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thinking about trying fisting

so in all of my porn watching days ive never really been super into fisting videos. whether its a girl fisting herself, somebody fisting her, or a guy being fisted ive just never been super into watching it. ive always seen it as a sign of a super whore and how could he/she even feel a dick in the fisted hole afterward cuz its just such a big thing to be in there.

this is why it was so weird when a couple days ago i was sitting on my couch and i got the insane urge to fist myself. i mean i know ive had alot of black guys fuck my ass but i just never saw myself as the kinda guy who would like fisting. so i just assumed it was a random fantasy that would pass but the i thought about it again today and i even researched it and found out its really not that hard especially for a guy whos been fucked as much as me. this wouldnt be a huge sexual thing, just something i would do every now and then by myself to try something new but i dont wanna do it without your guys' support and thoughts so i wont do it unless i get some positive comments on this!! thanks guys! love ya! ;D
Posted by bbccumslut69 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Hi from Tampa. I love stretching my hole, trying to fill it up with a big dildo or a fist. Lube it up good and take it slow.