Made my tranny friend gush cum all over herself

So I get this phone call from one of my TS friends while visiting Chicago over the weekend. She works a regular full time job as a retail clothing store manager. The call was to invite me over to her place for dinner and cards with a few others friends. I'd been running all day and needed to shave, shower, and take the 30 minute drive to here loft downtown. Upon reaching her door I noticed it was pretty quiet. I rang her bell and she answered the door in her bathrobe. She looked at me with a glowing seductive smile and said, "You're early, but that's cool. Please have a seat hunny and make yourself at home." So, I sat on her couch while she got dressed and sipped on some Chardonnay. When she came out I noticed she was only wearing a haltered top with no bra, a mini skirt, and flip flops. Her hair, nails, and toes were all manicured and flawless as always. Of course she came out smelling good as hell and was on the phone with one of the other guests. She got off the phone and said with a smirk, "Looks like it's just you and I tonight, the girls are going out to a matinee instead."

Now being curious if she already knew this and wanted me over being recently single, I was more intrigued than ever at this point. At any rate, we ate dinner and retreated to her bedroom as she wanted to watch some movies and this was the only tv in her place. I quickly glanced around her bedroom noticing the lavender scented candles while filled the air. I propped myself on her pillows as she did the same and flicked on the tv. She gasped and tried to tell me to wait but it was too late. When the screen came on it was set to her remote PC and I guess we had more in common than I thought. She was watching tranny porn right from the web. I told her that this was cool and can watch with her if she felt comfortable enough. She then slowly smiled, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me on top of her. We slowly kissed while I rubbed her hard nipples which were stimulated all throughout dinner. I was turned on by how she easily got hard this way and her cock was about to bust through her laced panties. I removed her top as she removed my polo shirt and shorts. She grabbed my huge black dick and said, "I wanna feel you baby, but damn that's huge so be gentle." I assured her that was no problem. I removed her skirt and panties and was glad that she was a complete cut bottom cause she had to be at least 8 inches. We started to 69 each other while moaning and gasping for air deepthroating along the way. As she pulled my pole out of her mouth she said in the sweetest little voice, "Fuck me papi."

I obliged her while slowly thrusting in and out watching her pussy take my pole encased in the lubed up XL magnum condom. I was compelled how hard her cock was while it dripped precum and waving back and forth. I watched her moan gracefully absorbing my phat cock deep inside. Now, perhaps it was the thickness of her round booty and soft B-cup breast by hormones. Or the well kept French tipped nails and toes that she wore so well. But .. I was about to explode. Little did I know, so was she. While still inside of her I started sucking on her throbbin shecock while her phat head throbbed in my mouth. During this exact moment she said she was about to blow. I released her cock from my mouth and watched the fireworks light up. She stroked herself and screamed while we both watch her heavy cum spurt and shot ropes of thick white cream all over her titties, face, and lips. I asked if she'd like me to shoot all over her and she literally begged me to. So once again, I obliged. As I slowly pulled out of her pussy while watching her start to lick her own cum from her lips, I pulled off my condom and provided her with a quick warning. She started to then sit up in an angle with her tongue out and stroked her cock more with her sexi feet on my chest. She then said, "Spray me papi, please." And so I did, watching my heavy cum shoot out like a spray bottle which glazed her face and titties.

After our session, she wanted me to stay the night and fuck some more after showering off. It was tempting, but knowing I had a 630am meeting the next day at the office would definitely make me late. She gladly took the raincheck for another "dinner date" of which she invited another TS friend to join. Can't wait for part two.
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1 month ago
mmmmmmmm ,hot !!!!
4 months ago
Very hot story.
1 year ago
Nice story! Like that you fucked her and left. I would want you to stay the night too, so I can enjoy more of your dick, but I guess it was worth a good fuck.
1 year ago
you sound like a fun date bb
1 year ago
Awesome story!
1 year ago
wow would like to meet her sometime let her fuck my asspussy