After the championship games

Another true story with Jessica

We had just won the conference basketball championship meaning we had a chance to win the NJCAA national title. The whole team was excited because our school hosted the tournement. As we had back to our school after the game we were making planss to celebrate the big win. Later that night while we partyed and drink i got horny and knew just who to call. I called Jessica and told her to come down. When she got there we all talked and d***k more. One of my teammates who had never been with said he wanted to she what the fuss was about. I told her to take him to my room and show hi a good time. After 15 mins I decided to see how it was going. I walk in my room and she has his dick down her throat. I looked for a few mins then told her to take off her cloths. I got behind her rubbed her pussy and wass surprised at how wet she was. She said sucking dick got her wet i spreaded her asscheeks and started eating her pussy. As i licked her pussy she got wetter and wetter i could tell how turned on she was from the moans from my teammate.

I said lets swicth places he got behind her and started fucking her and i put my bbc in her mouth. After about 5 mins we got in the same rhythm and as he would thrust forward i would to so as he went in her pussy i went deep in her mouth. She started cumming fast, as we both thrust harder she came more and more so much so the he had to stop before he came. We swicthed places agian and i was now deep in her pussy. We got into the samme rhythm again and just as before she was cumming again and again. I told him this time when he had to cum hold the back of her head and shoot deep down her throat. In mins i saw him grab the back of her head shove her face on his dick and shoot a load in her mouth. I told him to go tell another teammate to come down to my room. I fucked her for 10 mins before someone else showed up, i told him to fuck her face hard a i pounded her pussy. About 10 mins of that and he too was cumming in her mouth. I stopped told him to tell someone else to come down as we waited i made her suck my dick and clean her cum off of it. 5 mins later another teammate walked in, she went right for his dick before the door could close.

She was on her knees going back and forth from one dick to the other. I got her up put her on the bed on her back and had her hang her head off the bed. I went back to fucking her pussy which was now sloppy wet as my teammate tea bagged and put his dick down her throat. After 20 mins he was cumming in her mouth, i told her to hold it until i cum. I fucked for 5 mins until i couldn't hold back anymore. I took my dick out of her pussy and shoot my load in hher mouth as well. She swollowed us both cleaned up and we went back to the party. I guess word had got out about what happen becuase 10 mins later she was gone and so was 4 of my teammates. Even though she wasn't on the team, she was by far the MVP that year.
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1 year ago
white woman love blk men and thats the fact
2 years ago
NOw that's one hot story!! more pls!