First gay time

I have always known I was bi...Well, it was a lovely spring day and my friend Nick and I was coming back from school...He used to come home almost every day after school...We were in the eight grade and hadn't a lot homework to do so we had a lot of free time...

We were in my basement where my father's fitness room is situated. We had just finished our homework and decided to do some weight lifting...Nick was a little bit harder than me...His body was just perfect....He is a black guy and eversince I knew him I wanted to see his huge dick...I wasn't sure if he was bi. While lying on the sofa and staring at his perfect body he caught me staring....He smiled lightly and continued training...After a few minutes I saw him rubbing his dick...He stood up and came next to me...He just put out his dick in front of me and I was amazed...It was huge...I had seen some porn before that but I had never seen something bigger than that piece of meat... He asked me if I wanted to do him a blow job and saying nothing I just grabbed his beautiful dick and started licking it...It felt so natural to me, like I have been doing it all life...The taste was just amazing, it was so clean... I don't know how much time I was blowing him but I remember when I suddenly stopped...He looked at me surprised and I asked him 'Why don't you try to put it in my ass?!' He was really surprised and asked me if I was sure....Then I stood up, put my pants down and got on my knees on the sofa...Then he started licking my ass, gosh it was awesome...He stood up and asked me if I was ready...Then he started putting his penis in my tight asshole but it hurt so much that I could barely stay...I asked him to slow down cuz it was my first time and then he replied it was his first time too...My dick was pulsing and I started rubbing it...Then he tried to put his dick in my asshole again and he did it very quickly...I screamed...But after he fucked me for a while I realize it was the best feeling I've ever felt....In about 30 minutes fucking he warned me he was going to cum and asked me what to do...I told hi ' Come on Nick, cum in my ass, I want your juice in me' His dick was so erected that I could still feel the pain and suddenly he came in my as...Gosh it was so good I felt something liquid....I came too and stood up...Then I grabbed his dick and put it im my mouth cuz I wanted to get any drop of cum in my mouth...I was blowing and suddenly he came again but this time in my mouth...I swallowed all his was the tastiest thing I have ever tasted...Gosh I still fill this delicious sperm...

And that's how I lost my virginity...And it wasn't the last time....Now I am 19 and we still meet and have a great time ...
96% (33/1)
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2 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
Nothing like having a companion to share in the fun of exploring your newly discovered sexuality once you began entering puberty!

3 years ago
huh guza mi je tako wlazna posle owoga da nemas pojma swaka cast
3 years ago
great story,thanks for sharing
4 years ago
Hot story :)
4 years ago
That was hot you made me jack off until i came thanks
5 years ago
I lloed your story you made me cum very hard thank you
5 years ago
Great story, glad you two are still friends. Thanks for sharing. Hank