I was really tired and decided to go to sl**p early. At around 11pm, I decided that I'd had enough. I told her good night, I was going to bed. She looked up from the couch where she was reading, gave me a smile, and went back to her book. As is my custom, I stripped down to my boxers, got in bed, and dropped like a rock into a sound sl**p.

The sound of running water woke me up. She was in the shower and I had slept about 20 minutes. Should I join her or not? She hates it when I just walk in on her in the shower. The decision was made for me as I heard the water turn off. She soon came out of the shower wearing a night shirt. We cuddled up in bed and my hand explored the curves of her body. I worked my way to the bottom edge of the clothe and felt her smooth skin. Caressing the small of her back, I worked my way down the crack between the two lobes of her ass. The stirrings of desire began between my legs as my cock began to harden. My wish was that she also desired me. My fingers felt the soft hairs that protected the entrance to her magical garden. I could feel the mounds of her labia as they were squeezed shut preventing access to her inner passage. I tried to gently open them and was rewarded with
A quick kiss and "I want to sl**p. Good night." And she turned away from me.

So there I was, just like Meatloaf wrote "all revved up with nowhere to go." I tried going back to sl**p. On one side. On the other side. On my back. On my stomach. Nothing worked. Got up, went to the computer, played around and watched some porn, which didn't help either and only exacerbated the situation. Finally, went back to bed.

The time: 2:30am. Still couldn't sl**p. It didn't help that she was snoring lightly. What the hell!? If I can't sl**p, neither will she. I started caressing her body again. No response. Her breathing stayed the same. She was on her back with her legs slightly parted. Access, this time, was easier. I decided to go straight to the heart of the matter. I felt her soft pussy hairs under my fingers and went right for her clit. I rubbed her clit and felt it respond to my touch.
The snoring continued.
How could she sl**p through this? If someone touched my cock, which was now very hard, in the middle of the night, I would wake up immediately!
My fingers continued on and down until I parted her labia and felt the wetness of her pussy. Finally, some evidence of a response! My fingers explored her wet pussy searching for a spot that would elicit some kind of response. All that happened was
The snoring continued.
With increasing fervor, my fingers worked her clit and pussy. The juices were flowing and everything was well lubed. One finger, two fingers, three fingers went looking for a special spot to no avail.
With my other hand, I grabbed my hardened cock. If I have to do everything myself, I'll do it the way that I enjoy it. My pre-cum was flowing and I used this to wet my finger as I circled my own anus and found a spot that really turned me on. The time had come to mount her.
So I did. My cock slid into her pussy with ease. The heat of her was exciting even though there was no response to my overtures and actions. As I thrust deep inside her, I felt the beginnings of my orgasm. My thrusts became more imperative and…. I felt myself exploding inside her. As I rolled off, I wiped my cock on her pussy hair and saw some of my cum dribbling out of her pussy.

Finally, I was able to fall asl**p even though she continued snoring lightly……

In the morning, upon awakening, she said to me "I had the strangest dream last night….."

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