Lara and Ben

It all started innocently enough; Ben and Lara were two people that took a dare. Lara was a beautiful natural burnette, with 36D breasts on her slender, athletic frame. Her amber brown eyes would captivate any man, but her 150+ IQ had a tendency to intimidate most men, and Lara was not squeamish about ripping a mans ego to shreds if she sensed any weakness at all. Yet all those that saw her would give anything to make love to this beauty. Anyone but Ben. No, Ben was not gay, rather he was her intellectual equal. Ben hated Lara at times, yet lusted for her as well.
The dare came about on a night when Ben and Lara were at a gathering with mutual friends, and of course after several rounds of drinks had been consumed the conversation turned to sex. The discussion became heated when Lara said women were better lovers...more mature, and that men were like little puppy dogs. Ben did an admirable job of staying out of it, but that last comment by Lara made him react. After a heated discussion one of their friends jokingly suggested that Lara and Ben should get together and settle it as to who was a better lover. Ben laughed it off and that seemed to piss Lara off. Lara, obviously angered by Ben's attitude suggested that maybe they should consider seeing who was best. Ben just laughed again, saying that Lara wasn't serious. Lara not to be denied, Lara DARED Ben to take the challenge saying,
"Unless of course you don't like girls?"
Lara's little psychological ploy blew up in her face when Ben got up, and stormed off, but not before he said,
"I only make love to women I respect!"
Then he turned and walked out. Lara now totally embarrassed and faked a laugh. As their friends laughed at her obvious embarrassment, she told them all to go to Devil's lair as she got up and left as well.
As Lara drove home, she couldn't get the thought of a sexual encounter with Ben out of her mind. He was handsome, athletic, and extremely intelligent. That, and she had to admit that she wanted him. Of course, being horny didn't help matters much.
The more she thought about making love to Ben, the more aroused she became. The tingling between her legs, coupled with her ever growing arousal, Lara soon found her hand between her legs rubbing the outside of her panties as she drove. Lara came to a red light, her heart racing when she decided to slide her hand down the front of her panties and hopefully ease some of the sexual tension that was starting to really get to her. She found her pussy was sopping wet as her finger found her wet lips.
She removed her fingers from between her legs, and pushed the button to open the garage door. While pulling into the garage, another car pulled in beside her, scaring the hell out of her. She'd already pushed the close button, and it couldn't be reversed. Lara's fear turned to rage, and then to thoughts of passion when she saw it was Ben in the other car. Not wanting her lust to show, Lara got out of her car and snapped,
"And just who the hell do you think you are?"
"Don't you realize you scared the hell out of me?"
"Who am I?"
"I'm the man that's going to fuck you right here and now you arrogant Bitch!"
"How dare you call me that you prick!"
"It didn't seem to bother you to imply that I was gay in front of everybody back at the bar!
"Fuck you Ben!"
"No....fuck you Lara!"
"By the way, do you always play with yourself while your driving?"
Lara raised her hand to slap Ben's face when he caught her wrist in mid air. She was taken aback at Ben's powerful grip as Ben pulled her wrist towards his face. Ben placed her fingers to his nose, the same fingers Lara had been pleasuring herself with only minutes before. He took in her aroma, as he started at her with a sly grin on his face. Lara bit down on her lower lip, her lust beginning to build again as her heart raced in her chest.
Benn picked Lara up and put her on the hood of her car. With Lara's legs spread wide, Ben paused for a moment and looked at her pussy, it seemed to be begging for attention. Then like a moth drawn to a flame, Ben began exploring Lara's pink hot pussy with his tongue as she tugged at his hair, pulling him into her shaved privates. Lara moaned and started squeezing her tits and tugging at her nipples as Ben parted her lips.
Ben continued his oral assault, penetrating Lara's pussy, and tongue fucking her as she moaned loudly. Inserting his fingers into her pussy, he just took her clit into his mouth, where he alternated between sucking her clit and flicking it with his tongue, until Lara raised her hips and started cumming. Ben moved up Lara's body, his hard cock pressing against her vulva, but not penetrating her...not yet. He was satisfied, wedging his cock between her engorged lips, moving it back and forth as he took Lara's tits and started sucking her nipples, driving her crazy with lust.......

Well ....After a sometime, Lara moved off the hood, and gave Benn another passionate kiss working her way down his neck, to his chest and eventualy.....She was getting herself worked up ....Wait a minute she needed to gain some composure and wanted to do the mature thing.
She did do the mature thing, she decided to forgive and forget the fight, little car accident , the heated exchange ok? OK !!!
She whipsered in his ear that they go inside to either one's about hers?, as she wanted to offer an appeasement as to how she had acted previously.
Inside Lara offered Ben a cool drink and invited him onto her sofa.....OOh get comfortable....."Ben, listen I am not really a Slut, its just a role I sometimes play of roughness toughness to hide my true self"
"Lets make up and be REAL friends " said Lara
"OK so we did have an a****l type of attraction goinng on but from now on I really do deserve and desire your respect Ben, and I want to prove that to you", Lara said
Ben said ," Wow, intersting to hear ,yes lets start again anew"

...... Ben and Lara both wanted to hear that each other's resentment and immature games would be over .....
and they wanted to savor every inch of what each other had to offer...but only under the right circumstances..
Lara resumed Kissing Ben...up and down his neck.
Ben said" Lara, I'm sorry I've been too rough and tough on you you do deserve better"
Lara's soft silken face brushed up against him....she lightely stroked him with her fingers gently caressing.....ahhh it felt sooo goood ,Ben thought
......Ahhh he feels s sooo good Lara thought
On the sofa Ben drew me near closer ....he took my face in his hands and guided me towards his awaiting cock. Lara hadn't realized what a large penis Ben had. It was a good seven- eight inches maybe more. The best part was she could barely get her fingers around it which meant it was nice and thick, and would feel so very good to touch !!! and more !! Impressive Yes !! well you know what they say about tall men...
Lara decided to move her lips closer in to Ben's cock as her emotions took over into a stronger desire to show her love for Ben. Lara pressed her cheek against his softend penis... then pressed her delicated rose petal lips on his penis kissing him there for the first time... She let her silken skin glide gently across his shaft, feeling it...with her hands face and lips. AAH very nice! Lara's long hair came in all around, so she tossed it back. Then Lara began swirling her tongue around Ben's cock head making his cock jump. She loved this savoring of him. Lara licked up and down Ben's thick shaft as she gently pinned his penis back against his stomach. She worked her way down to his balls taking them into her mouth one at a time, sucking them and rolling them around in her mouth.....OOOOOH I sure hope he likes this , Lara thought ,because i've heard some men go crazy with this. Does Ben like this? I really just want to please him and let him get to know the real me...
What more does Ben like to do? Is what was going through Lara's mind.
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2 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Is there more to the story or did I miss something?
3 years ago
Nice story,but waiting on the rest.
3 years ago
Nice, treat her like a slut and make cum like never before and then tell her that men do make better lovers and you won the dare...