My craving for BBC started.....

A long while back I unfortunately did a stint in prison. Up until this time never once had I ever considered being fucked by another man. Now this wasn't a stereotypical white boy goes to prison and becomes a black mans bitch story. Because in reality you aren't getting fucked unless you really want to . I was also not the typical skinny white boy that was preyed on I was a muscular fight at the drop of a hat type of guy so I didn't get much attention. The prison was set up army barracks style with open dormitories housing 100 guys or so. Everyone could see what the other was up to showered together and even take a shit together with the only privacy being a short 4ft wall separating the toilets . Now since we showered together you definitely got an eyeful and some of these guys were freaks of nature limp. But one guy in particular I noticed more by the name of mike . Mike had a basketball players frame at about 6'6" and by best guess a cock that was 9" soft. I'd catch him looking at me every so often but that was all. But during the evenings is when the freaks would come out and the showers and bathroom and on occasion a mop closet. The toilets were where you sat to check out a fuckbook and stroke and faced half of the shower . But usually you weren't bothered while you did your business . But this one eve I was checking out my favorite interracial fuckbook when in walked mike and his whiteboy. At first I was pissed to be interrupted but they were oblivious to me sitting there and must not have seen me walk in there before. Mike wasted no time and pushed the whiteboy to his knees and fed his cock into his mouth. Mikes cock grew quick and I was amazed at how long and thick it was . He gripped his head firmly and began to facefuck him . The whiteboy gagged repeatedly as mike tried to push his entire length down his throat as he tried to fight it by trying to push away. But mike continued unfazed gagging the whiteboy over and over till suddenly as if something gave way the whole length slid down his throat and mike held him there and moaned. The whiteboy pushed and slapped mikes hips till he finally released and let him gasp for air. Mike continued for a little longer before making him assume the position head down ass up. I could tell the whiteboy came prepared as he reached back and spread his ass wide for him I could tell it was well greased. Mike squatted over him and pushed his head against his waiting hole. It gave some resistance at first before popping open wrapping tightly around mikes well cut thick head. Hi whimpered faintly at first as mike slowly worked his shinny black length into him. Halfway in mike reached down and firmly wrapped his huge hands interlocking them over the whiteboys mouth . Without hesitation mike sunk his full length deep and held it there his head wrapped in a vise-like grip prevented him from getting off of it and his hands quickly released his cheeks and frantically tried to reach back to push or brace himself on the tile floor clenching his hands. His cries were muffled as mike began to steadily deepstroke him pulling his full length back exposing the shinny 11" black cock before quickly sinking it deep into his pale white ass. Mike whispered to him to take the dick as he thrust and after a few minutes the muffled cries stopped and mike released his head and kneeled behind him and firmly gripped his hips . By now I was rock hard and stroking my cock witnessing what was by far the hottest sex I'd ever seen. But I didn't realize that mike had taken notice of me stroking to them . It was when he pulled out and laid his length on the whiteboys ass I locked eyes with him. Showing me how deep he was going he smiled before pushing it back into his gaped hole. I was a bit startled but I kept stoking realizing that he had been watching me do it. He began to pound him deep the whiteboy attempts to prevent the deep thrusts were thwarted by mikes firm grip . After a few minutes though it was if he had relaxed and was now accepting his length . His back arched low and he planted his hands push-up style bracing himself for the heavy impacts of mikes deep thrusts. Mike was sweating and I could believe it was going as long as it did . But just as quickly as the thought came to me the whiteboy let out a gasp and I notice his cum dripping onto the tile floor . Mike let out a whispered, " oh yes, cum on that dick" as his thrusts continued dig out his ass deep. I meanwhile shot my load all over the floor in front of me. As I stroked out the last of my cum mike grunted and stopped his thrust deep in the whiteboys ass . Mikes own ass clenched and spasmed as he flooded his ass with seed. He pumped deep for a minute before pulling his now half limp shaft out of the whiteboys' wrecked asshole. He stayed in his position as the cum drained out slowly from his gaped open hole trickling down his taint and balls before pooling on the floor. Mike was standing pulling his shorts up when he looked at me smiled and gave a nod toward his boy then walked out. As I cleaned up and gathered myself the whiteboy rolled over on the floor and noticed me. I could see the look of shock in his eyes as if his secret was now out but I just smiled and walked out. As I got in bed I saw him walking out as you would expect someone would walk after taking such a huge dick up his ass. The next day I saw the whiteboy on the yard and assured him I wouldn't tell his girlfriend at visitation that he had a black daddy and took bigger dicks than her. Mike on the otherhand gave me multiple shows before I was released but I never took the dick. Looking back I wish I had.......
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1 year ago
very sexy wish i had a bf to watch me and for him to take bbc
1 year ago
Good bbc fuck story. I took a 24yo bbc last friday in his hotel. Real lean muscular guy- he fucked me for bout an hour then gave me his load right in my mouth with me on my knees. Really good fuck!
1 year ago
Very HOT!! I feel the same way dude! Love the bbc