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how i spice up my gangbangs!

so ive been having lots of black meat poles shoved in my ass lately, mostly in gangbangs, and i wanted to try something a little different. so many times i have load after load shot in my ass but its always after the fat black cock fucks my loose whore ass hole for awhile, so i wanted to see how much cum could go in my ass at once. so i bought an ejaculating dildo and had every black guy cum into
a big mixing bowl during my last gangbang. once we were all finished i hooked the dildo up to the bowl and started pumping. the dildo was deep in my asshole and every pump got me more and more full and by the time it was half empty i was completely full, but i kept pumping. moments later the amazing black cum that i had worked so hard, and ridden so many amazing black dicks to get, started shooting out of my ass!! literally! the f***e of the pumping mixed with the fact that my asshole was already filled to the brim with black cum f***ed the incoming black baby juice right out of my asshole!! one of the black guys that had just spent the last couple of hours reaming my ass caught it all on film and i got the tape from him. ive watched it a couple times since then and ive cummed every single time ive watched it. gosh i love having black man seed explode out of my asshole!!
Posted by bbccumslut69 2 years ago
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2 years ago
oh you hot slut... you give me a bone...mmmm