Older Co-Worker Jane

I was having problems with my work laptop and I had it with IT. They told me they were going to need it for a few days. I thought I would just use my personal laptop for the project I was working on. (There are some "personal" photos on my "personal" laptop.)

I was working on day when my office mate, Jane, walks in. She is normally never there, which is why we share and office. We work remotely 90% of the time. My co-worker is a real fit and attractive lady for just turning 50. She still plays soccer and works out almost dialy. She has dark long hair, big green eyes, long sexy legs, and I have noticed a really great ass from all the running she does.

Our office is pretty small and we back to back. So if I turn around I can see her screen plus, we normally plug into a larger monitor. So you can really see thing then.

We were talking as we were working, but I honestly was half listening because I was trying to reach a deadline. I keep talking but looking at my monitor. I had placed an image had to put in a graph on my desktop. When I click insert to place the picture in my graph it went to “my pictures” not desktop. There is several thumbnails of an ex-girlfriend sucking my cock, a pictures she took of my hard cock, and some of us fucking. I quickly as I can I click the close button. It seemed like it took me forever to close it!

It turn in my chair expecting her to be facing her monitor not mine. I turn, she and she was almost looking over my shoulder. I am beet red. She looks at me. I am thinking to myself… She is going to freak out and I am going to get in trouble at work. She says…. “I want to talk to you about last week’s project.” Then turns in her chair to look at her monitor. We talked about the project for 20 minutes. She does not even say a word about the photos. I am thinking she had to have seen them. She was looking over my shoulder. Then my mind started playing tricks on me… maybe she didn’t have glasses or contacts and could not make out what the pictures were?

I was panicked! I replayed what happen several times in my head. I kept waiting for my boss to call me into the office or HR to call me. This went on for weeks, it was odd because we didn’t talk for like 3 weeks. I was avoiding her. We are all in a meeting when my boss tells the team that we have to visits some clients for a product that was coming out soon. He puts Jane and I together to fly to LA to for a couple of days to meet with a client. I am stressed about it.

We get to LA. I had set up a dinner for our clients near the hotel we were staying at. We went to dinner and the meeting went well. We are heading back to the hot when she says, let’s grab a drink at the hotel bar and talk about the meeting for tomorrow. We are sitting in the bar and talking about work. 2 drinks in Jane says, “We need to clear the air about something.” My heart starts pounding…. She is going to bring it up! “I know”, I say.

She says, “Don’t worry about those photos. You have every right to do whatever on your own time.” I say, “I am embarrassed, I didn’t mean for you to see those. My work laptop was broken and I had to finish. I am really sorry.” I say with a red face.

“hey, don’t even worry about it. My husband and I have done some crazy things in the past.

“Well, I feel a little better know I did not offend you.”

“No, not at all.”

We have another drink and we are going to our rooms. On the elevator ride up, “She says, the girl in those photos looks like she was really enjoying what you were giving her.”

“what?’ with a really red face.

“You have a nice dick. She is lucky. I am soo horny. My husband and I have not have sex in a couple of months.”

The elevator doors open its her floor. “Please come to my room,” She says.

I follow her to her room. She throws her purse down and sits on the edge of the bed. “Can I see that dick again?”

I undo my pants and pull out my already hard cock out.

“I want you to stroke it for me.”

I start to stroke it for her.

“Come closer”

I am stroking it nice and slow inches from her face. She starts licking my head while I stroke.

She grabs the shaft and starts sucking my cock. She is slurping, moaning, and licking the shaft. Then she starts deep throating the entire 8.5 inches… It feels amazing.

She really knew what she was doing because my cock was getting harder. I grab the back of her head and start to slowly fuck her sexy mouth… She says, yessss before sliding it back down her throat. She is stroking and slurping faster. She slows down to lick and suck on my balls while stroking my cock.

Then stands up and unzips her skirt and put her blouse off. I step out of way pants and remove my shirt. She lays on the bed in just her thong with her head just on the edge of the bed.

She really has an amazing body. Muscular long legs nice c up breasts…

She says, I want you to fuck my mouth. I slide my dick in her mouth while I bend down still standing on the floor. Now her head in just barely on the food of the bed.

She is slurping and deep throating it… I am going faster and she is moaning. I slide out of her mouth and she says, “I want your cum. I grabs my cock and starts sucking it like crazy. I have never had anyone suck it the way she did. She loves it… I can tell my her moaning is almost a scream now.

My balls a full of cum and I can’t hard it back any more… I explode in her mouth. This makes her only slurp and suck harder and I start to moan….

Do you want to know what else happened?

90% (25/3)
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1 year ago
Fuck yes I want to know what else appended!!!
2 years ago
Damn!!!! Another wonderful Older Citizen piece and INTERRACIAL as well!!! Who could wont for more?????? Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Great story and of course I want to know what else.
I have a similar coworker Elizabeth
my story about her is in my blog.
I also found a picture that looks almost exactly like her .I just submitted it so it will be there soon.
2 years ago
Mmm damn i like ur storie
2 years ago
Yes! Yes we do.
2 years ago
Love to see part II
2 years ago
2 years ago
yes finish it!!!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I sure did like your story hows about some more!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Thanks for the story. Got me horny. More please!