finally got my gangbang!!

so the first black cock that fucked me had been using my ass for awhile. he kept saying "i gotta know youre ready before i bring my boys over" which im pretty sure meant "i just wanna fuck you by myself for awhile" but i didnt care cuz i was getting fucked by black cock and getting loads shot in my ass. so one day he txts me and says "come over slut, ive got a surprise for you" so i go over to his apartment and when i walk in all the lights are off and once i go into the living room the lights flip on and theres 6 black guys standing there naked with their glorious black cocks just hanging there. i see on the table next to them a gallon bottle of lube and a 24 pack of viagra. once i saw that and imagined what was going to be happening to me in the next couple of hours i immediately got hard. i ripped all of my clothes off and got on my knees. i began sucking the black cocks, not that i needed to because they already had taken some viagra, but that i wanted to so bad. i desperately wanted to get those cocks in my mouth so i could start slurping on them. finally one of them says "lets start fucking this white slut!" and i get off my knees, keeping the dick in my mouth, and let them start lubing up my ass. with the anticipation of having a big black cock in both of my holes i start cumming!! without jerking my cock at all i cum all over the floor! one of my fuckers sees it and yells "damn slut, you really want this dick dont you?!" i reply with a simple "fuck yes" and start deep throating the dick again. the first black cock penetrates me and im overcome with lust. i begin slurping faster and faster and the black cock in my ass starts going faster and faster. i reach my hands out so i can be touching as many black cocks at a time and start jerking them. then the guy ive been blowing grabs the back of my head and shoves it all the way down to the balls and blows the first of countless loads down my throat. once he pulls out and steps back another one is right there to take its place!! i was so excited. :) over the next 2 hours, dick after dick, and load after load was shot into my ass and throat until the bottle of lube runs out. i start getting really sad cuz i think that the night is over but theyve still got viagra pills, so i say "well theres enough cum in my ass that you could just use as lube, it would be the same thing. and im always down to suck more black man meat" so the guys look at eachother and shrug and get right back to fucking me. i was right, the cum did act wonderfully as a lube and it wasnt like there wouldnt be more added to it! the best part was when i was hanging over the side of the couch being throatfucked by one black cock and having my ass speed fucked on the other end!! when all was said and done i had taken 37 cum loads in my ass and had slurped down another 42 loads over a span of 5 and a half hours. needless to say i was exhausted so i just crashed there and had a little morning sex as a thank you to the first black dick to ever destroy my ass. ;)
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1 year ago
Nice story-would love to be used as a cum dump
2 years ago
well seeing as how guys "recharge" their dicks to cum every 20 minutes its completely possible for that many loads in that time.
2 years ago
here we go again 6 guys coming 79 times in 5 and half hours -what a load of CRAP
2 years ago
Oh yes baby, you have to love a BBC gang bang !!!!
2 years ago
wow hot story
2 years ago
Damn wish it was me having those black studs use me.
2 years ago
Very Hot story, This would be my dream cum true. I just love being a total bottem slut for Black men. Lucky you!
2 years ago
Very Hot story. That would be a dream cum true for me. I just love being a bottem slut for Black men. Lucky you.