help with Patty’s… loneliness”, Linda said. “Right Patty?”

“Well, maybe. I hope so. This feeling lonely has really put me on edge”, said Patty.

“Did you hear that Logan? On edge!” Linda exclaimed. “We can’t let poor Patty feel like that, can we?”

“I guess not’, I replied tentatively. “I suppose I could try to help out. But… uh… like right here, right now?”

“Well, I thought we might have you two over to my house. Less chance of someone walking in’, answered Linda.

“Okay”, I agreed.

We walked over to Linda’s house. She led us to her living room and sat Patty and I on the couch. Patty and I sat a little apart from each other, not yet touching. Linda took a chair facing us. Linda was eyeballing us looking first at Patty, then me. She had a little smirk on her face. Patty was looking at her shoes, probably asking why she was here, and no one was speaking. Awkward!

“So, Linda”, I finally said. “Are you planning on staying and … watching or….”

Linda rose and walked toward us. “No”, she said. She stepped behind the sofa directly behind Patty. ‘I thought I’d just….” With that she untied the top of Patty’s sundress. “Get things rolling.”

She dropped the ends of the halter and exposed Patty’s breasts. They were beautiful. They were just big enough to cup your hand underneath. Her nipples were a light pink. The areolas were puffy. I was entranced.

Linda came around to the front of the couch. She now stood in front of me. She reached down for my hand. She had me stand up and moved me directly in front of Patty. I was still staring at Patty’s boobs. Linda took Patty’s hand and placed it right in my crotch. Linda guided Patty’s hand to my cock, which was not just a little stiff by now, and rubbed it up and down over my shorts.

Linda released Patty’s hand and Patty stroked all the more fervently. Patty undid my button, unzipped my fly and slid my shorts to the ground. My BVD’s shortly followed and my dick leapt straight out, swaying a little back and forth.

Linda stood behind me and reached around to grab my cock. She gave it a few strokes and gently directed it to Patty’s lips. Patty’s tongue appeared and began to lick the head of my cock. Linda let go and took two steps backward saying, “My work here is done. Ta ta!” With that she walked out the front door, Leaving Patty and I alone.

Patty held my cock at the base and rubbed her lips and tongue up and down the shaft of my cock. Without missing a lick, she slid off of the couch. She was on her knees in front of me… SUCKING MY COCK! She continued to lick my cock all over, teasing it with her tongue and lips. At last she held my cock pointing right at her face. Her eyes were focused on my cock. She was becoming one with my cock. She slid the head in her mouth and began to work it in and out. With each pass she took it a little deeper. I began to feel the back of her throat with the head of my cock, but she didn’t stop there. She swallowed the whole cock up to the hub. My balls were literally hanging off of her chin! When I’d pull out to let her breathe, she’d wrap her tongue around the head and smother it with her lips. She would then swallow all the way to the balls again.

“Logan”, she said, the sound of her voice shocking me, “I want you to fuck my face with this hard cock!”

I slowly began to thrust my cock into her mouth. After a few thrusts she was, once again, taking the whole cock. It didn’t take long for my balls to get that special feeling. I gave one last thrust and the first load was shot straight down her throat. She gagged and I pulled out of her mouth. The remainder of my wad painted her tits and chest with salty goodness.

She massaged the cum all over her chest. As she brushed over her breasts, she closed her eyes and gave a low moan. She opened her eyes and was looking right at me when she brought her hand to her mouth. She slowly licked the semen off each finger. She then put each finger into her mouth and worked it in and out like a cock to get the last drop off of each finger. Without taking her eyes off of me, she said, “Yum.”

I stood there with my dick still a little stiff, pointing down at the ground. I didn’t know what to say at first, so I reached down and helped her to her feet

I put my arms around her waist and I kissed her. Her tongue explored my mouth and my tongue explored hers. Our tongues would meet and tango for awhile. We would break for a short time and we would give each other sweet kisses while looking into each other’s eyes. We were melting into one another.

As we kissed, I moved one hand on to her breast. Her breast was soft and still a little sticky. She intensified the kissing when I started on her breast. She reached back and began to massage my ass. I bent my head down and took her nipple into my mouth. She let out some low moans as I tasted her tit. It still had a slightly salty taste from the load I’d placed there. Her nipples stiffened some and puffed out more as I gave her boob the attention it so deserved. I moved to the other boob, so it wouldn’t feel left out. She moved her hands to my head, holding it on her boobs so I would continue the business at hand.

“Oh yes, Logan! Keep licking my little boobs!” she cried. I had no intention of letting her down. She continued to moan and I devoured her tits.

I reached down to feel her ass as I continued to cherish her boobs. Her ass was smooth through her dress. Although she was slender, her ass wasn’t flat. Oh no, it had a great curve to it. I reached under her dress and felt her skin. My dick stiffened a little. She was wearing a thong! I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground.

She was wearing a white thong panty – low-cut with a wide, lacy band. I continued to suck her nipples as my hands explored her ass. I finally pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. I still had them in my hand. The little triangle that covered her pussy was very wet. I brought them to my face and took a deep sniff. Her woman-scent was strong and sweet. I became a little dizzy. Patty giggled a little when she saw me sniffing her panties. I looked at her and said, ‘Are you ready for me to lick your… loneliness?”

She giggled again as I sat her on the edge of the couch. Believe it or not, I hadn’t really looked at her pussy until right then. It was bare. No hair at all. I could see the slit and the soft skin on her lips so plainly. She opened her legs a little wider, inviting me in for a tasty treat.

I lowered my head onto her aromatic pussy. I rolled my tongue and stuck it in as deep as I could, licking and flicking as I removed it. Once out, I directed it up over her clit, which had not yet made its appearance. I did this over and over for several minutes until she began to grind her cunt into my face. I then concentrated on licking her little clitoris which had just appeared on the scene.

“Logan, use your finger!” exclaimed Patty. I put my index finger in while still tonguing her clit, but wasn’t sure what to do with the finger. “Move it around. I’ll tell you where to stroke when you get there”, she said. I moved my finger around until I chanced on a swollen part of her vagina about half way in. “Right there”, she cried. I massaged that spot and kept at her clitoris with my tongue. She began slowly thrusting with her hips and moaned, ”Oh yes, oh yes, O-H Y-E-S!”

I put a second finger in her and massaged that sweet spot all over. My tongue lapped her clitoris, which was very swollen and in plain view. Her thighs tightened and I could feel her pussy rhythmically squeezing and releasing my fingers. Suddenly my tongue and chin were drenched. I pulled back in astonishment and watched several more shots of clear girl cum shoot out of her and onto my chest and chin.

Patty finally went limp. I was dazed by that last turn of events and just kept staring at that magical squirting pussy. I was also incredibly turned on. My cock had sprung back to life and Patty had noticed.

“Logan, I am so ready. I need your cock in me right now’, Patty pleaded.

As I stood up, Patty reached for her purse and pulled out a condom. “Be prepared”, she said smiling at me. She rolled it onto my dick. I repositioned her on the couch and positioned my cock between her legs.

When I entered her, I couldn’t believe how wet she was and how easily it slid in. She was still very sensitive and her pussy tightened as I penetrated. I kept it slow, since this whole scene had been really exciting and I wanted it to go on longer. Patty was still very aroused and gyrated her hips as I pumped my dick in and out of her slick snatch. This was nirvana! It wasn’t long before I could feel her vagina grab my cock and hold it as her legs wrapped around my ass, pinning me to her spasming cunt. She wrapped her arms around my back and clenched me to her chest. I lost no time and buried my tongue in her mouth. She kissed me back as her limbs relaxed.

This left her looking very satisfied, but my dick a pretty sad fellow. Patty looked like she was done. Just then, she swung her leg over the back of the couch and asked, “Think you have another one in you, Big Boy?”

I re-entered her pussy. Her stomach and thighs were soaked with pussy juice. Her pussy still felt awesome and I began to pump faster. “Oh yeah! You got it!” she cried. She moved her legs onto my shoulders. In this position my cock went really deep inside her. This was the last straw. I began to tingle all over.

Just then the door opened and in flew Linda. I was past the point of no return. I gave two more thrusts and became engulfed in a monster orgasm. My dick fired shot after shot into the rubber. With my dick giving the last few squirts, Patty’s legs began to spasm again. I pulled my cock out even before she had stopped cumming. Luckily the condom had not been sucked off by her vagina.

Linda had a big smile on her face. She walked right over to me and grabbed my cock. She pulled the rubber off my dick and looked at the jizm inside. ‘Big load, mister”, she said. All three of us laughed at that. She looked at Patty and I, drenched from sweat and sex fluids.

“You can’t go home like that”, she said. “Come on, I’ll show you the shower.”

Patty and I stepped into the shower. We kissed and soaped each other and were still exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. We were quite surprised when Linda stepped in and joined in our shower. With the three of us in there we laughed a lot, kissed freely, and used our hands on each other to get ourselves squeaky clean. When done, we got out of the shower and dressed, ending the afternoon on a sweet note.

“So”, Linda asked, “still… lonely?”

“Maybe a little”, replied Patty, reverting to her shy persona.

“Maybe we’ll all have to work on that again sometime”, said Linda.

Oh Boy!

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