The night when I first seen a dominatrix

The night I decided to see a dominatrix.
I had just recently gotten out of a three year relationship and my partner was strictly submissive, she couldn’t be dominant even if her life was on the line. Needless to say, I love being a top as well and she loved the kinkiest of role-plays. But all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. In my professional life I employ close to 100 people and which always puts me in a position of control and everyone always treats me with the utmost respect, it’s rare when one stands their ground with me. So in review, I am always in control while at work and I have always been a very dominant top sexually.
One night when I was home and I felt I wanted to see an e****t, not for sexual favors but someone who I could take out and just have fun with. I was searching, via the internet, for an intelligent e****t, one who knew what she wanted and was more than able to articulate it through words and actions. I went on and there were hundreds of ad’s with profiles that appeared as if they were set up by a k**, I got the feeling that they wouldn’t know how to respond in a situation that required class. Then I came a across an ad that stated a sapiosexual is in search of a toy. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and I seen three pictures of a brunette who, in two of the pictures, was wearing a black latex/rubber suit which appeared as if it was poured over her body. In the third picture, she was wearing a black latex dress with a corset, almost something you would see in a vampire movie that is portraying the 1920’s.
After seeing her pictures, I was sold, but I decided to go ahead and read her profile. Her choice of words were perfect, didn’t give too much info nor too little info. Her profile stated that she was seeking submissive only. Not sure of what of the exact meaning of submissive meant at the time, I decided to call. She answered the phone “Hello”, a couple seconds passed, as I felt my heart pounding and I couldn’t speak, this has never happened to me before. She continued “Well, go on then, speak”, I was finally able to say “Hello how are you doing this evening”. She replied “Splendid, but get to the point as I am very busy and don not have time for people who are unsure of what they want”. The dominance along with the English accent gave me chills down my spine.
Still to this day, I do not know what made me want to submit to her. So after I briefed her on the fact that I have always been a top and for her I was willing to assume the submissive role. She told me that she would be free at 7 pm the following day and I asked for 8 pm, she said “NO, be there at 7 pm and be well groomed and showered”. I replied without realizing what I was saying “If that is of your bidding, I will be there”. I was left baffled on what made me respond so submissively, but the one thing I was sure of is that she was stuck in my mind and made my heart stutter every time I thought of her.
On the following day I showed up to her house, it was in a high end area and in a beautiful neighborhood. So I called when I was at her door step, she answered the phone saying “Well hello there, take your shoes off and put them neatly to the side and step in”. I walked in and I was led to the basement were the steps were traced by candles. I wasn’t completely coherent due to how nervous I was. My knees felt weak, my hands were sweaty, my breaths were short and rapid, and my heart was pounding as I heard her heals loudly click the ground with every step she took.
We finally made it to the basement were she told me she will be back in a few minutes and upon her return I shall be naked and sitting on my knees. Every fiber in me was against the belittling thought of such type of submission. But I couldn’t stop thinking about her outfit, a black dress with a few streaks of red and the top half was so well fitting that it could have been poured onto her skin. With that thought in my mind, I ripped my clothes off and assumed her requested position, on my knees. She walked back in the room and she told me “Now isn’t that a good boy. Now follow me into the next room, but do not dare stand on your feet”. Now this I wasn’t ready to do. I laughed and went to stand up.
She gave me a sardonic look and said “Shall I show you the door or do you wish to listen? I have no room for insubordination”. Not sure if it was her confidence, accent, outfit, or her dominance but I felt my penis become so hard that I unwillingly dropped back to my knees and proceeded to crawl into the next room. When I was in the next room, on my knees, she said “I assume it is your cock that is now doing the thinking for you. Well let me warn you, you will be punished if you do not obey me”. I had seen in a movie were a guy called a dominatrix “mistress”. So I replied “yes mistress, as you wish”, she gave me a cynical look “Do not call me mistress, mistress insinuates that there is someone of more importance to you. You may call me madam or goddess, but do not refer to me as mistress or your mistress”.
Without thinking, I grabbed my dick as I was craving pleasure. She bent her knees to come down to my level and looked me straight in the eyes. I began to variously stroke my cock, I seen a smirk on her face as her hand rose and she smack me very firmly across the face. I was unsure how to process that smack to the face, stuttering I asked “why?”, she said “did you ask to touch your cock? In my presence you do my bidding, do not do things of your own accord”. I submissively replied “Madam please forgive me, it is a constant struggle to not touch myself when I am in the presence of your beauty”.
As I was aching to touch my cock, she surprisingly gave me an opportunity to touch myself. I could pleasure my cock only if I’d beg her to violate my ass. I was an anal virgin at the time and I quickly agreed to her terms. She then tied my legs spread eagle, tied one arm behind me, and put a leash on me that was tightly tight to a pole behind me, pulling my head to the wooden bed. I was bound and only had one arm to use and I used that hand to grab my dick as she lubed up a small prostate toy and slowly penetrated my ass. I did not like the sensation, but after it was in me and started to vibrate I came to the brink of cumming. She then grabbed my hand and held it down and told me that if I cum without permission I will be eating my cum. So she then said for to jack off, so I was approaching the point of no return and I asked madam if she’d allow me to cum. She said “NO, continue stroking, you need to last 2 more minutes than you may cum”. She was lightly touching the inside of my thigh while she had her toy in me, all while staring me dead in my eyes. After 30 seconds, I began to shake and twitch, and then huge spurts of sperm began spraying everywhere. The sperm managed to even reach my face. She then told me that my cum shot amused her enough that I would not have to consume my orgasm this time, if she allows me to orgasm.
She then said that I could be a good pet with the proper training. At that point, I knew I wanted to worship her forever and beyond. I had never known that I would love to submit. I noticed while at work, I was a better boss and it made me a better person. I will be forever indebted to my first dominatrix.

80% (8/2)
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2 years ago
I really enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.