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I'm:Mano (Full name : Manoharan), 54
From:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Languages:English, Malay, Tamil
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Adminstration Executive
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Aries
Physical Information
Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
About Me

This is the slut whore mom I have made into my personal sex slave with documented evidence. xhamster.com/user/sexywife4rent From time to time I will organise (for my pleasure) gangbangs, packs of riffraff men to defile her. I love bbws too much to do that. But it came so easy because she's slim. Trying my best to get her fat. That'll the day, I'll release her. From the little she eats, looks like that someday will never come. Good. That shower collage - I'll be uploading them individually and will give you an account of what exactly was happening when it was shot.

22 February 2015 - Looks like my country is blocking porn sites. One of my Malaysian friends' here is unable to access this site and that's the message he got from his broadband service provider. So, in case I'm not attending to messages or invites for a long, long time, that could be the reason. And I wish to apologise in advance. I'll try something like a proxy server.

Click on My Favorites for my BBW Pictures and Videos. Especially bbw lovers who have just joined. I've saved a lot and you can find lots of old posts there, more than a year ago. Hope you can find some of your dream bbws among them.

G-mail : dirtyredbandana.mcgee@gmail.com (main)
Yahoo : haran.mano44@yahoo.com
Yahoo Messenger : haran.mano44
Google+ : Bobby Mcgee
Facebook : Mano Haran
The above is actually Plan B in case my country blocks access to this site.

I'll befriend anyone and everyone unconditionally.I'm not easily offended, not the sensitive type or worse egotistical. Don't have the time to develop those traits to embellish my character. In case I inadvertently offend anyone I'd like to apologise in advance. Could be a cultural difference or that common problem - perception vs intention.

Yes, that's me in the photo. I don't think anyone would want to look like that except me. And I've made many a woman's head turn - in the opposite direction. And if anyone sees me in Kuala Lumpur (especially my Malaysian friends here), and you're not the shy type, you're welcome to say hi to me. I'm in the vicinity of Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Seri Petaling; Jalan Kuchai Lama; Pearl Point International Hotel, Jalan Kelang Lama and on the other side is Overseas Union Garden.

My goodness, this is the first time I'm putting down in words, this aspect of my nature.

I absolutely adore the naked bbw/ssbbw physique aesthetically and sexually............... The shape, the curves, the womanliness, the fleshiness, the flabbiness, the bounciness, the jiggliness, the softness, the heavyness, the cellulites, the stretch marks, the folds, the rolls, the sensual sound of the body movement, all.

At one time or another, the sight captivates, mesmerizes, dazzles, excites, overwhelms and delights me. And never fails to get me erect.


(1) ASS - (asshole/anal valley) - including all the decorative accessories like birth marks, aquired marks, dimples, pimples, goosebumps. I'm not really a fan of ass-cheeks tattoos because they tend to distract from the natural beauty of the succulent globes.

(2) THIGHS - especially the back and also the shady marks on the inner thighs).

(3) PUSSY - (shaven because the pubic mound and pussy is clearly visible) - fleshy, petal-like (hairy is still okay as long as it is a bbw).

(4) LEGS - calves.

(5) BELLY - folds, rolls, stretch-marks.

(6) NIPPLES - thick, elongated.

(7) BREASTS - dangling, sagging (I don't really know why it's in this position when it should be way up above where it naturally belongs).

(8) ARMS.

(9) CHIN - double, triple - no problem.

(10) HAIR - long but short too as long as they are bbws/ssbbs because it creates the illusion of their bodies being even bigger.

(11) CELLULITES - makes a woman look real instead of some smooth, cheap plastic doll.


I can watch any niche of porn as long as there's a bbw/ssbbw in it.

If I was the king of the world (seriously):

1) Ban all slimming salons/diets.

2) Decree that only bbws/ssbbws are eligible to
participate in the Miss World/Miss Universe contest.WOW! I would love to see at least one bbw/ssbbw from every country in the world, on stage at the same time, in all their naked glory.

3) Make chocolates, burgers, foods with a high fat
content available for free (for women only).

4) Provide generous incentives and rewards for
bbws/ssbbws to immortalise their lovely bodies in
videos and photos.

{to be continued}
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2 days ago
your welcome
5 days ago
Cum in side her pussy
6 days ago
Thank you very much my friend for giving me a free ticket. Sure but I like wild, dirty sex, dirty words, etc. And sure I can - I'll duck walk to her naked body like Chuck Berry does when playing Johnnie B Goode. Only thing is instead of the guitar I'll be holding my throbbing fleshy tower of hardness. Try to imagine the scene. Good you'll be jacking off. Where do you intend to explode it on her?
7 days ago
I need u to duck my wife while I Jack off
1 month ago
Hi, love your profile...thank you for commenting on some of my pics :-)
1 month ago
Good man! Take your time a go through the collection of what we've made. I know you are going to enjoy the chubby girls a lot!
1 month ago
I definitely will. That's why I'm here for actually. Not looking for anyone or virtual sex but to see amateur chubby and above women. And this is the best site. Early days I was on xvideo and getting frustrated (it's good for those who like slim women and pornstars)and then I came over here and WOW. Very good amateur content (thanks to people like you)and generally the people here are nice too. No two bbws are alike, I've come to notice especially the marks on their bodies. I'll go through them and comment, actually I don't comment. I just translate what's going in my mind when I'm watching the video or pictures. I can't do the perfunctory 'nice ass, great pussy' and all that. So it takes time. I really take the time to see it. But I feel it's a nice way to keep in touch since I don't have time to chat and all that. Thanks for giving me a duplicate key. You made a lot for all your friends and I'm sure they all appreciate it too like I do.
1 month ago
I really think you should check out our videos which you now have access to. You are going to love those chubby girls getting slutty!
1 month ago
Never mind, don't worry. Take you time with me. Even if you hadn't reciprocated, not a problem at all. I'm not the sensitive kind. If fact, I didn't have enough time myself to wish quite a number of people too.
1 month ago
Hello there,...I know this comes as a bit late but I wanted to also wish you a happy wonderful new year,...I pray you are blessed beyond boundaries and I wish you great health all year round,..plus more pum pum and love.
2 months ago
There's no such thing as a scandal here if you don't count the idiot that you're friends with LOL
2 months ago
I will, I will, my friend. Thank you.
2 months ago
SUNDAY / DECEMBER 28, 2014 / 5:15 PM (CST)

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2 months ago
thank you, i wish you all te best
2 months ago
Thank you likewise
2 months ago
Great profile!
3 months ago
So nice to see you here with that avatar. And not charging me an appearance fee.
3 months ago
how are you doing
3 months ago
thanks for the wishes, have a great new year 2015.
3 months ago
Thanks for dropping by my page and showing some love!!! Longhaired men are the sexiest men alive!!! Sure wish I could suck your cock!!
3 months ago
Please, please before you start, have an ambulance on standby. Once your brutal mouth had finished with my cock they'll have to send me to the Intensive Care Unit. Yes, you've got to hold me, I'll be trying to escape from the way you'd be sucking. Thanks for the statement of intent. Great guy.
3 months ago
I'd really enjoy holding you down and sucking your dick till it'd hard for you to walk for a day or 2
3 months ago
txhs u 4 the add
hot profile
3 months ago
Thank you, I'm going over to see what you have stored in yours.
3 months ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like my collection. You have a great one yourself. Best wishes!
3 months ago
4 months ago
Hi buddy,..thanks for dropping by my page..you are truly a great friend...I hope you're having fun as well...Wow I love you new videos,..those are some hot voyeur clips...keep up the good work.
4 months ago
Legend? No, I'm not. That's loves2munch.
4 months ago
Thanks a lot for being my friend...you're a legend.
4 months ago
Thank you my friend.

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